The most beautiful words spoken about Raki

Those who drink Raki know that deep topics will be discussed and there will be good conversation at the table. There is no shortage of sadness, happiness, longing or sadness in the conversation at Rocky’s table. In this case, we need beautiful words to express the feelings we feel. We’ve put together the missing words from the Rocky table for you. Here are the best raki words.

Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!

The Rocky Table is the only place where the key to the heart is open. That is why it is called the Locksmith table.

Whenever we feel optimistic, we drink Raki the next day.

This is the biggest loser of life; “Waiting”.

May ends and stays calm. Each color remains khaki. If knowledge takes away man’s ignorance, if it has a donkey in its flour; The rest

Take the glass in hand, touch the heart, the world of love, Rocky a hello.

You are the most beautiful frustration in my mind and my heart.

Although Raki is drunk with the man next to her, the glass rises in her mind.

Until the glasses are empty, there is still reason to drink.

Didn’t the one who drank Raki die but the one who drank water died? Let’s go to Rocky’s table with friends then!

In this life you will be the peak, Raki’s net will hit you.

The most beautiful thing about a woman who drinks Raki is that she loves you.

Two “K’s” are important when drinking Raki. Who do you drink Raki with and with whom?.

We are not depressed people, we are out of luck. All this.

They said you drink a lot, they don’t say why you drink one day.

We weren’t happily drinking Raki, you better go.

They asked Raki, what would you do? He said he would silence the young man and provoke Jester.

The guy discovered Rocky and you still go to the psychologist.

We said funny guys are good, you all have become comedians. We said don’t hurt emotional people, you have all become poets. We said that he survived by drinking Raki, you did not drink Raki with manners.

Hold the racket, you just love the woman so she doesn’t get upset.

Wake up first, then go to the inn..

What will happen to you if I drink Raki and wine, otherwise I will harm you.

The last regret is hungry next to Raki.

raki table sound

Rocky song

Let it be the worst day ever.

Take the glass in your hand, touch the heart, the world of love, greetings to Raki.

It should not be forgotten that Rocky Maze is a respected society. Whoever attends here means he has a respectable personality because he was accepted in this assembly.

You won’t be thirsty at Rocky’s table, friend, you will cry.

If I only knew that the world was made up of intentional thoughts, when they asked me what you wanted to be when you were younger, I would say I want to be happy!

Read me a hundred times; I’m not going to be someone who gives others a trip. I want to be human, not a winner.

No one can hide two things: that he is drunk and that he is in love.

Any excuses for us? Today, we say that the mountains are parallel to the sea.

I keep the inn rocky! Love is in the air tonight.

There were three of us, Raki, Arugula and Fish.

I don’t fall in love with anyone else. I’m saying the incident is over.

Can’t we just talk to Rocky in front of our girlfriends which we can’t open?

One day we will either go crazy or dominate the world. Let’s try to find some Raki money for now and get some glasses in honor of our bright future.

If people have the option to lie, I also like to ignore it.

Do not wrinkle your face because Raki is bitter, bitter suppresses pain, Raki hurts.

Come to yourself first, then to the inn.

It is a pleasure for those who know how to drink Raki, those who do not know how to drink it.

If you drink, if you praise, Raki will vomit, slander, whatever it is.

They made the lamb drink raki and he asked about the wolf’s house.

We love Raki, it brings out our beauty.

A vizier who knows how to drink Raki insults those who do not drink.

Two things cannot be hidden; That he is in love and he is drunk.

Raki comes before the national drink Iron. Mixing yoghurt with water will make iron, and mixing raki with water will make you happy.

A canopy, a sea, a rakhi and you! Don’t touch my joy! What do I want from another life?

Wine is for those who make a living. Rocky on the other hand is for those whose story is unfinished.

You only get to know one person over time. The one who hits you in the back and the one who stands behind their words …

Rocky is not a drink that is drunk alone, it is a drink that is drunk slowly with hunger.

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Sayings about Rocky

Rocky song

If your soul is restless and the sea is still, then the time of Kerahat has come. Kerahat time is an essential time for Raki.

Raki has manners, first you will know with whom you get, then with whom you get..

