Experts warn of “hijama”: “Misapplication causes pain that does not last a lifetime”

In recent years, the interest in acupuncture, mesotherapy, ozone and cupping therapy, known as cupping, has been applied in Anatolia for years. In the face of growing interest, people without skills in their field pose a threat to the health of citizens. The Bagsillar Training and Research Hospital Traditional and Complementary Medicine Application Center (GETAT), one of the leading training centers in the field and the practice performed by specialist physicians, helps patients find healing. Kanat gave information about Typhoon treatment. Noting that there is widespread interest in traditional methods, Kanat cautioned citizens not to transact in inadequate situations.

“It’s very popular because we do it without chemical contact.”

Going to give information about the treatment done at the center. “We provide outpatient services for acupuncture, cupping, mesotherapy and ozone,” said Kanat Taifun. In acupuncture, we can help with almost any muscle or chronic disease. Although mesotherapy is known for most cosmetic applications, it is actually a traditional and complementary method of application that can also be applied to chronic diseases. Mugs are probably the most well-known of all apps. Chemical drugs are not the most preferred form of traditional and complementary medicine. Of course, patients continue to receive the treatment that other outpatient patients receive in clinics, but we use mostly natural methods here. Acupuncture is preferred because we do not use any chemicals like cups with simple treatment using steel needles or glass or plastic cups, or we apply only using our hands, such as osteopathy, without touching too much chemical.

“It causes lifelong pain”

Explaining that patients face a lot of negativity as a result of procedures performed by untrained people in untrained places, Dr. Kanat Taifun said, “We see that there are many people who advertise on television, in newspapers, in the media that they give medical treatment and even make their own products. It is said that there is no harm in herbal products, which is absolutely wrong. Especially during this period, after Kovid, blood thinners are used very frequently and herbal products interact with blood thinners like turmeric, which is recommended as harmful. This ensures that the dose of the given drug is not at the desired level, or that the dose should be increased or decreased. Those who prescribe these without knowing it and introduce themselves as experts, they certainly do a lot of harm to patients. Hijama, which is known to people, is actually done at acupuncture points and requires a lot of training. It must be done very consciously. When applying a wet cup, some scratches or holes are opened in the skin with a scalpel or some cutting and piercing tool. When these cuts and holes are too deep, scar tissue is formed on the skin. The scar tissue also causes pain that does not go away for the life of the patient, probably in this area. There is always a desire to go and do a cupping method, but it is due to a mistake made in the first application. ”

“Unfortunately, there are great events that hurt both the patient and the public.”

Note that before applying, it is determined whether the patient is suitable for the procedure, Dr. Kanat Taifun said: “The simplest example is before we put a wet cup, we check the patient’s blood level to see if he is normal, if he is old enough, if he is mentally ready to do it, if his blood pressure is low. Or whether he has diabetes. Side effects arising from external applications are not reflected on social media. Everyone tells success stories, but no one talks about their bad patient. There are also blood-borne diseases, so these too need to be tested and applied very carefully. These are considered when applying in a suitable place. Unfortunately, when this is not done in a proper place, events happen that harm both the big patient and the general public. Anatolian medicine is actually one of the things we forget. Therefore, Anatolian medicine has to germinate again in Turkey, and to remind it, its dust must germinate. There was an interest beyond our expectations. Since the patients who came here believed that they had benefited, they definitely brought someone from home, their neighbors and relatives when they came, and it grew like a snowball because they were referred. Our appointment to the polyclinic is full until September, I can say that there is a great interest. “

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