Bioentech vaccines have been introduced at family health centers

Health Minister Fahretin Coca, Biotech vaccineVaccines are also administered at these centers, which have suitable storage conditions, after the company announced that it will now be available in family doctors as well as public and private hospitals.

Citizens who applied for an appointment through ALO 182, e-Nabız and MHRS received the first dose of the BioNTech vaccine at the Oran 75. Yıl Family Health Center.

Erin Ozdemir, an educator at TOBB University of Economics and Technology who commented on the vaccine, said she believes in the benefits of the vaccine and its benefits to society.

Noting the need to rely on science, Ozdemir said: “We thank Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin for saving the world from this kind of disease. I invite everyone to vaccinate and believe in science without delay.” Says

“Vial contains 6 vaccines”

Midwife Mehtap Bakak, an immunization official, says they have begun developing bioentech vaccines after Sinovac in family medicine.

Legg explained that they first asked the person who made the appointment if they had a chronic disease or allergy and then they went for vaccination.

“We can only go through this process through social distance, masks, hygiene and vaccinations.” Mehtap Bakak said the demand has increased since the decision to make bioentech vaccine in family medicine.

Bioentech comes in the form of a vial, which comes in the form of medicine in a glass container prepared in a sterile state, Bakak said, “The vials come to us so that there is a vaccine for 6 people. It’s a waste of money. These are our national assets, they shouldn’t be wasted. ” He said.

Leg said the BioNTec vaccine can be stored at temperatures of minus 70 degrees Celsius for 6 months and in refrigerator conditions for 2 to 8 degrees for 31 days.


Kadikoya District Health Director. Speaking to the Anadolu Agency (AA), Nestlihan Weir said the introduction of bioentech vaccines in family health centers would be very good for the vaccination process.

Regarding the storage status of the BioNTech vaccine at ASMs, Uyar said, “Storage conditions plus 2-8 continue to be stored in the same way as our other SinoVac vaccines. The vaccine is also tracked through the tracking system. There is a tracking system. We have no problem for.

Noting that citizens view the FHC as their home, Weir explains how to make an appointment to make vaccination more comfortable for them:

“They will make their appointment through MHRS and e-Nabız. There will be options. Any private hospital, public or family health center? She will choose her here and come at the time of appointment. She can go to any family health center. She wants. There is no such thing as a family doctor. ” We are vaccinating everywhere. “

Dr. Nestlihan Weir noted that the vaccination rate in Kadiko is very good and that this has led to a reduction in the number of cases. We are waiting for the vaccine. “

Asibadem Family Health Center Family Physician. Mehmet Sinan Gune further reminded that the bioentech vaccine will henceforth be administered in FHCs like Synovac and said that appointments are open.

Dr. Gune said he thinks the application will have a positive effect on vaccination rates, adding that “citizens did not like to go to the hospital because of the contamination during the Covid-19 process. It is currently being applied to ASM (BioNTech) vaccination rates positively.” Our vaccine cabinets are at 2-8 degrees. Otherwise we can store them as safely as our vaccines. ” He said.

Gune added that there is no reservation for vaccination, and citizens can choose ASM for vaccination.

In the meantime, vaccinations for musicians, film and TV series production teams, faculty members and university staff included in the immunization program have started from today.


Biontech vaccine has been introduced in 44 family health centers of Samsung.

Bioentech vaccines stored at minus 80 degrees in the vaccine warehouse of the Department of Public Health of the Ministry of Health are transferred to the warehouse of the Samson Department of Health.

Bioentech vaccines are distributed to family health centers by vaccine transport vehicles from the warehouses of the provincial health department according to the number of patients recruited. Vaccines, which are stored in cabinets at family health centers between 2 and 8 degrees, are given to citizens who make appointments within 6 hours.

Provincial health director Muhammad Ali Oruch told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that they had begun developing bioentech vaccines at Samsung’s family health centers.

Emphasizing that they have built rapid immunization infrastructure at Samsung’s Family Health Centers, Oruç said, “Right now, appointments are open at 44 Family Health Centers. He can make appointments at the Family Health Centers for 1,500 people a day. “It is a pleasure for us and our citizens to be vaccinated by a family doctor. Because the family health center is close to their home, they can get their vaccine at home immediately.” Says

“Our family physicians also become mentors to our citizens. Our family physicians are always with our citizens to end the epidemic. Bioentech vaccines will be more widely developed,” Oruç said. He said.

Citizens are satisfied with the application

Citizens who received the bioentech vaccine at the স্বাস্থ্যobanlı Family Health Center said they were happy to be vaccinated by their family doctor next to their home.

Abdullah Altinak, who was vaccinated against a chronic disease, said he was happy.

“Our family doctor called and told us that we could be vaccinated. We want everyone to be vaccinated, especially at a family health center,” said Ayatollah Altinok, his wife, noting that vaccinations are easier to get through family health centers. It’s easy. ” Used phrases.

Teacher Seren Tailu, on the other hand, said he was happy that teachers had been given the right to be vaccinated. “I was using public transport on the road. It made me nervous. I wasn’t old then, but after the teachers decided to vaccinate, I wanted to get vaccinated immediately.” He said.


The bioentech vaccines stored in the cabinet at minus 86 degrees Celsius of the provincial health department were first transported to the district health department by transport vehicles. Here, vaccines kept in cold chain at plus 2 and 8 degrees are sent to ASM according to the number of appointments. In the cold chain, the vaccine can be stored without diluting for 31 days. Once reconstituted, the vaccine must be administered within 6 hours.

Ebru Kurt, deputy head of the provincial health department’s public health service, said the vaccines arrived in dry ice by land and were stored in cabinets at minus 86 degrees after reaching the city.

Cart continued:

“The vaccine can be stored until the expiration date. We check the appointments at the family health center through the system. Then we transfer them to the family health center. The vaccine can be kept for 31 days without thinning in the cold chain. It has been created. An intense effort has been made to vaccinate our citizens. We are spending money. Accordingly, the number of our cases has decreased. “

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