Unexplained bone fractures in old age are a haven for cancer

Professor Dr. President of the World Association of Aphrodisiacs. Dr. Fevzi Altuntaş says the risk of “multiple myeloma”, a type of bone marrow cancer, should be assessed at an advanced age with unexplained bone pain, bone fractures, anemia, weakness and frequent infections.

Altuntaş, who is also the founding president of the Cellular Therapy and Transplantation Association, says they hold meetings every year in March to raise social awareness across the country on the occasion of “Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month”.

Altuntaş said the University of Hematology, which was created with the voluntary participation of experts, would hold free training meetings for patients and their relatives in the coming months.

Referring to the onset of plasma cell myeloma, Altuntas said, “Every year 4-5 thousand new myeloma cancers are found in Turkey. The incidence of multiple myeloma, which constitutes about 1 percent of all cancers, varies. ” Shared his knowledge.

It is most common between the ages of 60-70

Professor Dr. Noting that the incidence of this type of cancer increases with age, Altuntaş said, “Myeloma cancer is most common in people aged 60-70. We see it a little more in men,” he said.

The causes of multiple myeloma are not fully understood, but some symptoms must be considered, Altuntas said, adding that “the risk of myeloma cancer should also be assessed in cases of unexplained bone pain, bone fractures, anemia, weakness and frequent infections.” Frequent urination, and unexplained kidney failure in old age. ” Used phrases.

Professor Dr. Altuntaş explained that multiple myeloma patients should use bone-strengthening treatment called “bisphosphonates” for 2 years because they are at risk of developing fractures.

“Patients must take dairy products”

Emphasizing the importance of calcium and vitamin D intake during this treatment, Altuntaş says: “Patients may have bone lesions ranging from bone pain to fractures and spinal compression. Delaying or preventing these complications is important for life expectancy and quality of life for patients. Myeloma. It is important to change the lifestyle of infected patients. It is important for patients to sit, not exercise regularly, but to protect themselves from injury and prevent falls while exercising. In addition, patients should eat calcium-rich foods. At least 3 liters of water or water per day should be considered. I recommend them to take watery food. “

Professor Dr. Fevzi Altuntaş says that because of the high susceptibility to multiple myeloma cancer infections, patients should be vaccinated regularly and pay more attention to personal hygiene.

New generation of man-made drugs and autologous stem cell transplants have increased the success rate of treatment, especially in recent years, Altuntas stressed, adding that all types of drugs, treatments and care procedures for patients at cancer centers in Turkey are world-class. .

“Every patient using standard therapy should participate in clinical trials.”

Altuntaş noted that they are constantly working on new drugs against multiple myeloma, a disease that is difficult to treat.

Recalling that new drugs with high efficacy and minimal side effects are determined by the International Multi-Center Clinical Research Protocol, Altuntaş states: At least 1 year. Therefore, including patients in these protocols provides early access to new drug development and treatment modalities. Therefore, every patient who has used standard therapy should participate in clinical trials because clinical trials prolong survival and improve quality of life. “

Altuntaş said that car-t cell therapy, where clinical studies are being conducted, and that cells with genetically engineered artificial T-cell receptors are applied to patients, also show promise.

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