There are endless tears in the eyes of an Afghan girl

“Ah, my heart! I know that spring is gone and so is your joy

But how do I fly with these broken wings?

Even though I was silent for so long, I did not forget to sing

Because my song whispers in the solitude of my heart

One day I will break this cage, its terrible desolation … ”

NAdia Anjuman, Afghan female poet

The items you take with you and leave when you leave home কী what comes with you and what do you leave behind? Are the memories you carry with you from the newly opened suitcase spoiled, associated with your past or your new identity that you created now?

Does life stop at the touch of a button, as if it were a huge computer screen, and at the touch of another button it moves smoothly again? Orphans will see the path of their owner on any roof?

Well, what is waiting for those who can’t leave their home, can’t be guests in any house and hold on to their destiny and fatigue with great hope?

The house is not a pile of four-walled concrete; It’s too much. You are the house. The house is mine. Home is the girl who runs to school every morning, and finds her way home in the evening following the scent of cinnamon-apple-cookies.

Home is a place where sometimes you don’t know where to go. Home, prefer not to be on the street …

Home is death for someone, shelter for someone, destiny for someone …

In conflict zones, a home is a refuge to avoid drowning in the sea and not to shoot at illegally crossed forests … Sometimes, your home is a classroom where you can read, write, count, learn history and geography all together with your colleagues.

Even for Fatima, whose more than 90 classmates were killed in a suicide attack by a local ISIS ally last year, the classroom is often surrounded by a cocoon, a home where she socializes, opens up to the world and shares privacy with her classmates.

For women and children trapped under one roof in Afghanistan, which has become an open prison, the house is the only place of existence for some time, a kind of cage …

Indeed, there were tears in the eyes of Afghan girls, whose dreams were blown away by a giant needle when they learned that they would no longer be able to continue their secondary and high school education as a result of the Taliban’s outdated decision. Last August, the administration in Afghanistan, in the eyes of the international community, sent a huge shock to the world. Is it raining like a rain cloud?

The dreams that come out of the picture of a 10-year-old Afghan girl wearing a snow-white head scarf, are we all suffering from the dream of her father hugging her in despair and opening her arms in front of her? By the time he finishes high school, he will be one step ahead of his engineering dream, perhaps studying at a Western university, expanding his horizons and contributing to the reconstruction of his country.

The frustration and anxiety of the girls whose studies were disrupted, the fear of waking up every morning to go to school late, remembering that school is still closed, and returning to their pillows crying, should have shaken the whole world. .

For many girls, not being able to read is like being buried alive. Because the last door of the real world, the door of the school … Not being able to read means getting married at a young age, being sold into world debt … Not being able to read means accepting perpetual poverty forever …

He is one of the founders of the Afghan Refugee Solidarity and Assistance Association (ARSA) and completed his education at the University of Ercin in Turkey. Zakira Hekmat often said that women who received pre-Taliban diplomas, awards and medals were forced to hide or burn them because of the atmosphere of fear created by Taliban members in their homes.

Hekmat, who was elected peace envoy of the year two years ago for his project to help refugees, is aware of what his friends are going through in Afghanistan under Taliban pressure and has often warned the international community against it. We have been dragged into that catastrophe.

While the international community, following in the footsteps of real politics, is trying to find a way to make a deal with the Taliban and incorporate it into the system, it is only possible to bring neglected, isolated and crushed girls and women into the drama. An ant on the agenda with a one-day title.

Similarly, the courage of Afghan women and girls who were at the forefront of protests in Afghanistan last year when their family sold their nine-year-old daughter to a 55-year-old man to pay off her debts, and the girl was finally rescued, took to the streets against the Taliban. And all came down the street despite the threat of electro-shock and tear gas.

Afghan poet Nadia Anjuman, who was beaten to death by her husband after her book of poems was published. “I do not want to open my mouth. What am I going to say? Whether I say it or not, at this age I will be insignificant. How do I say honey? It turned into poison on my tongue. What a pity! Gems hit me in the face, dictator “ How heavy is the burden of your verses, isn’t it?

World public opinion should use Ukraine’s justified sensitivity to crimes against humanity with all its might, and should not generalize the atrocities that girls and women have suffered, suffered and will suffer, Because the Taliban’s decision to reopen the school depends on restructuring the curriculum in line with Sharia and Afghan culture. The Taliban’s UN envoy explained that they had made the decision because they could not “decide” on the students’ clothing. Because they see the right to decide for themselves. This is an indication of the quality of education in the future.

Let’s not forget that between 1996-2001, when the Taliban were in power in Afghanistan, girls were not allowed to go to school.

What the Taliban have done to women and girls in Afghanistan is simply bad. The purpose is to weaken and ultimately destroy something that he marginalizes, disrespects, and perhaps ignores and sees as a rival to his power. By barring girls from reading and advocating for the elimination of women in public life, the Taliban are actually erasing science, free thought, courage and knowledge.

However, it is also a conscious evil to remain silent in the face of evil, to ignore it and to sort out problems in a double way.

In the face of this terrible situation, we cannot remain silent and stand up for a universal truth. Doesn’t a person who has endured injustice for generations have the right to breathe, to survive, and to live humanely?

What the international community should do at the moment is; The condition of foreign aid for the unconditional and full fulfillment of the right of women and girls to education in accordance with the previous commitments of Afghanistan. Because an understanding that demonizes the education of girls who are uneducated and deprived of school life in Afghanistan paves the way for these children to emigrate in the face of uneducated, uneducated and future injustice. Every uneducated Afghan girl and woman also threatens immigration to Europe’s future borders.

At the time I was writing these lines, the Turkish Foreign Ministry’s press release was meaningful in showing the awareness of ‘continuing restrictions on girls’ education in secondary education in Afghanistan’:

“We are sorry that the ban on girls’ education in secondary education has continued in Afghanistan during the new education period starting today. It is the expectation of the majority of Afghans that all students, including girls, will continue their education during the new education period. We call on the Afghan interim government to allow the education of girls of all ages as soon as possible for the benefit of the Afghan people, and we urge that we stand by the Afghan people in these difficult times. “

From now on, Turkey should pursue a policy that prioritizes the removal of all technical, legal and psychological barriers to girls’ schooling, with a carrot-and-stick policy in all its communications with Afghanistan. This is far more important than a new building or a new product to use in Afghanistan. In many ways, it is a matter of life and death for many young women and men. Therefore, the line followed by the United States, which has announced that it has cut off some contact with the Taliban, including the weekend discussion on economic issues in Doha, should continue.

As the great poet Cavafis said, “You will not find a new land, you will not find another sea. This city will come after you. “In order not to create a lost generation in the cities that will come after us, there is a huge burden on the shoulders of the international community and this responsibility must be fulfilled without a moment’s delay.

The international community, which supports Pakistan’s Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, should not stop supporting Afghan girls who took to the streets on Friday, risking everything for their rights.

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