How to get a ‘health clinic appointment’? Step-by-step MHRS Health Center Recruitment Procedure

The sector most affected by the Kovid-19 outbreak was undoubtedly the healthcare sector. Citizens are afraid to seek health care because of the capacity of hospitals and the fact that they are high risk areas. Many people have started choosing health centers to treat situations that do not require major intervention but should be seen by a doctor at the same time. Many people receive services from health centers designated according to their registered address and from family physicians appointed by the Ministry of Health.

So, how to go to the health center, do the health centers accept patients without an appointment, what diseases does the family doctor deal with?

Health center treats which disease?

Since 2005, organizations known as health centers have been transformed into family health centers by increasing their service capacity.

With this change, in order to improve the patient-doctor relationship, at the same time, diseases are followed on a regional basis and personalized detailed health controls are provided.

The health services provided by family physicians are as follows;

  • Prescribing appropriate medications for patients using prescription medications
  • To check the general health condition of the citizens and provide regular testing services
  • Following development against the possibility of an infectious disease
  • Provide home health care to the elderly, children and persons with disabilities if required
  • Analyze and test if necessary
  • To follow vaccinations and schedule immunizations
  • To meet the needs of pregnant citizens during, before and after pregnancy
  • To inform patients about the information they need to know and to provide training

Does the family treat?

Since family physicians are not specialists in a single branch, they provide general health services. Family physicians, who do not have a specific age and gender inequality, are considered the 1st step in their health system. Family physicians, who usually treat short-term and outpatient patients, may refer them to 2nd or 3rd stage if necessary, based on the test results and the patient’s condition.

Health centers provide services such as tracking pregnant women in their area, assessing their adaptation to pregnancy processes, and providing training on child care.

Family physicians can perform the necessary tests and examinations depending on the medical equipment at all the health centers that are located.

The tests that health centers can do according to their equipment;

  • Blood analysis
  • Urine test
  • Measuring blood pressure
  • Cholesterol test
  • Kidney test
  • Cancer screening
  • Heart and chest radiograph
  • Glucose measurement
  • They are the body mass index.

Can a health center write a report?

After examining the health status of the family physicians, they can give the report required or requested by the patient.

The reports that the health center can give are:

  • Soldier reports
  • Marriage report
  • General Health Report
  • Rest report
  • Driving License Report

Is it mandatory to make an appointment?

Citizens who are connected to a health center near their address can apply to a family doctor if necessary. People who want to benefit from a health center away from their address may see a doctor as a “guest patient.”

Family physicians can perform operations such as learning, change and questioning through e-government.

You can make an appointment through the Alo 182 line or the Central Physician Appointment System (MHRS) so that you can be easily examined by a family doctor and go for a randomized control. It has been made mandatory to make appointments at regular intervals to maintain social distance during epidemics. During uncontrolled periods, you may be screened at the health center counter.

Analysis and test results are also controlled from e-Pulse or e-Government application.

Health center service hours are from 08:00 to 17:00.

Does the health center give COVID-19 vaccine?

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey has opened the vaccination permit, which was issued only in the first days in hospitals and health centers. Health Minister Fahretin Koka has announced that those who want to be vaccinated can make an appointment and go to the health center they are affiliated with.

Through this application, the Ministry of Health aims to expedite the application for vaccination. In order to facilitate vaccine access, the ministry avoids queuing for vaccines at hospitals.

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