Orphans evicted from Ukraine have been brought to Antalya

159 Ukrainian orphans and 26 care staff living in the orphanage, which was the target of a brutal attack and evacuated to Poland due to Russia’s aggression efforts against Ukraine on 24 February, were brought to Antalya. A delegation led by Vasil Bodner, Ukraine’s ambassador to Ankara, welcomed the evacuated children and orphanage staff.

One month after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, some children and civilians living in Ukrainian orphanages were evacuated to Poland by train for safety reasons. As a result of meetings and efforts of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Family and Social Services and the Immigration Administration with the relevant Ukrainian organization for the removal of children in orphanages by the Ukrainian state, it was decided to bring 159 orphans and 26 care staff to Turkey. The evacuation plane landed at Antalya Airport around 11:00 today. The children were welcomed at the airport by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Ankara, Vasil Bodner (Vasil Bodner), and the Ukrainian Consul in Antalya, Amir Rustamov. It is learned that the orphans will first be housed in a hotel in Antalya.

Attache of the Embassy of Ukraine in Ankara Anna Shamick (Anna Shamick)After eviction To the Crimean News Agency In his statement, “185 people were brought from the Dinipro area, including 159 orphans and 26 care workers.” Şmık says they expect a second transfer in the same way after the first eviction. On the other hand, Emak said that as a result of negotiations initiated by the Ukrainian state with the Turkish authorities and in support of Ukrainian businessmen, the requirements arising after the eviction were met.

Bodner, Ambassador of Ukraine: We are waiting for the evolution of the second group

Welcoming the Ukrainian orphans, Ukrainian Ambassador to Ankara Vasil Bodner made a statement to reporters at Antalya Airport. “Today, the first batch of children came to the orphanage. With the help of both the Turkish government and the Ukrainian company we will keep the children in a hotel here. We thank both Turkey and the Turkish government for their help. This first team is coming, but we are waiting for the second team. The children will come from cities where the Russian army has dropped bombs or can drop bombs. ” Says

The text of the statement issued by the Embassy of Ukraine in Ankara today is as follows:

The slogan of First Lady Emin Erdogan, the wife of the Turkish president, has become a slogan to support children who have witnessed the horrific war, “just to raise the heads of children and watch the balloons rise in the sky, not to see the bombs falling on them.” Russia’s start against Ukraine on 24 February.

In this war, the invading forces deliberately bombarded residential quarters, residential apartments, hospitals and maternity hospitals in our peaceful cities without any mercy.

Children should be hidden in bunkers and basements so that the next bomb does not hit their place. The sound of sirens woke them up and they heard explosions and gunfire. However, they are only children and they should not go through all this.
The Ukrainian state is trying its best to ensure that Ukrainian children, especially those in need of social protection, are safe. Therefore, active work has been started with international partners to ensure the removal of orphans in Ukraine.
The first batch of orphans from the Dinipro region arrived in Antalya today.

Despite the arduous and tiring journey, a total of 185 people, including the children and the staff responsible for their care, will not hear the sound of the bomb, will not wake up at the sound of the siren and will be safe.

We are grateful to the friendly Turkey, especially the TR Ministry of Interior, TR Ministry of Family and Social Services, TR Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Management, for their assistance.

We would like to express our gratitude to Ruslan Shostak, a Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist who helped us meet the needs of our children. “

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