Threats to Uğur Dündar in Fenerbahçe – Sports

Journalist-writer Uğur Dündar was nominated for the presidency of the Supreme Council of Fenerbahce.

Uğur Dündar’s candidacy drew attention to the subsequent threat.

Uğur Dündar shared the message sent to him on his social media account and said, “They have become ugly and started threatening. Look at me, boy! Go tell your boss that he made this threat; Don’t be so sad! .. I won’t answer and I’ll fall into that hole! But know this well: mothers have not yet given birth to a hero who will frighten Ugur Dundar! ..

Here is the message:

Ugur Dundar was spotted by Vefa Kuchik, president of the Fenerbahce Council, yesterday.

Vefa Küçük said, “Listen to me, Uğur Dündar, I invite you to a duel. At that time, you encouraged me to be president. I said, ‘Donate 1 1 million.’ That you are on the list of Aziz Yildirim, “he said.

Answer from UĞUR DUNDAR

Uğur Dündar responded to Vefa Küçük’s statement on his social media account.

Ugur Dundar writes:

“I am very sorry that the threats I am accustomed to hearing from the criminal names I follow come from Vefa Kukuk, my school friend and chairman of the Fenerbahce Council.

There is no place for such rhetoric in my club culture.

I can answer very harshly, but I won’t do it to bother him! “

Nomination statement

Uğur Dündar, who announced his candidacy for the presidency of the High Council Board, held a press conference in Fenerbahce in April.

Ugur Dunder said the following at the meeting:

I am Uğur Dündar… I have been in your presence for over half a century.

At this time, I have always been a servant of your rights to know the truth.

I have not bowed before any power other than you.

And I am glad that you, whose servant I am, have always chosen me as the most faithful person in all votes.

So why did I run for president of the Fenerbahce High Council Board?

“I gave my heart to yellow and navy blue.”

Dear Fenerbahce fans, I am a 78 year old fan of our club, whom we will proudly celebrate the 115th birthday of May 3rd. Fenerbahce is a very precious legacy of our family, passed down from father to children since the time of Kuvai Milli.

When I was a kid, I fell in love with yellow and dark blue, listening to the heroic tales of Fenerbahce fans from my father to Kuvai Mille, who beat Commander General Harrington’s team 2-1. The British occupying forces and the fire of independence that day surrounded the whole country.

And the first person I knocked for an interview in the days when I started working as a television reporter at TRT was the late dentist Bedri Gursoy Bay, who played in the match that won the Harrington Trophy. I can’t describe in words the excitement I felt that day.

I felt the same joy and excitement as we won the championship as a member of the Board of Directors of Fenerbah, chaired by Mr. Aziz Yদldিরrm. In the photo you see, you will find everything and all my feelings that I cannot explain in words.

Dostoevsky’s example

The Fenerbahce Supreme Council Board is the highest ranking sports club in Fenerbahce, an advisory body of knowledgeable people who have known Fenerbahce very well for at least 25 years.

In a way, it is the Senate of the Republic in Fenerbahce. However, it is unfortunately not possible to say that this very important organ is used effectively and efficiently. This fact was revealed by the esteemed members of the Supreme Council. But not much changes. In saying these words, I think of Dostoevsky, “It takes more intelligence to work than intelligence.”

However, the Fenerbahçe Sports Club, with its glorious and epic history, its athletes, teams, fans, facilities, administrative staff, presidents, board of directors, who have achieved success in many branches, has much more potential than we can imagine. So that; The largest and most powerful private company in Turkey. As the FETO terrorist organization takes its last steps to seize the state and the regime, Fenerbahce is a great force that can overthrow it and save a country that is on the verge of destruction আছে is there anything more?

Long-lived Fenerbahce

And can a private company write such an epic?

That is why I am shouting in front of you:

Long live the Republic of Turkey, long live Fenerbah.

However, these forces, who stood firm against that heinous terrorist organization on July 3, 2011, have unfortunately painted a completely different picture today. Dear Fenerbahce fans, we need to be one and complete again, not to be separated but to support being together. We need to give each other shoulders and strength. We must not forget that success is ours, but victory is ours.

So I shout again with all my might;

Long live Fenerbahce in unity and integrity …

I have come here with the promise of ensuring that the High Council Board has sufficient functions to put an end to all the struggles and futures of Fenerbahce.

Of course, while saying this, I would like to explain some things without going into too much detail. From the moment I heard my candidacy decision, I have received invaluable messages of support from many of our members. These have added to my inspiration.

I am the candidate of Fenerbah

However, I did encounter some reservations and social media comments that I think were intentional.

I must say very clearly; Uğur Dündar is a candidate who is not supported by individuals, but by fans of Fenerbah.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Fenerbahce aint for me either.

During my decision-making process, out of respect for my family’s upbringing and moral values, I met with our President Ali Kok and other presidents such as Ali Sen, Tahsin Kaya and Aziz Yildirim and shared my thoughts. I have tried to know their opinion.

However, I mention now; Freedom is my way of life and it is not worth discussing. I have worked with any media outlet, the authorities have never interfered with my editorial freedom.

Let me declare this as a note:

The door to my studies has never been closed in my life. If I win, it will be open again and all willing members will be able to talk to me easily.

On this occasion, I wish success to our other esteemed friends who are candidates for the presidency of the High Council Board, no matter what happens at the end of the process.

I would like to express my gratitude to all our members of Congress, members of the Council Committee and our fans who have supported me on this road that we have given our hand in building a great and powerful Fenerbahce of the future, and I once again greet you all with love and respect.

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