Speaking in Diyarbakir, Ojaseki: The social municipality started with us

Speaking in Diyarbakir, AKM party deputy chairman and chairman of the local administration Mehmet Ojaseki said, “We will not separate anyone from each other. Social municipality started with us. We are on the side of the poor, ”he said.

Tigris News – Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Deputy Chairman and President of Local Administration Mehmet Ojaseki met with Mayor Hussein Beyoglu of Baglar and party members of Diyarbakir and held an evaluation meeting about services and projects.

Explaining that their goal is to discuss municipal services and advise on how to do better, Ozaseki said they are at one point trying to fulfill President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s wishes. Ojaseki, who said he was delighted, said he was “delighted” by the work.

“They thought it was their duty to leave work.”

Ojaseki said they had visited the AK Party’s municipality to discuss the VQA’s decision and said, “We are consulting with our mayors. We integrate with our provincial agencies and see and evaluate problems on the spot. Then, we present the reports we have prepared to the President and work here to solve the problems. The party’s understanding of the municipality is service-oriented. Our municipality is a service municipality. The country has suffered a lot in the past because of the municipality at an ideological point. Especially before 1994, in big cities like Ankara and Istanbul, the ultra-left-minded municipal structure bothered us all. They had a worldview in their mind, they had a place they wanted to take the country. Seeing the employees of the municipality, they seem to be members of this road. They considered it their duty to run from action to action. When our president was in Istanbul and we left for Anatolia in 1994, we just told our people. We will serve. “People need service,” he said.

“We were on the side of the poor”

Ojaseki said that municipalities and ideologies are not a place to fight and said, “We will work here day and night. We will not discriminate against anyone. Those who live here are the crown of our heads. Social municipality started with us. We were by the side of the poor and miserable people. In 1994, when I was first mayor, I opened 16 soup kitchens and about 20 health centers. Why? Because it was needed. This time the municipality is going to a different level. We sit down with our friends, we consult, we identify deficiencies. If there is anything to be done through Ankara, our deputies are already following suit. We, as the headquarters administration, are working and advising here on the authority given to us by our President. “

“We see Bugler’s efforts”

Emphasizing that the mayor of Baghdad, Hussein Beyoglu, has had a great deal of success with his settlement resources, Ozaseki noted that they would provide all possible assistance to make the bar even higher.

Hasezhaseki said, “I have lived my life as a municipality. I know only one municipality. So I try to convey what I know. I hope we will meet today in our Baglar municipality, then in different districts and in the evening. With our party organizations. We are here. We will talk about our donations and services. Things to do. When we go to Ankara and fully address these issues, we will go to Ankara with the joy and pleasure of helping work here, maybe some of them. Thanks to our understanding of the municipality, our cities are competitive with Europe. The party that does this is the AK Party. We gather inside, we advise. I hope we will be much more successful in Baghdad, we will do better. We will set an example for all Diyarbakirs. We will set an example for other districts by creating, ”he said.

The tour continues with a closed-door presentation by team members. (UAV)

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