Parents and sons acquitted of beating a disabled believer to death … They rebelled against the decision: let the case be heard again

NY, 45, who was arrested last year for killing 90 percent disabled believers Cara, 58, in a coup in Antalya, and her son AY, 21, who was awaiting trial, have been acquitted for lack of evidence. Mumin Kara’s wife, Emin Kara, who wept over the decision, said: “My wife was beaten to death in front of my eyes. I was very hopeful for justice. I want this decision to be reversed and my husband’s blood to fall No, I can’t stand the shock of this incident with my two children. I want this case to be seen again. “

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On February 19 last year, in the Capage district, 90 percent of the disabled Mumin Kara, 40 percent of the disabled wife Emin Kara, children Fatma and Becky Kara, argued with business owner NY and her son AY Park near their home. Allegedly, as the controversy escalated, NY and his son Awai Mumin Kara were beaten. Who escaped with the help of the people around. Meanwhile, Mumin Kara’s tongue got stuck in her throat and after her husband’s first reaction, police and medical team were sent to the scene.

He lost his life in the hospital

After the suspect’s father and son were taken into custody, Mumin Kara was taken to Capage State Hospital. After the first intervention there, it was determined that Kara, who was referred to Antalya Training and Research Hospital, had a fracture in her skull. Cara underwent surgery for both her disabled right leg and fracture. After the operation, Kara was taken to the intensive care unit. Mumin Kara died at the hospital on February 26 last year.

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Detention and release 2 times

NY and AY, whose statements were taken and released on the day of the incident, were remanded in custody on February 24 at the request of the prosecutor and referred to court. NY was arrested for ‘intentional injury’, and her son AY was released on judicial custody.

Following Kara’s death, police arrested AY on charges of ‘aiding and abetting murder’. YY was arrested on February 26 and produced in court. After objecting to his detention, AY was released on 16 July on condition of judicial control.

At the final hearing of the case in the Antalya 3rd High Criminal Court, the arrested NY and his son AY were acquitted for lack of evidence. NY was released after the verdict. Mumin Kara’s family responded to the acquittal and demanded a retrial.

‘I can’t take these insurances’

Mumin Kara’s wife, Amin Kara, said she wanted a retrial and said, “They were acquitted in the last court. And I want my husband’s blood not to be on the ground. I couldn’t get it. I am shocked by what happened to my two children. I want it.” Let this case be seen again, “he said.

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Father and son accused of beating disabled Momin Karai have been acquitted ... They rebelled against the decision

‘What is the punishment for killing someone for 1 year?’

Cara said she was afraid of harming her children and said, “Do I need to find camera footage or someone? I have experienced this phenomenon. I feel everything over and over again, minute by minute, but they were left without evidence. I appeal to the judicial authorities to punish the perpetrators. It’s been 1 year. “I didn’t know how much it cost. Killing someone and going there doesn’t make sense to me. Bed for 1 year. What is the punishment for killing someone 1 year? I still have my fears. Maybe he’ll take that 1 year of pain from me, I’m worried about it, “he said.

Father and son accused of beating disabled Momin Karai have been acquitted ... They rebelled against the decision

‘Newly appointed prosecutor demands punishment’

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Becky Cara, who said she would object to the decision, said: “It’s been a year since my father was buried. The trial judge has been acquitting the case since the beginning of the trial. “This result surprised us. We are going to appeal. I want the harshest punishment for both.”

‘No more final authority’

Abdullah Ilkkahraman, a lawyer for the acquitted NY and YY, said the court had carried out all investigations during the trial and that their clients had been released as a result.

“Since there is no conclusive and credible evidence that the alleged crime has taken place, and the family members remain an abstract claim, it has been decided to release him at this stage. This decision does not mean that the crime will end. The trial is still on,” Ilkahraman said. “No final verdict has been issued. The process continues. It has been clearly proven,” he said.

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