Private Hospital Representatives Rebellion: We Are Drowning

Representatives of private hospitals have announced that they have been able to balance their cash flows due to the economic crisis and have gone bankrupt. Ohasad President. “It’s very difficult for us to keep up with old notebooks from 10 years ago and if we are punished,” said Resat Bahat. Many actors will be dragged down from the stage. “It’s not time to do it,” he said.

The 12th Joint Health Solutions Meeting of the Association of Private Hospitals and Health Organizations (OHSAD) was held in Antalya. The first day of the congress, entitled “Digitization in Health and Health Policy of the New Age”, discussed the prospects and problems of the healthcare sector through a “Common Mind Meeting”.

Meetings that bring together public and private health services; Deputy Minister of Health Shuaipilak and Sabahatin Aidin, Social Security Institution (SGK) President Sevdet Silan, General Manager of General Health Insurance Prof. Dr. Dr. Gokhan Tuna Ozturk, Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Memisoglu, a member of the Health and Food Policy Board, said. Sema Ramazanoglu, Zulfiye Fusun Kumet and representatives of public and private health organizations were present.

Deputy Minister Aydin: The health system will be under the rules of the authority

Deputy Minister of Health Prof. Dr. “I think health systems will be more regulated in the future and will be subject to regulatory authority. We have noticed something else during the epidemic. We have seen how controversial scientific knowledge is,” said Sabahatin Aidin, describing health systems around the world facing a test during the epidemic. , ”He said.

SGK President Sevdet Silan said he had demonstrated how strong Turkey’s health system was during the epidemic. Silan said private sector healthcare providers have also played a big role in this success.

“Personal health care providers are essential to us”

Silan stated that the coverage package published by SGK with a circular is the most comprehensive coverage package in the world. Ceylon says:

“While the number of healthcare applications was 270 million in 2010, last year it reached 450 million. Our payments to private health care providers are 14.5 billion TL. When arranging health care, of course, we aim to make the most of our budget opportunities by prioritizing the health of our citizens. Our primary responsibility is to provide reasonable and preventive health care. When making an arrangement, we analyze all the requirements. We implement our changes through your contributions. The Health Application Communication (SUT) price is mentioned. It’s that everyone agrees that it needs to increase regularly. We’ve added 26.27 billion with the last few SUT systems. We are always ready for dialogue and consultation. Private health care providers are essential to us. We can’t let them go. We have a responsibility to make it better. “

“Economic crisis, wars could turn into local opportunities”

Member of the President’s Health and Food Policy Board. Sema Ramazanoglu addressed the Congress as follows:

“In the future, our hospital architecture will change and transform into a digitalized world. Global risks, epidemics, economic crises, wars can all turn into local opportunities. The war is going on in the geography near us. We must seize local opportunities from all these global threats. Those who take advantage of these opportunities will make a difference. As the Presidency Food and Health Policy Board, we work hard to find new ways and create new solutions in the field of health. We report in great consultation the work we have done with each representative of the sector and present it to our President. Our ministries are launching new implementation methods from there. I believe with all my heart that productive and positive new horizons and new paths will be opened. ”

Private Health Organization Association (OHSAD) President. Resat Bahat draws attention to the experience of a private hospital. Bahat said it is very difficult to train human resources in the field of health, and said that in this sense, they have faced a great test and everyone in the public and private sectors has a responsibility to protect these resources.

Dr. The highlights of Bahat’s speech are as follows:

“We’re sinking”

We can’t balance our cash flow and we go bankrupt. We have kept our cash flow in balance so far, but now it is at such a high risk … our leadership is expected from politics. It is very difficult for us to continue if the old notebooks of 10 years ago are mixed and we are punished. There is a form of contract which we call partial contract for 15 years. If it is removed, doctors will be forced to visit another 3,400 clinics and many actors will be withdrawn from the stage. This is not the time to do it. There is very little time left for elections. While this is true, we will discuss it extensively after the election.

Is it healthy to visit the operator?

This meeting has to ask questions of politics. Does a medical school have its own hospital? Even though city hospitals provide such a good service, should university hospitals scream from the impossible without the building? Should the Ministry of Health run a government hospital or should the Ministry of Health supervise? Is it healthy to visit the operator?

There is a new future, the future of digitalisation. The world is moving to a different place. Patients will no longer go to the hospital for general analysis and imaging. Turkey is one of the leading countries in the world in digitalization. One of the first two countries in the world. We will have a reputation, money and many other resources to benefit from digitalisation.

“I find it awful”

The private sector will always do health tourism, the main player here will be the private sector. But with this planning logic, it can never go beyond today. If the key to healthy growth is not given to the sector, asymmetrical growth will not benefit the sector. I don’t think it’s right for a person to say ‘you can’t expand your business, branch or unit’. I find it very sad and tiring that since 2018 almost 400 hospitals have hired only one chief physician.

“Our consumer has been tried in court.”

We thank the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health for the Misconduct Act. But we are judged in the consumer court. If the patient is a consumer, then strict liability should not be expected from us. At least in such cases, physicians should be tried in a commercial court. We need to know that malpractice is one of the main reasons doctors choose to go abroad. “

“We want to update”

Mentioning that the arrangement made in SUT without ‘but’ and ‘but’ deserves a great praise, Dr. Bahat said, “The arrangements made in ‘SUT’ are to be applauded, deservedly applauded. We have become a country where we have to apologize for expressing gratitude. Why not thank us, we’ll knock on their door again, we’ll ask for an update. What kind of person is expected to say no in such a situation? I thank you endlessly, “he said.

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