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Who is Pat Cartoon School? Who is the author of the book Pat Cartoon School? What is the theme and main idea of ​​Pat Cartoon School? What about Pat Cartoon School Books? Do you have Pat Cartoon School PDF download link? Who is the author of the book Pat Cartoon School Behich Ak? Here is a summary of Pat Cartoon School books, lyrics, comments and reviews …

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Author: Behich ak

Publisher: Daylight Library

ISBN: 9789944717519

Number of pages: 96

What does Pat Cartoon School say? Subject, main idea, summary

Every child can try to express themselves by drawing. Hidden in Behiç Ak’s new story is a wonderful invitation that makes you laugh! Numerous award-winning, versatile artist and author Behich Ak draws attention to the importance we place on names and appearances in his sixth “Laughter Story” for children. It depicts the social aspects of language and the origin of words in a humorous story. Aq works on things like making kids laugh and thinking about their dreams, fears and expectations, school, friendship and dealing with problems in an effective way. Rich with the author’s original patterns, the coloring book contains a unique invitation for children. The story of the illustrated author, shown at the end of the book, is a creative project by Behich Ack that invites younger readers to express themselves through drawing. Everyone in Aydın’s new class had a nickname. Strange, that never works normally, the big-nosed potato, the inverted that turns even the inner proverb, the black hole that attracts everything around it, what time it is, and other … not just students, classrooms, corridors, Even the toilets have been named. Aydin, who does not like to be named after himself, began to thank his classmates for the cartoons “The Adventures of Potato” drawn by his attractive deskmate Potato. Potatoes will confuse the class if they make an unexpected decision …

Quote from Pat Cartoon School – Lyrics

  • The kids had a lot to say.
  • “Everyone here is crazy! But no one understands that everyone is crazy because someone is crazy.”
  • “Don’t waste your imagination,” Terrace said with a laugh. “You know, ‘Drip by drop, the lake is empty.’ But, ‘He who does not catch honey does not lick his finger.’ “
  • “Perhaps you’re trying to make the world a world you just named,” said Wellcome, a pedestrian peddler. “Trying to do something like this.”
  • “Everyone here is crazy!” Says David the Righteous. “But no one understands that everyone is crazy. Someone is crazy.”
  • They prefer to complain and wail instead of working.
  • They discovered that work was actually much more enjoyable than laziness. They begin to say that the joy they experience in acquiring knowledge cannot be given up to laziness.
  • “Everything is naturally beautiful. That is the best rule. There is no point in rediscovering America!”
  • The sign now reads, “Pat Cartoon School.” On one of the walls of the room was written in funny letters the sentence “Everyone here educates themselves”.
  • But no one understands that everyone is crazy.
  • “Sometimes the facts are real, but the feelings described may not be real. Sometimes, the facts are unreal, but the feelings may be very real.”
  • But no one understands that everyone is crazy.
  • Is it important to be useful or to wither like useless weeds or to sit lazily and cut the grass … or is it important to be useful in life and full of feelings of contentment?

Pat Cartoon School Review – Personal Comments

In fact, life doesn’t trip us, I guess we do. The important thing is that we can turn the benefits of life into an opportunity and make it more livable. (Ibrahim Kanik)

This can be explained so well that nickname-taking behavior, which is known in our society and among children as “ridicule” and “wrong”, is not really like that and can be used in a beautiful sense. Dear Behich Ak in his book has handled this situation very efficiently and entertainingly. Our differences are our beauty, and when we realize these beauties, very good things will probably emerge. The book explains the unique differences between children and the different abilities that each child has. Imagine a school where children call each other by nicknames and communicate with each other by this nickname. All the nicknames they find have a meaning. The story revolves around “The Potato” and “The Righteous David”. Given nicknames will make kids smile 🙂 The book covers themes and sub-themes such as “work”, “friendship”, “difference”, “communication”, “student teacher communication”. The book, which is also extremely rich in vocabulary; It supports children’s language development with words and concepts such as “aesthetics”, “catalogs”, “concepts”, “literature”, “cartoons”. It is a book that 3rd and 4th grade students of primary school can read easily and with choice. As I always say, I recommend reading this to adults too 🙂 Happy reading 🙂 (Signature book)

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Who is the author of the book Behich Ak?

Behich Ak (born 1956 in Samsune), Turkish cartoonist, children’s book and playwright, documentary film director.

Behich studied architecture at Ak Yıldız University and ITU. Behich Ak, who has been drawing cartoons since 1982, drew the cartoon band “Kim Kim Dum Duma” in the Kumhuriet newspaper. He has written plays staged in Turkey and other countries. Children’s books are published in Japan, Korea, Germany. It will start broadcasting in China from 2011.

Many children’s books were first published in Japan. His books have been published by major Japanese publishing houses such as GAKKEN, FUKİANKAN SHOTEN, KAGYUSA. He is the author of the most published Turkish children’s book in Japan.

For over a year, the serial cartoon story Mau mio mi was published in Yoiki no gakhusu, a magazine published by GAKKEN Publishing, which is a lover of Japanese children.

