Last Moment: Kashimpasa Storm! (Kasimpasa – Sivaspor)

In the Super League, Cassimpasa storms … After a 3-1 defeat to Sivaspor in the 17th week, Pasha, who broke up with coach Hakan Kutlu, is doing a show directed by Sami Ugurlu.

The last 13 matches played in the Istanbul Representative League have been 8 wins, 3 draws and 2 defeats. Kasimpasa, who are 20th in the league with 11 points in their 17th week, have collected 27 of 39 points in the last 13 weeks and are 13th on the scoreboard with 38 points. Pasha, who managed just 2 wins in 18 weeks, made a great start and averaged 2.08 points per match.

Dark blue-white, on the other hand, broke new ground during this period. Kasımpaşa broke the record by winning 6 consecutive official matches (5 leagues, 1 cup) for the first time in its history. The Navy Blue-Whites scored 5 and 3 in 13-week periods, a success that was reflected in the league’s statistics. In fact, it is true that Kasimpasar has a team work behind this success. Serkan Rekbar and Sporting Director Amir Sarak were also instrumental in getting out of the team.

As is well known, Cassimpassa’s CEO, Serkan Reckbar, drew attention after his successful football career, especially with his TRT commentary at Fenerbahেe. After his career as a commentator, Reçber made a name for himself by finding talented players in Casimiusa, where he worked.

26 points in 13 matches

Cassimpasa – Alta: 2-0
Cassimpasa – Hatayspor: 3-1
Giresunspor – Kasimpasa: 0-2
Galatasaray – Kasimpasa: 1-3
Kasimpasa – Kayserispor: 3-1
Trabzonspor – Kasimpasa: 1-0
Cassimpasa – Alaniaspor: 2-2
Conaspor – Kasimpasa: 4-4
Cassimpasa – Fenerbahce: 1-2
Goztepe – Kasimpasa: 2-3
Kasimpasa – Kaikur Rejespor: 3-1
Yeni Malatya – Kasımpaşa: 0-2

(13 games 8 wins 3 draws 2 losses 27 points)

The second team to collect the most points in the second half of the league

In the second half of the Super League, Kasimpasa collected 23 points from 11 games with 7 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss. Gaining an average of 2.09 points in the second half, the Navy-Whites finished second behind leader Trabjanspar (24) on the score table in the second half of the league. On the other hand, the Istanbul delegation managed to become the team with the most goals in the second half of the league with Alaniaspor with 26 goals.

Score table in the second half of the Super League

Top 5

Trabzonspor – 24 points
Kasimpasa – 23 points
Alaniaspor – 21 points
Fenerbahce – 21 points
Antalyaspor – 19 points

A leader in many areas

Cassimpasa is at the top of the league in terms of running distance and number of sprints. Although the league average for fast running is 8,226 meters, Cassimpasa is in the first place with 9,134 meters.

The league averaged 1,716 meters in sprint distance, Kasımpaşa averaged 2,180 meters and also occupied the peak in this area.

In addition, as of the 30th week, Pasha was among the team press and the teams that entered the most positions. Finding 405 positions last week, the dark blue-and-white moved up to sixth place in this case.

Time-break transfers have made a difference

The players added to their squad at half-time by Cassimpasa have also left their mark on the league. Mamadou Fruit, Jackson Muleka and Hour Mabil; He contributed to 12 of Istanbul’s 26 goals in the second half of the league and almost became the architect of Pasha’s exit.

Muleka Pasha

Jackson Muleka was able to attract attention by scoring a goal. The 22-year-old footballer has broadcast his game 5 times in 6 games in the opponent’s net and 2 times a goal pass to his teammates. The Congolese players played a total of 346 minutes and contributed 1 goal every 49 minutes.

Another half-time transfer of the Istanbul representative, Hour Mabil, adapted to the team in a short time. The Kenyan star has scored 2 goals and 1 assist in 5 matches.

Mamadu Fall, who moved from Charleroi with his testimonials at halftime, played very effective football in the wings. The Senegalese player, who has scored twice, stands out with his quick play style.

Hope bless, shooting

Umut Bozok drew attention with his goals and goals scored in Kasimpasa. The 25-year-old has scored 14 goals and seven assists in 30 games in the Super League; He has contributed directly to 21 of Cassimpassa’s 45 goals this season.

While Umut Bojok finished second in the race for the highest scorer in the Super League, he was invited by the national team through his successful performance.

Umut Bozok, on the other hand, was able to become one of the two players who contributed the most goals in the league, along with Trojanspor’s Nawakaim.

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