Ükrü Kabukçu – Our Mothers

The reason our mothers are ours. Our first teacher. There are beautiful words, poems, stories about mother. For example, There is no house like mother, no land like homeland. They said. Our holy bookA.“Don’t even say that,” he said. What more can you say! Blessings of every mother. Every mother is honored. Every mother is special. The mother’s scent is nothing more. The great flat trees that gave birth to us, nurtured us and gave us pain, think of us as long as they live. Our mother is one of the two blessings that our Lord commands obedience after worship (Isra, 17/23).

Mother is a crown, a healing Or When the father dies the pillar of the house breaks, when the mother dies the stove of the house goes out., They said. And they said it right, didn’t they? Mothers collect and collect. They are the hand of blessing that unites us. No matter how much or less their worldly possessions go, the richness of their heart surrounds them everywhere. Their mountain-like heart is enough for all their children and grandchildren.

They are those whose children do not sleep, whose children are not satisfied and do not even get enough. Despite her lack of resources, she can’t help but prepare for the winter for her children. The mother of the poor mourns in a different way, the mother of a prisoner mourns in a different way. Alas, mother of martyrs! He said goodbye to his son, who had hope and a future at a young age, for prayers, flags and sacred things like homeland.

The word mother in the dictionary means a woman with children. The words mother and mother are also used for such a woman. Mom’s Arabic word is “umm”. In Arabic, the word “um” means the origin, pillar, or element of something. (Hilal Duman, Provision of breastfeeding for mother in Islamic law)

When it comes to motherhood;

When I think of my mother, I think of many beauties. They carry the beauty that God has given them by nature. Even when their children grow up, they are still mothers, and their children are children. So, motherhood Congenital. It is a blessing from God. They do whatever it takes for their children without hesitation. They carry nine months in their womb. But they carry it in their hearts for the rest of their lives. They are sleepless for their children and starving when needed. When we think of a mother, we all have beautiful ideas. Some of them are:


With the beautiful words of our Prophet, mother is the only being who has heaven under her feet. “Paradise under the feet of mothers“(Nasai, Jihad, 6) Hz command. The Prophet explained their importance and value in the best way. In other words, the way to heaven depends on the consent of the mother. It’s about making them happy. In fact, they turn our earth into a paradise with their existence and prosperity. Even though we are in poverty, their existence is a paradise with their behavior, attitude, subtlety and subtlety. Then be careful not to bother our mothers to survive!


They suffer with the love of worship for their children. She carried it in her womb and gave birth. They look and grow for a long time. But no ordeal for their children will make them tired! What a word makes them happy. Especially wondering what they will do for their children from abroad. And they are indefatigable.


Dealing with mothers is a different taste. Especially when the old ones are mentioned, the hours don’t matter. They say, they say and they say. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities.


The best medicine in the world is mother. His words inspire hope. Mothers of our generation are generally uneducated. So they are not educated. But they never feel your absence. But they are wise. He has wise words and deeds.


You can share everything with mom. Their friendship is strong. They don’t sell the man. They are friendly enough to hide their children’s faults from their husbands, their fathers. They never want their children to be upset.


They work to support their children. She fills him first with her blood, then with her milk. But they feed on their labor and bread for life. They are satisfied with their words and grace.


Mothers place of prayer. There is no greater wealth than receiving the blessings of parents. Even if the child annoys their mother, the mother’s heart will not, or cannot, settle for anything negative. Blessed are those who receive the prayers of their parents, and blessed are those who pray for their parents.


They sew and sew. They work separately as children and separately as children. The baby grows up, but they keep thinking and thinking about him. She is even worried about her son and grandchildren. So they work all their lives. Even if you don’t say, “What am i doing “They are in their simplicity.


There is nothing that they will not sacrifice for their children. Who wakes up more than once in the middle of the night! They give up their health. They sacrifice their property. They sacrifice their lives. I saw the news that the mother fell on her baby trembling in the earthquake. It is understood that she covered herself so that her baby would not die. The baby survives and the mother dies. Who else can make this sacrifice without mothers!


The shadow of mother and father is the most peaceful place in the world. Even if the world is home, there is peace if there is a mother. But we have built a retirement home. We even brag about it. Of course this is a requirement. But the main thing is to make the houses peaceful. It’s about staying close to your parents if they’re alive, not staying with them. A home of peace is a home with parents. There is instability when they are away from our home, next to us or on our road.


Mother’s compassion cannot be expressed in words. Only in humans? No. YesEven in the world of wolves, the feeling of motherhood and compassion is completely different. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) stopped at Ibwa on his way to Mecca during the Umrah of Harz Hudaybiyyah. He visited his mother’s grave seeking permission from Allah. During the journey, he straightened the grave with his hands, wept over his grief, and the Muslims who saw the Messenger of God wept. Meanwhile those who ask “why are you crying”, Hz. Prophet: “- I cried remembering my mother’s tenderness and compassion for meHe replied.H. Aygül, “Hz. Mother’s love for the Prophet “)


Our first teacher is our mother. We first learn everything from table to house order from them. They taught us what to do on holidays and how to behave in the presence of adults. They don’t say too much and say what they think with eyebrow marks.


Mothers are literally the stone of patience. She is patient for her children. She endures the boy’s suffering. He comes home late and is patient. He sends them home and is patient. She loses exams, loses jobs, mothers are patient and comforting.


Mothers are the most trusted confidants in the world. Your own beauty and faults are also secret. You are reliable and incredible.


Her smile is worth the world. Every child’s job is to put a smile on their mother’s face. If their children are happy, mothers smile. He smiles even when he is in pain.


The boys neglect, but the mother never. Boys forget, but mothers don’t. They even wait patiently. Boys make excuses and neglect, but mothers comfort them that they have jobs.

Last word

We can express many more beauties for our mother. Don’t break, get upset or fall for any earthly reason. Be sure to visit and call and ask. No one has finished the work of the world. One day they will fly away like birds. Always ask for prayer. Mothers also have a fixed and limited lifespan. One day mothers also die. We will. As if he had gone somewhere and was about to come. But they will not come. Loneliness burns us. What did the late Dogan Cüceloğlu say? You have no mother, you have no one The answer to the most difficult question is: Where to go on holidays. There are actually a lot of people around us. Other members of our family, relatives, neighbors and friends. But in any case, there is no one to take the place of mother. And the stove is really going out. May God have mercy on all our mothers and relatives who have died.

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