Serdar Satchi: When you were playing in your youth, they said, ‘Your football life may be over’ …

Beşiktaş’s young player, Serdar Saatçı, made a special statement to Ihlas News Agency.

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“I was born in the Yildirim area of ​​Bairampasar. We have a nuclear family of five. Although I have a grandmother, she will be my queen. I have an older brother.” And there’s a twin. My mom came on vacation from Serbia when she was 18. They met my dad when he came to see my aunt. Then they met and got married. In 2000, my brother was born. We are fraternal twins. They don’t look like me at all. I’m blonde, she’s orange. My dad played professional football for 16 years. Towards the end of his football career, he started working on infrastructure. Wherever he went, we followed him.

“My father was carrying me on his back.”

“My father used to work at Bayrampas when I was 10 years old,” said Serdar, whose father Sedat Satchi became a coach after he left football. He coached the U11 league. Those born in 2002 were playing. He said to me, ‘Can you play? Then we started playing. Later, Semih Sezerli from Beşiktaş came to see. We played at Arda Turan Facilities. When he went to talk to my father for me, my father said, ‘My son,’ and Semih said, ‘We like him, we want to try him in Besiktas.’ When I went to try it, I was out of Bayrampas for the first time in my life. We changed vehicles 4 times, got on the tram and left. It was actually very easy, but then we learned. I went with my father for 15 days in a row. Since I was a kid, we’ve been climbing slopes to Mesiadeko after training sessions. They called it ‘Hell Hill’. My dad would sometimes take me on his back because I was tired. I was sorry for my dad for taking me on his back and said, ‘Dad, the possibilities are too hard, let’s take a break’. I took a break for a while, but there was an April 23 tournament. Our age group was also defeated by Fenerbahce. They called my father and said, ‘Sardar, come.’ My father told me, ‘You have to decide your life. This is a start for you. If you give up now, you will not see the future. These steps are just the beginning. You will have difficulty in the next stage because you are leaving one by one, ”he said. It started to come with me. Because of his professional life, he is the one who gives me strength. I am learning a lot from him. He has a very ambitious nature. He gave me a critical speech. Thus began our Beşiktaş adventure. We say for a while, my dad started coming with me for 3 years. Then, when I grew up, I started going alone.

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“I was shocked when the doctor told me, ‘You may not be able to play football anymore.'”

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Saying that there were many turning points in his life, Serdar Satchi said, “It will still happen. I was asked to send from the infrastructure, then stayed. There were teachers who believed in me. 10 days before the start of the season, I had an iron on my leg while going on vacation. We went to Kesan Hospital, but the hospital that could sew was 2 hours away. A woman helped us. He took us home. My father was not with us. No one had a car with us. Uncle Soap was there. It took me 2 hours. The soles of my feet were sewn with hooks. When the doctor asked me ‘do you play sports’ I said ‘I am a football player’ and he said ‘maybe you can’t play football anymore’. I froze, my heart broke. I was in mourning. The iron that penetrates the nerves in the soles of my feet. After that he did not sew. My father was a friend of a Bulgarian doctor. I did what I said and made water with batik and stopped the wound for a while. I could not attend the training for 3 months. Then I got on the field again, but asked for time. I was jogging. When I put my feet up, I felt like I had no feet for fear. The defender then got injured in one match. I was the only defender on the bench and they saw me recover after I got into the game. It was also a turning point. Later, while going on holiday to the village, I cut my leg with a razor. I was a very naughty kid. But by then I was up for the season. Now I focus more on the holidays, “he said.

“My excitement peaked when I heard the Champions League song.”

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“It was his first game in the Turkish Cup and he was very excited,” said Serder. I’m not usually a sweaty person, it’s my body type, but after the match, I saw myself on TV again and didn’t recognize. “I was so nervous that for the first time in my life I saw myself sweating so much,” he said.

Speaking about Ajax’s fight in the Champions League, the youngster said: “I started the first 11 in a big tournament for the first time. An environment that everyone dreams of. I had no excitement while warming up. Brother Mert Günok always helped me, he was always by my side. While I was waiting in the hallway before the game, I wasn’t excited, but the Champions League music started and the excitement started for me. You are playing against Ajax, they have dominated their league. After the match started, I regrouped myself after some interference. This excitement is indescribable. I always dreamed of the Champions League. It was not like a dream. My parents cried with joy. We were very upset to lose the match, but did not perform badly. I played against Haller, above all. My family was very happy too, ”he said.

