Mom! Words about mom! What is the short meaning of the word mother?

There are some writers and poets or great heroes who can express their love in words and express their love for their mother. We have some short meaningful words to say to mothers and their children who never lack their love and affection, they do what they can to their children even if they are not themselves. Here are the most beautiful words about mom!

Surprise the mother with her mother’s words to tell different mothers.

The mother is an artist and her most beautiful work is her child.

If they said ‘tell me happiness’, I would say ‘my mother is alive’ and kept quiet.

Mother, your love is the only sun that warms my earth. Your light will never diminish and I am happy in your presence. Goodbye mom.

Mothers may not see everything, but they listen with the mind.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, who covers my heart with love and saves me with her presence.

Ask me, ‘Which is the best book I’ve ever read?’ If they said ‘my mother’.

I just remember my heart was on the left after your mother spoke.

The only person who takes everyone’s place but cannot be replaced is the mother. (Gaspard Marmilod)

A mother’s love for her children is the only love I really believe.

Everyone’s mother is beautiful, but my mother is special. My dear mom i love you so much

A mother’s happiness is like a light that illuminates the future.

She has committed a great sin that has broken her mother’s heart. (Prophet Muhammad)

My mother’s smile hugged me.

Mother’s love is the purest love that can be noticed.

The mother’s heart is like an abyss, beneath which there is always forgiveness.

Even if love kills mother, ‘mother’ is a crying child.

‘Kiss me and it will cut’, Mom.

A man holds the whole world with his mother’s hand, and if he loses his hand, man will swallow it for life.

I don’t think heaven or hell, because I saw my mother laughing and crying.

It must be believed that everything we see in the world is the work of women. (Atatুrk)

Thank you a thousand times, my dear mother. You are the most beautiful mother in the world.

Mothers are the source of happiness in the home; The light of joy is the field of children.

That’s why one mother cries behind me, the rest always lies.

You have become the pole star of my life. Wherever I go, I sleep with your love under the light. I found the right way. I love you mom

All my dreams go through you, your happiness is the title of all my prayers. I don’t want to see you sad for a moment, my mother, your sadness darkens all beauty. I love you more than anyone else

The look of a mother, what a word gives us is not the equivalent of giving us all the knowledge taught in the world.

Mom!  Words about mom!  What is the short meaning of the word mother?

I can’t love anyone in the world as much as I love you, I can’t connect. Happy Mother’s Day my dear mother.

If you could describe abandonment and unexpected love that cannot be explained in words, I would probably just call me mother.

Mother’s arms are not tired of affection, children sleep deep there. (Victor Hugo)

A shooting star slides into the sky, we make a wish. My mother closes her eyes and wishes for me.

Even though mom’s death falls like snow, at your toes, I want to be cool in heaven under your feet.

Oh, my mother, I would die for telling her that sweet smile, her loving eyes, her compassionate heart and especially her my baby.

No matter how much you smile, your mother will understand if you are unhappy.

Boundless love my mother loves me with indescribable love i’m alive to be worthy of you

Every moment spent with you is very precious, every moment spent with you is my perfect mother.

I need maternal feelings. I want you to understand at a glance the unbelievers.

Let’s not go against the mother, they smell nice like daffodils, they look beautiful in their hands.

Ah! Motherhood, what a sacred thing you are! Kiss your feet and let them breathe the scent of heaven.

I want mothers to be immortal .. The only thing that is priceless is mother’s love.

You gave me the love of the most beautiful mother, you made my whole life beautiful and you made me the person I am today, my dear mother.

Serve the mother because heaven is under the feet of the mother. (Prophet Muhammad)

The miraculous woman who changed my world with a single word and took me by the hand and made me forget all my troubles, my mother.

Distance does not change the fact that you are the most precious asset of my life. I love you so much mom …

You are loving, compassionate, protective, selfless. The most important thing is that you are my mother. I love you

If you want to see how a good mother can be, I will give you our home address.

Perhaps the only feeling that can never be replaced is the love of children, and the only person who will not return after leaving is the mother.

Mother’s rights are not paid, life is not enough for love, if the whole world was mine, a mother would not be worth it.

Tears from my eyes, pain from my heart. When you experience this indescribable pain, one can understand parentlessness.

I can’t find a hot cine like you, she can’t stand her desire anymore. I searched a lot, I couldn’t find anyone like you … Look, my eyes are crying again because of your anxiety. Mom, I miss you.

Oh my mother, I am your sweet smile, your loving eyes, your compassionate heart, and especially when you die for my baby.

Mother, you entered my dream, I pray that you have a sheet, do not be cold in your grave. If they told me to hug the earth, I would go and hug my mother.

My dear mother, are you a beautiful woman?

The woman who gave me the world with a smile, you are my hero.

The one they trust for everything is the mother, she is the food, the bed and the extra blanket on a cold night.

The mother’s heart is the child’s school. (Henry Ford)

Mother is the eternity of life. (Emil Jola)

Respect women. Because she is the mother of mankind.

The only bond between a mother and her child is a broken umbilical cord.

Sometimes the power of motherhood goes beyond the laws of nature. (Barbara Kingslever)

The most extraordinary voice is the voice of the mother. (Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

Mothers are one, everyone should know their value.

Being a mother means sleeping after the child sleeps. Mom, I love you so much.

Mother is the umbrella that opens on you when all the troubles fall on you.

Maybe God can’t be everywhere, and that’s why He created motherhood.

Kiss your feet and let them breathe the scent of heaven.

I remember my mother’s prayers and they always follow me. They have embraced me all my life.

My mother loves you as much as I do. The milk you put out of my nose is his.

I believe that the only person who loves me more than me is my mother.

A huge hill collapsed behind me and my mother died that day.

In my first breath, I in your last breath, you in my arms, now I am my sun, moon, angel, star.

Mother is the most beautiful expression of God’s mercy.

You have always been my only refuge in all storms and you will always be, my dear mother.

It turns out that the most beautiful word on my tongue and in my brain is your name. Every time I call you, either my pain subsides or my love grows “my mother”.

Thank you mom for loving me without lying in this world full of lies!

My mother, who loves me with boundless love, an indescribable love, I am alive to be worthy of you.

A rocking hand is a symbol of strength that will shake the world. (Peter de Vries)

Your eternal love is worth everything. My mother, my mother, I miss you so much, I miss you so much. Happy Mother’s Day my dear angel.

I miss you so much mom. Your smell, your smile, your look, whatever I do, I still forgive. You rest in heaven, my mother. This place smells of you, Mom. – Agenda

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