Ways to maintain a happy relationship with your partner in the same home

Get to know each other in the same house without getting married!

It always starts with enthusiasm. In that emotion, in that moment of excitement and feeling of happiness, it seems that everything will be fine. Then, all of a sudden, the fight starts and there comes a time when you don’t know each other. Of course, not everyone is going to be the same. There are exceptions, of course. Need to ask ‘what mystery’? I tell you; Love, respect, serenity, harmony … some people don’t really know each other because everything has moved so fast and they suddenly find themselves in the same house. Two different characters begin to get to know each other in the same house. I think it’s a nice thing for couples who are serious about marriage. Instead of getting married and divorced after 3 days in the same house, I prefer to meet my partner at home and leave before marriage. I think it’s healthy as long as the family structure allows it.

Discussions are not a sign of marriage or between lovers. Understanding each other’s sensitivities, knowing their limits and laying the foundation for a healthy relationship is an effective form of communication for husbands. What follows can be even greater love and passion. This is what they say, “Every love begins with hate.” The important thing is to learn from the discussion, to recognize it and not to repeat the topic of discussion.

What are the most talked about issues in the same house?

I have asked my close friends about their relationship in general and I have compiled the most controversial topics for you. While men are usually the untidy and dirty side, women must have their faults. Let’s not call it an error but an inconsistency.

While some may sound funny, they can be serious problems in the long run.

My men don’t clean the shower cabin, leave their dirty socks around, smoke a lot at home, throw out the trash, keep the match totem, leave the remaining bottles empty, press the paste in the middle, take more care of their computer than you do. A lot of arguments are enough for me, leaving the housework completely to you, I will not thank you even if you do the cleaning work. Of course, this is a general picture, of course not every relationship. There are also many people who live in harmony with the business department. Here we call them exemplary couple. The reasons are obvious, why don’t we try to fix it? It is so easy to be happy. At least you can try. While this may seem like a common cause, in the long run it can make couples annoyed with each other.

Two friends shared in the same house!

I think the most beautiful thing in a relationship is being like a friend in the same house! Couples who trust each other, are not jealous of each other’s bad words, share the labor in the house, clean together, compliment each other, kiss and hug each other while cooking, cook together, set the table together By shopping together, in short, sharing life in a real sense, they find real happiness.

I miss each other a little!

Look at the common problems of all those who are unhappy and fight in the same house; Jealousy! Partners who talk to each other about unnecessary things like “Who wrote, where was, you didn’t pay the slightest attention to me, we didn’t go here together”. Torturing each other in the same house? Why are you boyfriend You have to free each other. You don’t have to do everything together because you live in the same house. You can go out with different groups of friends, eat in different places, then meet in a common place and return home together. Miss each other a little.

Balance at home is very important!

Maintaining balance at home and the sacrifices you will make for it are very important to make your relationship work. If your girlfriend is too subtle when you are a messy person, you will learn to be a little more relaxed and you will learn to be a little more collected. If you have a normal dog you will take it out one day or another, if he cooks food you will help with the food. You need to be careful when you spend time in the bathroom. It would be nice to have two bathrooms in your house, but if you don’t, it means you will say goodbye to your old habits. Keeping time to a minimum, even after leaving the bathroom as it was, will sometimes add a lot to the positive aspects of your relationship.

Have a lot of fun!

A study abroad that I liked very much, I asked the members, “What surprised you the most when you moved into the same house with your girlfriend?” When you ask, interesting answers come.

“People were saying, ‘You shouldn’t be with your girlfriend, you’re going to fight every day and break up …’. But can you guess? I think I’m home with my best friend. We have incredible fun every night. Don’t let people scare you. If you want it, do it! “

At home we are constantly shouting ‘what’ from one room to another. I’m not sure how many hours a day we do this … “

“You can discover a lot of new things that might bother you. For example, it drives him crazy that I don’t peel the eggshells and throw them away and throw all the shells in the sink, just like it drives me crazy that he has to drink every time.” Time to get a new glass. “

For example, I noticed how beautiful she looks in the morning. She wakes up in the sunlight, makes herself a toast and sits back down to eat it. It’s beautiful … it can release gas and fill the whole house with that bad smell. Really nice (!) “

“I was shocked when I saw how much time my boyfriend was able to spend on the toilet.”

“The biggest thing that has changed is the way I eat. I’ve always eaten noodles and ready meals. Now when I get home, I have very good food. Also, one of the best part of this situation is that it teaches me how I like it. Teaches me how to cook after returning from work.

According to research; There are many ways for partners to show respect for each other:

Listening to the other party, not delaying when the partner requests, understanding and forgiving when they make a mistake, helping each other grow, not interfering with the partner’s personality, being interested in the partner’s choice, thanking the partner, supporting the partner Its passion and goal.

You can be sure that dirty words are one of the things that women hate the most. Whatever you are arguing about, all you have to do is listen to the other person and show that you are listening.

Sex in the same house!

You are in the same house and you can stay together whenever you want. Don’t swallow each other, don’t miss each other and stay together at certain intervals. Enjoy each other and spice up your sex with long-term longing for each other.

Say this more often!

I love you

I believe you

You are my best friend, my friend.

You came before me.

I’m proud to be your boyfriend.

I am proud of your achievement.


We can solve this problem together.

What can I do for you?

Thank you for what you do.

I am very happy to marry you.

I like you a lot.

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