Children’s books were published in Turkey, Germany, Japan and Korea, and cartoon tape books were published in Turkey and Germany. His cartoons have been shown in many cities in Turkey, as well as in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

Behich Ak’s bilingual books, published in Turkish, German, German, English, and German Russian, were published by Anadolu Verlag of Germany. (

Stage plays are performed at the City Theater, State Theater and Aksanat Production Theater in Istanbul; Also on display in Ankara, Adana, Gaziantep, Izmir, Sivas, Konya, Stuttgart, New York, Munich, Cyprus, Athens, Zurich, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Berlin.

His documentary film The History of Censorship in Turkish Cinema – Black Screen, which he shot in 1994, won the “Best Documentary Film” award at the Ankara Film Festival the same year. In 2012, he was considered eligible for the TMMOB Chamber of Architects Contribution to Architecture Award for his cartoons, articles, plays, and for his consistent positions on environment and architecture.

Behich ak book – work

  • Theater in the aquarium
  • Galata’s lazy seagull
  • The boy who loves steamers
  • Eve and the tortoise
  • When i was born
  • The city of sleep
  • The laziness of the stars
  • Baby mother
  • Single city
  • Small train for home
  • Seychelles in the mail
  • My mix
  • Our coarse stone does not understand at all
  • Our chubby bow likes pasta
  • Long live the brotherhood of the letter
  • Pat Cartoon School
  • Cartoon books
  • Dogs in the refrigerator
  • Dolphins in the Black Sea
  • Birthday gift
  • Twice twice
  • Aladdin’s babbling water pipe
  • The Man Who Repaired Even the Sun.
  • High Tension Sycamore Tree
  • The season for the disappearance of cats
  • Image Killer
  • Fault Line – What Newton Computer Understands
  • There’s no room left to shrink – my little Global Village
  • Building – Separation – Hospital
  • City in the air
  • Tell me
  • Cat Island
  • Sleeping elephant
  • Clouds in Skyscraper
  • Die Stadt of Demwind
  • Climb the stairs past
  • Granny and the Myopic Dragon
  • Nitol doesn’t want to join the masquerade ball
  • www.internet.cep.iletiş
  • Earthquake
  • The hospital
  • What kind of frog are you?
  • Separation
  • Planets on the roof
  • The boy who writes poems to the clouds
  • The cat that got it all wrong
  • A rabbit-toothed observer’s note
  • Wave six forty four
  • Nitol doesn’t want to join the masquerade ball
  • Long Live Kids
  • The ball is hanging in the air

Behiç Ak Quotes – Lyrics

  • “Have you ever seen an animal with a gun? Don’t worry, you can’t see it! Animals never use unequal power!” (The cat that got it all wrong)
  • We know very well how to fool ourselves. (The cat that got it all wrong)
  • Because we didn’t have time. For some reason, we always seem to want to get somewhere. We had to finish reading some text in the shortest way. We hurriedly read a brief summary of a novel and left later. In fact, I would say that I do not fully understand the problem of time. It wasn’t entirely true that we didn’t have time. Because, on the other hand, we were bursting at the seams as we could not meet our leisure time. (Planets on the roof)
  • “I live with the people I miss behind me” … (Baby mother)
  • “Postal workers are tight. Just like envelopes. We never talk about who the letter came from and who it went to. It’s private. Very personal … Huge yellow spots are created, ink evaporates. But the words written on these papers They are created every year as they are created and make new money. ” (The boy who writes poems to the clouds)
  • He lived in a world where clicks were important, not work. (Long live the brotherhood of the letter)
  • I understand myself! I do not understand myself! (Single city)
  • I don’t think you understand. Only an artichoke could understand me. (Separation)
  • Cats are loving. They know how to be happy everywhere (Our chubby bow likes pasta)
  • “The mirror should reflect not only the present but also the past” (The boy who loves steamers)
  • Secretly, he really understood the trees very well. He can be called a kind of ‘tree doctor’. No tree will wither, get sick, or get worms or insects in its path. Sirda’s hands were always on them. The villagers used to say, it is very easy to get your grandfather’s address. “Follow the healthy trees and you will reach your home.” (Dogs in the refrigerator)
  • “It’s weird. His brother Hulia, two years younger than Emmer, wasn’t jealous of his brother’s toys. He wouldn’t be jealous of his toys. He has a train, why don’t I?” Or “I want a model airplane and a computer too! We live in an age of communication,” he would laugh at those who say, “I like to give my message with my pigeon,” he would say. (Galata’s lazy seagull)
  • However, there is a cat proverb. People always give their cats their own names. (The season for the disappearance of cats)
  • “But once you settle somewhere, you’ll feel like you’re there.” (The boy who writes poems to the clouds)
  • “You always wanted me to cook while still raw.” That was the fundamental mistake of our relationship. As a pea, you shouldn’t have expected it from a lettuce. If you want to be with a lettuce, you have to cook too. You know what I mean? (Separation)
  • Sude can live in a virtual world as if she did what she wanted but couldn’t. He was freed from the burden of real life. It was not necessary to read to know, and to be skilled and experienced to do. (Seychelles in the mail)
  • “Even use your words carefully, otherwise they will lose their meaning. They become stalked, knotted, leaves.” (Small train for home)
  • The sign now reads, “Pat Cartoon School.” On one of the walls of the room was written in funny letters the sentence “Everyone here educates themselves”. (Pat Cartoon School)
  • “You’re the most pessimistic optimist in the world!” She told him. (Galata’s lazy seagull)
  • The truth is that he was not stubborn for anything because he was always sure. (Eve and the tortoise)

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