The tragic confession of Britney Spears, who survived her father’s captivity: I felt ugly and bad!

The 13-year guardianship of Jamie Spears, the father of world-famous Britney Spears, who controls her personal life and finances, has come to an end in recent months. The famous pop star, who was released, talks about his experience while in a rehabilitation center.

“Princess of Pop Music” World famous star Britney SpearsHe recently escaped from the custody of his father, Jamie Spears, with whom he had been in captivity for 13 years. Reaching her independence both financially and morally, Spears spoke of her insecurity about her body on her social media account.

Britney Spears

For 13 years ‘Insulted and humiliated’ The pop star, who said she felt very bad, explained that she gained a lot of weight when she was sent to rehabilitation. Explaining that he had used the drug at a rehabilitation center with a very strong effect, Spears said he had gained weight. “Ugly, angry and evil” She said how she feels. The pop star, who said she did not deserve to be sent to a rehabilitation center, called it “too cruel” that her family tried to save her.

Britney Spears and her fianc

What happened before?

World-famous singer Britney Spears, after her hard days because of her father, is her lawyer. Matthew Rosengart With The US Congress has invited him.

Britney Spears

The Congressman congratulates the famous star and his lawyers Charlie Christ And Eric Swalwell, “It goes without saying that we are glad that you were finally able to complete your guardianship process in November. Your journey to justice will inspire and empower many who have been unduly silenced by the guardianship process.” Used phrases.

Britney Spears Jamie Spears

Members of Congress also used the following statement in the letter:

“We personally invite you and your lawyer to meet with us at a mutually appropriate time in Congress to tell you in your own words how you have received justice. Your story will undoubtedly empower countless others out of the millions already inspired by you and your industry.” Know that you have nothing to do but fight for yourself, but if you want to, we want to know more about the emotional and financial turmoil you are going through in the guardianship system. “

“I feel important for the first time!”

“Through the letter, I felt for the first time in my life that I was listening and important.” Britney Spears says she is proud but still in the process of recovering. “In a world where your family is against you, it’s really hard to find people who understand and show empathy.” Spears says she is psychologically exhausted from her hard days.

Is the famous star back?

Recently his father Jamie Spears This famous singer came to discuss various issues Britney SpearsHe took a break from music because of years of hardship. Continuing his life under his father’s tutelage for 13 years, Spears was not free, both financially and morally. The pop star, who has been happy to be released from the custody of her father Jamie Spears in recent months, has given her fans good news.

The famous name, which he often shares on his Instagram account, was published in 2007. “Nude (I got a plan)” She presents a clip of her hit song to her followers during a dance wearing high heel shoes. Spears also gave the good news that he will return with a new song in his sharing.

Father Jamie Spears can’t stop!

The famous singer is called the princess of pop music Britney SpearsDad for years Jamie SpearsWas living under his tutelage. Britney Spears, who ran to court to get rid of her father who controlled her money and life, gained her independence in the last months after a long struggle.

Although the 40-year-old pop star has escaped her father’s guardianship, tensions between them continue. The famous artist’s lawyer appealed to the court, claiming that Father Spears and his legal team received millions of dollars from the singer during his guardianship. Lawyer Matthew Rosengart filed a new document obtained by Hollywood Life stating that Jamie Spears and her legal team had deposited all of the money received from the singer during her 13 years of guardianship.

According to new documents; Jamie Spears used more than 36 million during her time as guardian of her daughter. The files allege that Father Spears took $ 6.3 million for himself and spent the remaining $ 30 million on lawyers and legal fees.

“A father who loves his daughter doesn’t do that!”

Jamie Spears, who can no longer control her daughter’s finances, said that after the guardianship ended, she immediately walked out of court and asked for money again. According to it; Father Spears wanted to continue paying legal fees from his daughter’s estate. However, the lawyer of the famous star has made this request. “Disgusting” Defined.

“Continued Loyalty to Jamie Spears” It was alleged that he had demanded 00 1,200 per hour from Britney Spears. At the request of Jamie Spears in court “Jamie’s attorney’s fees must be paid immediately to ensure a quick and efficient termination of guardianship so that Brittany and Jamie can take control of her life as they wish.” Statements are included.

Matthew Rosengart, attorney for Britney Spears, talks about Jamie Spears’ request:

Mr Spears received millions of dollars from Brittany as a guardian and paid his lawyers millions of Britannia’s hard-earned money. The guardianship was revoked and Mr Spears was infamously dismissed. It’s disgusting. A father who loves his daughter doesn’t do that. “

“Mom and Dad touched me!”

World famous pop star Britney SpearsShe recently won her 14-year guardianship battle against her father. Spears, who was released from the management of her father, who gradually took control of her money and life, made a surprising statement on her social media account after regaining her freedom.

The famous artist expressed his gratitude for being able to do seemingly small things independently like getting his car key or having a bank card in his post. At the same time, Spears, his father Jamie Spears And his mother Lynn SpearsHe stressed that immediate action should be taken due to the persecution of the legal authorities.

“Mom and Dad who tortured me have to go to jail!”

Famous star sharing, “My parents who abused me during the guardianship process have to go to jail! Every day I wake up and I wonder how my parents were able to do what I was able to do as a guardian. Depressing and humiliating!” Used phrases.

After the spear “Not to mention the bad things they did to me that forced them to go to jail! Yeah, that includes my church Mao.” Made a wonderful statement.


World famous pop star Britney SpearsDad for years Jamie Spears He was fighting for guardianship. The case of the famous singer who applied to the court to be released from 14 years of captivity has ended today.

In the Los Angeles case, the judge upheld Britney Spears’ request to revoke her guardianship. The 30-minute lawsuit seeks to release the American pop star.

“My best day!”

Spears is sharing the excitement of her fans in front of the court on her social media account “I think I’ll cry the rest of the day! The best day ever.” Mentioned

The court light is green!

Famous singer who has a reputation all over the world Britney Spears And his father Jamie Spears The ongoing guardianship case between them ended today. The pop star, who has been struggling for 13 years to be released from the custody of her father Jamie Spears, has received a positive response from a Los Angeles court.

According to the decision of the Los Angeles court today; She has been placed under the care of Jamie Spears, who has been controlling her daughter, Britney Spears, for many years. Public Accountant John Jabel was appointed interim guardian after Jamie Spears was removed from guardianship.

He wanted 2 million!

Music star Britney SpearsHis father Jamie SpearsHe has long struggled to end 13 years of guardianship where he controlled his life and money. Ongoing tensions between the two led to the court. An unexpected move came from Jamie Spears, who did not want to give up guardianship.

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Jamie Spears eventually gave up being the guardian of her daughter, but this created a new problem between the two. GuardianAccording to the news; Britney Spears attorney Matthew RosengartFather Spears wanted ছেড়ে 2 million to leave the job, according to the lawsuit.

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“We won’t pay 2 million!”

Britney Spears’ lawyer, Jamie Spears, insisted on receiving money from her daughter while in her custody since 2007 and said they would not pay the requested amount. Jamie Spears, who announced that she would relinquish custody of her daughter on August 13, 2021, has not yet made a statement on the matter.

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