A romantic movie that looks at love from a different window

You know, November is the month of love for all of us. The arrival of autumn and the yellowing of the leaves cause a stir in us and those first arousals are the shelter of love. Such a time will inevitably create the content of the movie. But we suggest you forget all the classic romantic movies you’ve seen so far, as this list includes quality romantic movies that only go beyond romantic, hopeless love, smack and trippy relationships.

1. Per, 2013

Imagine this time love combined with artificial intelligence and technology. We see that Theodore Tubli, whose name has been frequently mentioned lately, and who has played Joaquin Phoenix, has a relationship with a robot, not with humans at this time. Her love affair with a robot makes us think about what love will be like in the near future, but also discusses sexuality and the loneliness of postmodern man. This hilarious theme, which is told through two characters presented as “people from different worlds” in each scene, received 8 points from IMDb and was awarded many prizes, including the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. The movie was scripted and directed by Spike Jonze, who was also the director of the movie Terseuse. We say this movie is worth watching, even if it was made by Jonje, and we keep checking out our other great movies.

2. Bin-Zip, 2004

However, this South Korean movie will be at the top of the list. The effects of modern life on relationships, loneliness, being unmarried, what is real and what is a dream are also revealed in this movie which will make you think not only of love but also of South Korean culture. The award-winning film, with an IMDb score of 8 signed by South Korean master director Kim Ki-duk, has almost no dialogue. The world told around a silent love story without dialogue, will take you to different kingdoms.

3. Submarine, 2010

In this movie, whose IMDb score is 7.3, we will witness the adult love of two children in the main character. She seems to be constantly tripping with a boy who we think is a middle-aged couple’s daughter. While this may seem like a classic in this case, you will see more micro-lens problems on the person, such as the effects of family relationships and divorce on children. Released in Turkey as “Undersealtı”, the film is directed by comedian Richard Ayode. We are sure that your heart will soften and you will go back to your old childhood days when you saw this delicious film which won the Best Screenplay award at the British Independent Film Awards.

4. Only Lovers Survive, 2013

Starring the successful actress Tilda Swinton, who has done many important things before, this wonderful drama-fantasy genre film, which aired in Turkey under the headline “Only Lovers Survive”, will make you forget the classic love movies. You know as the bite-fly vampire. It will make you forget your movies, we guarantee! In this movie directed by Jim Jarmush, our old vampires, Eve and Adam, who look like fireworks, try to survive by buying a liter of blood from the hospital and reunite with each other despite the distance from time to time. In the last scene of the movie, the last scene in which our vampires, who need blood to survive but are about to die, come back alive by biting people, which will throw stones against all the fantastic movies that have been made so far. ! In short, see this

5. Before the series, 1995

The series, directed by Richard Linklater, consists of three separate films, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight, the number one address for those who want to see quality romantic love movies since 1995. We can guarantee that you will be filled with romance in the Before series, which not only discusses the changes that Celine and Jesse went through from their first meeting as teenagers to adults, but also takes us on an interracial tour with our permission. See the most wonderful states among the beautiful cities of Europe. The series, which received 8 points from IMDb, is also rated in the independent movie category.

6. On body and soul, 2017

This romantic-drama movie, which has ideal visual content for those who like to watch movies with Central European and winter themes, is signed by successful Hungarian director Ildiko Enidi. Although you can’t understand the deer shown on the screen in the first scene of this movie titled “Body and Spirit” released in Turkey and IMDb score 6.6, you will understand that those deer actually represent the dream of our romantic couple, Maria and Andre. I hope you like this movie, which dreams of love, suicide and more, the business life of modern society, which burns after Maria, like that closed box, that is cold and does not talk to anyone. Same dream as Endre. Let’s take a look at how this movie will make you feel, which divides viewers into those who love extra and those who hate.

7. Black, 2005

In fact, you might think that we made a mistake by listing this movie, which is evaluated in the drama-family section, but you are wrong. In this hilarious Indian film directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, although the real life story of Helen Keller, a visually impaired person who is trying to hold on to life, is told, we also witness the most emotional state of love in the film. In that scene Keller, who has fallen in love with her teacher who has trained her year after year, wants to kiss her, has undoubtedly broken our hearts. So we wanted to include this movie in the category of romantic movies which works well.

8. The shape of water, 2017

Guillermo del Toro’s best-selling film Shape of Water, which has won many Oscars, is actually considered a drama-thriller genre. In the movie, this time we see the hearing-impaired Eliza, who falls in love with an alien superhuman creature and fights for her love. Of course, we said forget the classic love movies from the beginning, this movie claims to be on our list of quality romantic movies with its fantastic dimensions and tries to convince us that love always promises hope! At the same time, there is no reason not to watch this movie, which will take you to a visual feast, thanks to its successful cinematography, and which was screened in Turkey as “The Voice of Water”.

9. You Light Up the Night, 2013

You always suggested foreign movies, we heard you say that there is no better Turkish movie than romantic movies. This drama-fantasy movie from Onur Ünlü, rated 8 on IMDb, is the perfect choice for black and white movie fans! At the same time, you’ll see the unbearable lightness around Cemal and Defne’s love in this movie, written by ünlü. At the same time, the last scene of this movie, which will deeply feel the anxiety of existence as “man is created from anxiety”, impresses the audience. Recently successful actors Ali Atay and Damla Sunmez have played the lead roles in this dazzling film where our heroes fly when they are fit and black tears flow from the eyes of our heroes when they are fit.

10. Call me in your name, 2017

Directed by Luca Guadagnino, the film won many awards, including an Oscar. The film, which tells the story of a teenage gay man’s own sexual orientation and body discovery, offers us a visual feast, including music and art. Released in Turkey under the title “Call Me By Your Name”, the movie received 7.9 points from IMDb. We recommend you to watch this wonderful film, one of the best of LGBTI and weirdly themed films and nominated to surpass the classic stories with its cinematography.

11. 303, 2018

Directed by Hans Weingertner, 303’s Unforgettable Dialogues must have taken place in the audience! In this German movie, you witness the beauty of the architectural structure of European cities like the Before series. 303 is a movie that ends with Jan searching for himself, hitchhiking, and finding love (Julie). But until this conclusion, of course, we are waiting for an unforgettable conversation where many social problems from history to biology, from nature to feminism have been redefined. If you like Q&A movies, this movie is for you!

12. Wristcutter: A Love Story, 2006

The fantasy-drama movie, titled “Bilekesenler: A Love Story” in Turkey, begins with a striking suicide scene. In the film directed by Goran Dukik, Zia commits suicide after breaking up with his girlfriend and moves on to another world, where he encounters a more depressing world waiting for him and finds his true love there. This movie, which has a very strong script among romantic movies, has a score of 7.3 from IMDb.

13. Lost in translation, 2003

Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray starred in the movie Sophia Coppola, which was evaluated in the independent movie category. The Oscar-winning film was screened in Turkey as ‘If It Could Talk’. Of course, this movie is not just a love movie, it tells the story of Charlotte, who was out of touch with her husband, meets the famous actor Bob Harris at the hotel where she is staying and their love is based on common aspects. Their age difference. It has an extraordinary view, such as communication problems, influences of different cultures in a person’s daily life, and despite sleeping in the same bed, the romantic couple prefers to communicate the event more realistically without immediately associating it with sex. Let’s see if you can find this movie, which turned out to be one of the romantic movies with 7.7 points from IMDb, original.

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