“I learned a lot from Vidar on and off the field.”

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Speaking about Vida, with whom he plays on the field and very similar in style, Serdar said, “We are very similar to each other, but our style of football is different. Very career man. I’ve been looking at defenders since I was little. He is a name that has played in big organizations in the Champions League. I enjoyed it in sports. A name very ambitious, he does not like to lose. He wants to play football fast. Even in practice, when the ball stops, he warns everyone. It helps every young person, not just me. After training, he always told us something at dinner. He explained it to me and I translated it to other friends. I know Bosnian because of my mother, but I don’t know it. I also learn some words from Bidar. I also take English lessons. Ever since he came to the first team he has been telling me how to stand on the field and how to intervene. Other than that, the name I take as an example is my father. They used to call my father ‘murderous sedat’. The toughest defender I’ve ever met. We played the same team together. He put me on the striker. He’s really short compared to the stoppers, but he jumps very well. Their intervention was also very appropriate. My example is my father. When I played as a striker, I scored 6 goals and the opposing defender got angry and attacked me. My father also reacted angrily. ”

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Serdar Satchi: When they were young, they said that your football life could be over ...

“I want to play a few more games.”

Serder said it was important for him to win the Super Cup as well as the League Championship and the Turkish Cup last season, adding that young players are not given too many opportunities in Turkey. Mentioning that there is no culture called country, Serdar said, “As a country, we do not have this culture. We call young players 24-25 years old, boys give opportunities to 16 year old players. We can’t trust the players. We are always in doubt. There is a risk that I may lose if the player plays. We have won 3 trophies, but the saddest thing is that I only played in the Turkish Cup. But the surgeon teacher has always waited for the right time for me. Since then, I have played Altai matches and Ajax matches. But the year we became champions, I wanted to play a few more matches and contribute. ”

“My dream is to play in Europe,” said Serder, adding that the club’s proposed infrastructure project would pave the way for young players. I think I have that potential. I want to represent my country and Beşiktaş in the best way possible. This is the dream of every young person. But when you play, someone will discover you. The club project is also very important for us to fulfill our dreams. As the project progresses and the individual develops himself, it will both contribute to Beşiktaş and pave the way for the future from infrastructure. This project is also important for the name that comes from below. “

“We did not want an unjust victory.”

Speaking about the Kaysarispo match, the young player warned referee Ali Sansalan and said the ball came out of him, “I said this the day after the match. They taught us how to play with dignity and win with our rights. Our infrastructure facilities are bad. As it was, we used to dress in containers, but then a lot changed. Beşiktaş song was playing all over the facility, it was written in large letters that life is not presented to us on a gold plate. Our teachers wanted us to read all the articles and remember them. The teacher’s words were very nice, he said, ‘Your football will take you somewhere, but your character will take you to the top.’ But when the opponent gave that response, I did not want to take this burden on me. Maybe if that position was a goal we would have won unjustly. There was no need. You have to change your mind. The referee and some players from Kaysarispor congratulated me. “

“I want to play in Italy”

Talking about physical good and bad, Serdar said, “I don’t like to talk about my good and bad. But I say my mistakes because they have to stop. Being tall is a plus for me, but I also need to make good jumps. I need to develop this. There are forwards who jump better than me. When I go on the field, a forward playing against me should not be better than me. I must say that Besiktas has a defender who cannot be passed. I think I’m a little strict and ambitious. I love to fight. Sometimes I even kick the head. I need to speed up a bit. I have to be fast for a short distance. I can catch an opponent in the long range, but have to work a little harder in the short range. I do this by tying a weight around my waist. I can get a little more muscle as a body type. “I’m not weak, I’m a good player,” he said.

Revealing that his dream is to play Italian league and football here and there, Serdar Satsi says he spends his leisure time with his roommate Emre Bilgin and he usually plays sports and takes English lessons at the facility. Finally, Serdar sent a message to Besiktas fans, “Don’t let them stop believing in us. Our goal was always clear when we left. Our only goal on the field is to represent Besiktas in the best possible way. We want to make our fans happy.” Do, come to the stadium without rain or mud. We represent them in the best possible way when we go to the field. We will, “he concluded.

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