Will the surrogate mother market come to the fore now?

“US couple born for surrogate mother in Ukraine, twin children trapped in mid-war” I come across emotional news with a dramatic style.

Don’t be fooled by the title; No one is alone ‘Story like a movie’ No. Because there are hundreds of those dolls and stories. Because behind those stories lies a massive system of exploitation based on the global capitalist system. These children are the product of an organized trade that exploits the vulnerability of poor women, especially in the crisis zone of Donbass in Ukraine.

Now, from the United States to China and European countries, even to Turkey, hundreds of couples’ babies are born in their surrogate mother’s womb under bombing. Or counting the days of birth. Who knows, maybe the genetic parents of some children born in shelters are far away, in different countries. Here, the emotional stories of a family worried about their children being handed over to a surrogate mother are published in the German or American media.

Or “Safe fetus” Let’s say. It’s not easy, they paid 40,000 euros to the companies in the name of breeding clinics for their own frozen embryos with Transfer + Surrogate Mother Service. The cost of the artificial insemination + surrogate mother-guaranteed package program, including egg donation from donors, has reached 50,000 euros. Upon completion of the package program, the surrogate mother cannot claim any legal rights over the child; The couple who ordered the baby are registered as parents and are flying to their country with the baby’s birth certificate and passport.

Then, an unexpected war breaks out, and their path to Ukraine is thorny to take their baby.

In their campaign, the clinics take pride in their high mission of bringing childless couples to a happy outcome, posting videos on YouTube and Facebook that war children are safe. Well done video. Heavy Armed Guards Our mission is a dangerous action music, they take newborns from hospitals to safer areas wherever they are.

On a clinic’s website, there are the following Turkish notes that smell a little like translation: “BioTexCom International Clinic does not stop its work and ensures the safety of children born during the war. The clinic’s chief physician personally picked up all the babies from maternity hospitals in Kiev and transported them to a safe place with their colleagues. All the children are safe, the nurses of the clinic are with them 24/7, they have adequate food, clothing and medicine. All the children are feeling well and will be with their families soon. “

The same firm warned against trying to take surrogates abroad after the occupation began. Because it is illegal. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Well children can be safe. What about women who risk their lives carrying a child without a genetic link? It is not clear if there is health insurance for any complications. They receive one-third or one-fourth of the money paid to agents. They dream of a better life and those who do not get a chance to conceive due to illness or operation dream of a happy family. The beneficiaries of this international trade are the intermediaries.

Vittoriavita Surrogate mothers who have not yet given birth are also receiving medical and psychological care in “safe areas of the country,” according to the agency. According to the agency’s website, more than 12,000 babies have been born in more than 30 IVF centers in Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa and Dinipro.

“Meter Semper Carta ES”

Surrogacy is banned in many countries of the world like Turkey. However, in addition to Ukraine, it is legal in Georgia, India, Mexico, and some states in the United States. Thailand was also one of the centers of surrogacy, but was blocked by the junta after the 2014 coup.

Surrogacy is legally protected for foreigners in Ukraine, but giving birth to lesbian couples and unmarried Ukrainian women is prohibited. This is why it is a relatively affordable Mexico where gay men apply for surrogacy. Georgian law is more flexible than in Ukraine. “New Life Georgia” The named company describes its services in the same translation language as follows:

“Unfortunately, surrogacy is banned in most European countries. New Life Georgia is happy to serve people from all walks of life around the world, because we believe that everyone deserves the family of their dreams, regardless of their geographical location. We are able to offer our services to legally married couples; However, guardianship should not be limited to a specific group. We believe that everyone has the same right to be a parent. That’s why we’re excited to be able to refer single parents to our partners in Southeast Asia, Mexico, Europe and Kenya. “

It is not possible to take surrogate mothers abroad before birth. It is difficult for fetal donor couples to claim a child born to another mother in their own country, as Ukrainian law prohibits.

Impossible under Turkish law. Copy from Roman law. “Meter semper carta s – mother is always clear” Based on the principle, the lineage bond is established between the child and the woman giving birth as soon as the child is born. There are no genetic links between the woman and the child and there are no rules like surrogacy For this reason, the claim of ancestral lineage against the child of a woman born in Turkey as a surrogate mother cannot be brought to court in any way. However, with the exception of the surrogate mother, the use of another woman’s egg cells in artificial insemination creates problems with genetic bonding.

In 1997, Germany was founded on the development of egg-embryo donation and artificial insemination techniques through surrogacy. “Meter semper carta s” The Civil Code has included its policy; “The mother of a child is the woman who gave birth to him.” Provision added. For this reason, they cannot try to take Ukrainian surrogates abroad. If children are born in Germany, they will have to face a difficult process to adopt

There is no international agreement governing the global surrogacy market. For this reason, scientists and activists are pushing for a regulation similar to the 1993 International Adoption Convention. The Convention, which Turkey also signed and entered into force in 2004, states that “international adoption is in the best interests of the child and protective measures are taken to prevent abduction, sale or trafficking while protecting their fundamental rights.”

Cultural geographer at the University of Bern Caroline Shur Over the years, he has been researching the international surrogacy market and the geopolitical situation that has made some countries the hub of the industry. She says national law is not enough, an international standard should be set, for example, in matters such as health insurance for surrogate mothers.

“There is a global system that benefits from the use of surrogate mothers in crisis areas such as the Donbass as cheap labor in the breeding market.” Said Shur. And in today’s war situation, not only potential parents who are concerned about their children, but also surrogate mothers and their families should be on the forefront.

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