The best Netflix historical war movies

If you’re a fan of historical war movies, you’re in the right place. We’ve listed the best Netflix historical war movies for you, which unfolds the dusty pages of history and gives you battle scenes in your bones. Here’s Netflix’s best historical war movie …

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Arrogant gang

In Bastard, France is having a harder time than before under German siege. Shosna, one of the war-torn civilians, witnessed the brutal murder of her family. The woman, who somehow managed to escape the market of this life, went to Paris and began her life here with a new identity. Jewish Lieutenant Rain, on the other hand, who has organized his troops against the Nazis in a different country in Europe, is making various plans to achieve his goal. Shosanna, Lieutenant Rain and German actress Shosanna will make their way across a movie theater.


In 1892, Captain Joseph Blocker himself received an order from the President. In the last days of his life, a Cheyenne chief must move Yellow Hawk and his family from New Mexico to Montana, where his colleagues live. The blocker was forced to comply with the order, though not voluntarily. This journey will be quite long and dangerous.

Boy wearing striped pajamas

  1. The story of two boys trying to be friends in the dark days of World War II. Bruno, 8, left Berlin with his family to live in Poland. He also made a friend in this place where he had gone for his father’s job. His friend is a Jew behind the wire. Bruno’s home is adjacent to the Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp, where 1.5 million Jews were killed. Concerned that her son would learn the truth about what happened behind the fence, Bruno’s mother tries to protect her son from this “friend.”


Adapted from the book of the same name where the famous Polish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman recalls, the film focuses on the struggle for survival in the Warsaw suburbs, the famous pianist who at one time escaped from prison camps living in Nazi-occupied Poland was impossible. Living a miserable life in a slum, this musician will fight valiantly with other people despite the famine and humiliation. When the day comes and he gets a chance to escape from there, he will take refuge in the ruins of the capital and regain his hope by coming to the unexpected moment.

The siege of Jadotville

The film, based on a historical event, begins in 1961 when Irish peacekeepers under UN Commander Pat Quillan are sent to rescue residents of the town of Jadotville in Katanga, Congo. Meanwhile, the UN adviser said. Connor Cruz O’Brien launched Operation Mortar, a military offensive against French and Belgian mercenaries. A retaliatory attack from the tenants soon ensued, and Quilan and his men were besieged by Katangan and the tenants. Irish troops have no choice but to resist the attack, but how long they can resist is questionable.

Beast of No Nation

Young director Carrie Fukunaga, who has made her mark in the international film arena through her adaptation of Jane Eyre and has attracted attention through the True Detective TV series, tells the story of Agur, a child soldier who was taken from his family to fight in the Civil War. African countries.

12 Hero Bandits

Lee Marvin is a tough commander who volunteered to lead a contingent of troops to carry out a deadly mission against the Nazis, and Charles Branson, Jim Brown, John Cassavets, Trini Lopez, Tally Savalas, Donald Sutherland and Clint Walker. There are 12 prisoners who will get their freedom back.


Hall is a headstrong prince in The King based on Shakespeare’s play. He is also the heir to the throne of England. However, he turned his back on the throne and his family and lived among the common people. When his father, an oppressive king, died, he was forced to take the throne as King Henry V. Now he has to claim the life he has escaped. The young king has to rearrange what is happening in the palace and deal with the war and chaos left by his father. Also, her past will spread with John Falstaff, who was her mentor in the past and is now an alcoholic knight.

First they killed my father

Laung Wong; Khmer Rouge was 5 years old when he seized power in Cambodia. Born into a middle-class displaced family in the 1970s, the girl’s life was turned upside down when the Khmer Rouge invaded Cambodia. During this period, 2 million people died as a result of 4 years of terrorist administration and genocide. Lung Wong and his family were forced to leave their comfortable home and life to live in a labor camp. When her father, a former government employee, is killed, the little girl will try to survive with her family.




The three Jewish brothers, fleeing Nazi-controlled Poland, joined Russian resistance fighters fighting the Nazis somewhere around Belarus and built a village in the jungle. Thus, they saved both themselves and the lives of 1200 Jews.

Horses used in war

Set in rural England and Europe, the film tells the story of Jeremy Irwin’s Albert and his favorite horse, Joey, during World War I. Although the horse, which he controlled and trained, was sold and sent to the battlefield, separating the two friends, the events they experience will turn into an epic adventure that will change many lives. The story of this friendship with the war in the background is actually a long road movie full of adventure …

Illegal king

The Outlaw King tells the story of Robert the Bruce’s struggle and sacrifice during King Edward I’s invasion of medieval Scotland. Robert fought against Scottish England for independence in the early 1300s. At the end of this struggle, he became King of Scotland. However, Robert I’s eyes are not on the throne and down. Despite the dire consequences, after taking the Scottish crown, Robert assembled a group of ambitious soldiers to fight the ruthless king and his perverted son, the Prince of Wales.

War equipment

General Glenn McMahon, a born leader and self-confident, blindfolded and throwing himself in the middle of a fierce battle, emerged as one of the most successful, charismatic and most extreme fighting characters of all time. After completing his assignment in Iraq in the summer of 2009 and joining NATO forces in Afghanistan as a rock star, the charisma of the four-star general was shattered by a journalist’s limitless writing.


Harriet Tubman, known as an anti-slavery activist, is known for her great struggles during the American Civil War. Tubman, who was born a slave and moved elsewhere in his adulthood, never forgot his family and returned to his home to save them and fight for freedom.

In the middle

The film is about the Pearl Harbor attack, which took place on the morning of December 7, 1941, during World War II. It tells the story of how World War II changed its appearance and America’s actual participation in the war after the invasion. Focusing on the Midway War in the Pacific 7 months after the Pearl Harbor attack, the film tells the story through the eyes of American soldiers fighting the Imperial Japanese Navy.

The operation is over

The film is based on the Mossad’s Israeli spy group, which tracks Aichman to face trial for his crimes during World War II. Set in Argentina in the 1960s, Peter Malkin, who led the party, pushed to the limit to find Nazi war criminal Adolf Aichmann, seeking justice for the bloody wounds of history by trying to remain purposeful despite his pain.


The film is based on the January 15, 1761, tripartite waterway war between the Marathas and Raja Ahmed Shah Abdali of Afghanistan. The third battle of Panipat took place on January 14, 1761, about 60 miles (95.5 km) north of Delhi, between the Northern Expeditionary Forces of the Maratha Empire and the alliance of Raja Ahmad Shah Durrani of Afghanistan.

The trial of Chicago Seven

Martin Luther King Jr. based on the facts. And Robert F. Kennedy, the trial of seven people arrested during protests in Chicago during the 1968 Democratic National Conference held in the shadow of the Vietnam War controversy.

King by force

The story of the film, driven by its strong cast, begins after the death of his father George V, when Frederick Arthur George’s older brother Edward handed over the throne to Albert Frederick Arthur George to marry American Wallis Simpson. But there are important obstacles to the new king’s accession to the throne. The king, who has trouble speaking to the people, has to overcome his stuttering, which has plagued him since childhood. Australian speech therapist Lionel Logg has been appointed to help the new king overcome this problem and prepare him for the royal office.

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