Ojaseki: The white party makes the best municipality

Selim Kayanurettin Fidankan / Diyarbakir, (DHA) AK Party Deputy Chairman and Chairman of Local Administration Mehmet Ozaseki said that AK Party manages the best municipalities in Turkey. Ojaseki said, “Our understanding of the municipality is the service municipality, the working municipality.
Mehmet Ojaseki, deputy chairman of the AK Party and chairman of the local administration, who came to Diyarbakir with his wife Ness Ojaseki to inspect municipal works at the site, made the statement while visiting Central Baglar Municipality. Ojaseki was greeted by the mayor of Baglar, Hussein Beyoglu, with flowers and a dance with drums and horns in the municipal garden. After welcoming the crowd, Ojaseki made a statement to reporters in the municipality’s conference room, saying, “Today we are in Diyarbakir, one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in our country. We did not go to Diyarbakir. For a while. I have tried my best to stay in Diyarbakir during the bad days. I must come to town every 10 days. I have tried to identify the problems here. I have tried a lot to repair them. “We visit our mayors We consult with our mayors We visit our provincial agencies We go to the scene and discuss the problems and then present them to us We have a report from the President and work to solve the problems here, “he said.
‘This party does its best’
Explaining that the AK Party has the best municipal management in Turkey, Ozaseki also criticized the municipal management system before 1994. Ojaseki says:
“Our understanding of municipalities is a service municipality, a working municipality. Ideologically, the country has suffered greatly from municipalism in the past. Especially before 1994, the extreme left-wing municipal structure that dominated big cities like Istanbul. Ankara bothered us all. They had a worldview. There was a place where they wanted to take the country. Municipal workers also saw them as street workers. They knew it was their duty to escape. Action to action. We will serve. These people need service. Municipality is not a place to fight ideology, not a place to fight. We will work here day and night. We will not separate anyone from each other. Let’s not look. Let’s see what color we don’t look at his accountant, we don’t even look at his tongue. We serve. I say this because we, as party municipalities, have seen social municipalities in the same row as our previous friends who had a statement. We started it. We were by the side of the poor and the homeless. In 1994, when I was the first mayor, I opened 16 soup kitchens. I have opened about 20 health centers. Why? There was a need. We have done this in time to meet this demand. This time the municipality is going to a different level. We sit with our friends, we consult. We identify deficits. If anything needs to be done towards Ankara, our deputies are already following it, but as head office officials, I consult with our friends here with the authority given by our President. I have lived in the municipality. I only know the municipality. This is why I try to give my friends what I know about it. Our esteemed President works in Baghdad. She’s trying, she’s trying her best. He does great work with insufficient resources. We are also aware of that. The party that does this institutionally best is the AK Party.
A visit from Ness Ojaseki to the mothers in Diyarbakir
After Mehmet Ojaseki’s wife Nash Ojaseki went to the governor’s office this morning, AK Party MKYK member Suna Kepolu Ataman, local administration deputy chairman Trabzon deputy Aye Sula Koseoglu AK Party Jonguldak provincial women’s branch president and municipality president Bezlur Bezlur. In Durdan Beyoglu and the families who were with them met the families who were under observation Ozaseki and his entourage welcomed 273 families who had been on guard duty for 933 days in front of the HDP Provincial Building.
‘We are always with them’
In a statement to reporters after the visit, Ness Ojaseki said they were with their mothers and fathers who shed tears for their children. আমরাzhaseki said, “We thought we would support them in this way. Together with their friends, we told them not to lose hope in their support. We are always there for them as mothers.” After the announcement, Ojaseki and his companions gave the mothers cloves. (DHA) DHA-General Turkey-Diyarbakir Selim Kaya, Nurettin Fidankan
2022-03-23 ​​16:09:02

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