The ‘Kuklapella’ singer will love the music from the children’s screen

Founded 2 years ago by students of the Fine Arts Faculty of Music Teaching Program at the University of nönü for the promotion of coral music, “couscous“The choir will love the children’s music, which will get it off the television screen.

Inonu University, Department of Music Sciences, Lecturers Association of the Department of Music Technology. Dr. The educational children’s series, created by the “Kuklapela” choir, founded under the artistic director of Mehmet Gunes Akgoz, will reach children on screen. In this context, discussions are underway with the national television for the series.

Dr. performed in the sound recording studio of the Faculty of Fine Arts. Scenario written by faculty member Ersin Aikan, Faculty of Education. It goes through the academic analysis of faculty member Palin Ertekin.

The puppet named “Beto” is the conductor of the polyphonic puppet choir Kuklapella. As the soprano, the female voice is played by a puppet named “Inusu”, and the lower voice “Mukaddes”, the tenor “Abdi” and the khad voice “Bojo” rise on the stage.

Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Gেসns Aগgaz told the Anadolu Agency that the Kuklapela choir they formed in 2018 was the first in Turkey.

Explaining that they have made a presentation with a shooting on the topic of “stay home” in the event of the Covid-19 epidemic, Açıkgöz said, Rector Professor. Dr. Ahmed Kijile says they have extended their studies with a request to set up a studio in the faculty.

Music culture will develop in children

Noting that Kuklapela will provide information about music education and music culture to children aged 4-6, Açıkgöz says:

“We are currently producing a 20-episode children’s series called Kuklapella in our green screen studio. It will start soon. The scenarios are written, we will start shooting with the introduction. It will be a children’s series that everyone in Turkey likes. There are characters. Each character is very special in itself. And I think kids will definitely like it. It will be a nice cartoon that will be fun, entertaining and will provide a lot of information. You can think of 6-year-olds. Actually, the best part of it is acting. Being a model because children are so influenced by cartoons, I know from my own child. I think it will be a well-known drama as long as it continues. “

I am preparing in the university studio

Discussions are ongoing with national television for the series, and Kuklepala will soon be seen on a television channel, Akgaz said, adding that students in the music technology department are doing dubbing and animation and that their faculty are very good at it. , Both in terms of sound recording studio and many opportunities.

Explaining that they have cameras, lights and the whole studio environment, Açıkgöz noted that the first scene was music culture. Açıkgöz says, “We will soon have a very good season here that will teach children about instrumentalists, musicians, European music and especially our own music.” Says

Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts. Dr. Bullet Ilmaz, on the other hand, says they have been able to activate Kuklapella, which they put on the agenda for 2 years due to the epidemic situation, and says they have set up a studio for this puppet theater that works in phonetic arts and they will create educational programs here.

Ilmaz, Rector Professor. Dr. He thanked Ahmed Kizile for their support.

Smart and fun Quarmaster Beto

Ismail Serdar Kansu, a student who will voice the conductor of the choir called “Beto”, said that Beto is a very smart and intelligent character as well as a very entertaining character, “I believe I kids will love him.” Says

Çağlar Özdemir, who plays the character “Bojo”, a clever and misleading character, says that children will love Kuklapella and will follow it with curiosity and interest.

Jeanne Kaya, who will be singing in a puppet called “Mukaddes”, says her character is somewhat neglected, messy but beautiful and very wise.

Halim Sag, on the other hand, has said that he will play the character of “Inusu”, who will be part of the choir with Soprano, and said that “Insu is a somewhat fancy, perverted and slow-speaking person.” Says

Muhammad Shamil Aygun further mentions that “Abdi” is a handsome, lip-talking person.

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