E-sports is starting to become a very serious industry.

Vice President Fuat OktayAnkara participated in the e-Sports Talk held at the ATO Congress as part of the Youth and e-Sports Festival.

In his speech here, Oktay shared his experience with the public about the digitization process, noting that young people know best the point of digitalization and where it will go.

Recalling that he has been going through the epidemic process for the last two years, Okte said that there is a process that has not been experienced in the last 100 years and everyone has witnessed it.

Okte says:

“Services were provided by the state. We sent almost everyone working in the state to their homes for a certain period of time, but all the services continue. How does it continue? Through digitalisation. In other words, we have prepared the infrastructure for this. Environment, in e-environment the state has handed over all the services provided to its citizens. How do you say e-sports, and we have created e-government. Therefore, we all have life cycles. The way we do business has changed. As a state we are ready for it. We have already started preparing for it.

Of course, we did not expect the epidemic, but in the event of an epidemic, we immediately put it into service. We created the Artificial Intelligence Board just after we transferred the government to e-government. We made the state smarter with artificial intelligence on top of all these databases we created. We have a very serious and large database. We want to make it smart. So what does it mean, let’s remove the human element from the place where the human element is not needed, let’s automate some part. So you will get the service you get much faster. Let’s provide more robust quality services where human resources are needed. “

“E-sports is a game now”

Studies in the field of e-sports share knowledge of going back to the 1950s, Okte said, adding that since the 2000s, they have moved to another level.

With e-sports now focusing on a game including its tournament and league, Okte says:

“It’s a game that has its legal and legal dimensions, including coaches, teams, leagues, national and international federations. Just like we have a football league, we have a basketball league.” E-sports is not just a very serious sport. In the world, I’m not saying, “It’s starting to turn into a sector. We are talking about a sector worth over one hundred billion dollars right now. As Turkey, we have no chance. Stay indifferent to this. As a state, we have no chance to be indifferent in this matter. For this we are the pioneers of the establishment of the Federation.

“We have to create our own ideas”

Okte insisted that research in the defense industry was an example of this, leaving a very serious mark on where localization and nationalization began.

Oktaya continues:

“What we do in the defense industry is the proper application of what you use artificial intelligence in games, nothing more. The level of artificial intelligence we see is. You know, when we say we’ve created a lot. Different areas, The infrastructure in those areas is your friend in this hall. I mean, there will be employment. And there will be new things. Let me tell you in a new way, you will innovate.

When we become global, we keep one foot firmly in Anatolia and the other foot on a compass and travel around the world. So is this sport. This sport is very good. So in one day you travel from China to America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and many countries in Asia. You have friends from many countries, aren’t you in the same team? You actually have a multicultural background compared to other games. That’s why I think e-sports should be considered not only as a sport, but also as an infrastructure for other sectors. “

“Every discipline needs discipline”

Referring to the addiction to e-sports, Fuat Okte warned that discipline is needed in this field as well as in other disciplines.

Okte, advising young people on game addiction, says:

“I think it’s very helpful for you to control that fine line with your own scale, your own scale, with addiction. Like every other field, this field can suddenly turn into addiction. It’s not up to us. It’s up to us to transform it. We How do I understand that? It’s out of our control, which means you can avoid your sleep, work and sleep despite your wishes. Towards addiction. There must be a line drawn. I think it is useful to raise awareness here. “

Asked about visa issues, especially overseas tournaments, Okte said, “We will do our part to ensure that other sports players and athletes do not face any problems abroad if you do not encounter them.” Says

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