Wali prayers with mother Hazrat Bayazid-i Bastami

Bayazid-Bastami was born in the holy city of Basta in my city, which is connected to Khorasan, Iran, in 161 AH. Due to the rise of Best, it was called ‘Bastami’. Taifur’s real name, his father’s name is Isa.

His mother was Umm. But she had a very clean heart, and when she was bitten in the mouth, her stomach ached so much that she vomited and could not feed her son.

His mother did not go far because of love.

One day the science of love became strong and he left his city.

Over the years, Gurbeten’s move towards homesickness has led to grief and suffering. Eventually, the hardships and homesickness that resisted her own city and her mother’s longing returned to her home. When his mother knocked on the door:

– Who is it? He called.

– My mother’s son! ..

It blended in with her mother’s surroundings. The mother has lost both eyes in her longing for her son because of her age.

Learned from Bayazid Bastami Hajj, 113 science scholars. He was very learned and pious.

One day a child was playing in the courtyard of the mosque. Residents of Balkh-e Nibs said, “This boy will be the greatest guardian of all time when he grows up.”

– I went to one of the hadith scholars when I saw him very nice. “Good boy, do you know how to pray?” Says Bayazid Bastami, “Yes biserabilioram God’s will” Response by information; “How?” He asked. He said, This is the Lord! Takbeer is the fulfillment of the command, reciting the Qur’an, reciting the Qur’an, reciting the Tajim, prostrating humbly, I say goodbye, “He is praising that person;

– “Oh, intelligent man! Add this quality and deep realization. When, why do you let people touch your head?” He asked. Isn’t it appropriate to prevent them from touching something that is not?

He started reading at a young age. He continued his studies with care. One day he recited a verse from the Qur’an (Surah Luqman: 14) and returned home with the effect. Anne wondered why the problem came back so quickly, she replied: “I have learned a verse, Allah Ta’ala commands him to obey you and me. Or I will always serve you or let me go, I am always Allah Ta’ala.” I am busy with events for worship, “he said. His mother; “You have left me to worship Allah,” he said. After that, he gave himself to Allahu ta’ala, showing no slackness in making the order; But his mother did not neglect the service. I tried to fulfill my mother’s small wish, big order, in every case. Because that was also the command of Allah Ta’ala.

It was a cold winter night. His mother lay down and asked for water. He jumped up immediately. But there was no water in the test. Go to the fountain, fill out the test. When he came home, he saw his mother asleep. Unable to wake up the flesh. He waited for the test, though it was in his hands. After a while his mother woke up saying “Water, water!” He muttered. The mother saw her son’s case; “My dear, why do you check in the bag?” “When you wake up, I’m waiting for my hand to be able to test the water immediately,” he said. His mother; “My God! I’m willing to give it to my son. Be happy!” He prayed.

Probably because of this prayer of his mother, Allahu ta’ala has given him the highest order to enter righteousness.

In his youth he did not enjoy some worship. In this situation, he told his mother that he had grown up and wanted to know if there was any defect in the finishing.

“Inside I feel something that my lord stops at me. But I don’t know why.” Thinking a lot about his mother, he said, “Boy, remember one thing, you are small. I went to sit next to the neighbors. You started crying while you were in my arms. I could not keep quiet. Cooking in the oven. I dipped it out of the mouths of unauthorized neighbors “.

Then his mother told the neighbor to go to Hellallik. helalleşmek Later his mother began to enjoy worship.

One night at dusk he was God. Then he fainted. Calm down, they asked why she loves. (You’re taking her face in my name, who are you? I’m so scared of it that a word comes for her) she said.

One person said, “How did you get this degree?” He asked. Ode “thought he saw everywhere and knew Allah, to respect the decoration,” he replied.

One night he sat down and lengthened their legs. (Sult why sitting should protect the literary) He immediately hears a word recovery.

Here he says:

Allah protects from moments, language, dealings with other businesses. He calculated himself. Maintain the city sticks and literature.

Compassion is proprietary and soft. Stay away from Allah Tayala and forget everything.

The sign of Allahu ta’ala of a person is that true love, the sea itself indicates the presence of the three qualities of benevolent generosity, merciful misli sun and humble misli like the earth.

Bestami Hazrat Bayazid was passing in front of a madhouse. He sees here that you have done some beating with the mallet officers and asked the maid. What a hit.

Officer: I’m drug crazy.

Bayazid Bastami Harz: I am sick too. Would you recommend me a medicine?

Guard: What disease?

Bayazid: Illness is a sinful disease. I am sinning a lot.

Officer: I understand from that disease. I’m ready to go drug crazy.

This is madness, they talk to Hazrat Bayazid Bastami:

-Nearly grandfather, close! I will tell the remedy.

Gora was Bastami: Tell me, is he crazy to heal my wounds?

Daily Scrapped Mind recommends this drug.

– Mix the leaves with the roots of repentance.

With the mortar mercury sieve combined with the heart, mixed with tears, cooking the belly in love. Abundance from morning to evening … You see, your illness does not work, he said.

Hearing these words of the Most Holy Bayazid-i Bastami: “Hey, hey, go for the world! They have driven you so mad.” Speak separately there.

– Some sermons of Hazrat Bayazid Bastami:

“I want it, whether God gave me a bite or the earth; I can be with him like a dog cheating on a man.”

“Public toilets are two things. One ring is different, the grateful ring and the other is not.”

“Ignorance of the world will be rewarded by putting science in front and the Hereafter in front of us.

“Allah (SWT)” wants unbelievers to “come to faith”, hypocrites to be “close” sinners and willing to be “erotic”, Eve says, “Temasa flesh,” he will appeal.

“With their enaniyet conversation, no one should see food that suicidal omnipotent right”.

Seventy-four years have passed since the shrine of Hazrat Bastami, described in 2013 in a Kirkhan district of Hatay, has been restored, with hundreds of thousands of people visiting it each year.

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