Even if our dreams fall into the water, we also know how to enjoy Raki.

I doubt that Rocky is drunk without you.

Even if you drink Raki with the person next to you, you always extend the glass to those who do not.

When the external wound burns, the raki goes well with the internal wound.

Rocky is unfit to drink for no reason, don’t forget. Either you will be happy with something or you will have problems, which is good.

I do not confuse halal with haram. It is halal to drink Raki with friends. Even drinking water with ruby ​​is haraam.

Fortunately, in addition to these problems in Anatolia, they also have their own strange solutions. The first of these is “Rocky”.

Don’t argue with people, give them peace. If not, give double rookie.

Rocky; It’s drunk with someone who knows what you’re drinking without telling you.

Love the people who laugh a lot when they drink Raki but their eyes water when their love song is played.

Be happy! I drink Raki. I will get cirrhosis, sleep will come in my eyes.

If there was a bottle of Rocky, wouldn’t it be nice if you could order a bottle of Rocky? I didn’t understand whiskey either, Colonel. So it wasn’t the environment – Oguz Ataya

Every sentence sandwiched between rocky and white cheese is the main idea.

Rocky Pass, Sebastian. I’m going to be serious this time.

Your past will sit in front, you say goodbye. Forget it, forget it and drink it!

If there is no woman on the Rocky table, there is a woman for whom the table was set.

You know, this is a disgraceful age where evil is predominant. The waiter brings Raki! -Semal Sureya

You can lie ‘I love you’ to dozens of women in 1 minute! But at Rocky’s table you only mention one woman’s name.

Efkarli raki lyrics

For those who have gone, those who have never come, and those who have gone and never come back, I put up my Rocky glass.

Forget it, forget it and drink it!

Do not wrinkle your face because Raki is bitter, bitter suppresses pain, Raki hurts. Remember that the nail pulls out the nail.

The only consolation is the glasses. He doesn’t want anything else. Just let it get drunk.

There is no such thing as Rocky, Master … We live in an artificial world. Artificial excitement, artificial pleasure, artificial melancholy are needed.

If we can’t sit down with you and drink our Raki Muslim Garc গa song, it will be our fault.

Let the drunken lover be with me, let his sin be written on me.

There is room for someone next to me. But unfortunately you don’t have that personality.

We are people with a dirty heart and a dirty environment; Lose ourselves, be comfortable!

If wine is the drink of love; Rocky is the drink of sorrow.

If the eyes are filled with tears before the Rocky Glass, there is always something missing.

I can drink Raki in your conversation, this is my heartfelt prayer.

Semal Sureya says: I can’t say anything about the next day, but I can’t die the day Raki eats.

Like Rocky in the water, I want to find my own color and be a white cloud in the sky.

They said that the fallen have no friends… although we are always on our feet, there are no friends around!

I just love the people of this town when it rains; Everyone’s face is wet, head is down, everyone is like me.

Do you think I will not be sad, my heart cries in front of my eyes.

One calendar and one bottle of Raki is enough for me. Calendar is about counting the days you come, saving the days you don’t come.

If you are happy, you should drink tea and when you are sad, you should do Raki.

Great sighs, great love pains… all in all a double rocker limit.

Our hands went to the two glasses. At that moment, I felt that the pain of drinking Raki and the pain of love went very well together.

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Story about Rocky

Rocky table

Aydın Boysan is in a bookstore in Galatasaray.

On the day of signing, Rocky brought two boxes on the way.

While signing his book, he signed “Rocky Bottle” to some of his readers.

The bookstore manager asked:

“What are these bottles, Aydin Bay?”

“Promotion ..”

“What promotion?”

“Newspapers offer bicycles, televisions or anything as publicity… I keep it too.”

“For everyone?”

“Not for everyone, of course, for those who know how to drink …”

His friends warned the drunken man every day:

“Don’t drink so much … it will affect your health and not improve your profession!”

“What if I don’t drink, how do I proceed?”

“You get promoted, over time you become a manager and then a general manager!”

The drunken Rocky raised his glass to his head and said,

“Forget it,” he said, “I think I’m the general manager every day!”

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