The Supreme Court has ruled that the sentence given to Sedef Barberroglu’s murderer is exaggerated for the second time. The grieving mother rebelled

Lütfü Safa Berberoğlu (47), who killed his estranged wife Sedef Berberoğlu (26) and his boss’s nephew Abdullah Tekin (18) with a pump rifle, whom he saw in the same car in Mughal 9 years ago, was given a provocative release by a local court. Increase in life imprisonment. His 24-year sentence was overturned by the Supreme Court for the second time. “The Supreme Court has destroyed us for the second time. I want to show sympathy to those who made this decision. What would they do if they were in our place? I want justice,” said Sedef’s mother, Gulander Kahn.

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Lütfü Safa Berberoğlu, who was fired from his job at a food marketing company in Mentese, the central district of Mughlai, was abandoned by his wife, Sedef Barberোগglu, with whom he had a serious disagreement. Berberoğlu met his estranged wife Sedef on the night of September 13, 2013 in Okan D. (33) and saw Abdullah Tekin in a car with license plate 48 NR 960 at Sakartepe on the Mughal-Marmaris road. Lütfü Safa Berberoğlu, who took his shotgun from his car, went to his wife’s car. Okan D., who realized that Barbergallu was coming and learned that he was working as a waiter in a restaurant, fled.

Lütfü Safa Berberoğlu fired one shot after another, first at the car and then at the mother of one of his children, his accountant wife Sedef Berberoglu and Abdullah Tekin. Barberoglu and Tekin died on the spot. Lutfu Safa Barberoglu, who surrendered to police, was arrested at the courthouse where he was transferred.

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A case was filed in the Mughal 1st High Criminal Court against Barbarolu, a double murder suspect, on charges of ‘intentional and intentional murder’, for which he was twice sentenced to life imprisonment. The court board sentenced Barberoglu to life in prison for the murder of Abdullah Tekin and life in prison for the murder of his wife, Sedef. He also sentenced Okan D. to 15 years in prison for attempted murder.

The decision was overrated because ‘drive reduction does not apply’

Lawyers for Lütfü Safa Berberoğlu objected to the local court’s decision, saying no “provocation” had been reduced. The file was sent to the Cassation Court on the basis of objections to the decision of the Mughal 1st High Criminal Court. Abdullah Tekin, who lost his life in the incident, has been upheld by the 1st Penal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeal. However, he overturned his increasing life sentence for murdering his wife, whom he was about to divorce, on the grounds that the court had not used provocation.

In his judgment, the Court of Cassation held that an injustice had been done to his wife over time due to the misconduct of Lutfu Safa Barberroglu. The verdict also stated that in the face of this injustice, the victim, Sedef Barberglu, violated the Turkish Civil Code’s obligation of allegiance imposed on spouses, thus upsetting the balance in favor of unjust provocation. Accused, and a reasonable reduction should be made from the prescribed sentence.

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The 1st Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals drew attention to the fact that the 15-year sentence given to accused Lutfu Safa Barberroglu, who tried to kill Sedef Barberroglu’s boyfriend Okan D., was too long and overturned the decision. The reason for this decision is that although Okan d. Sedef Barberglu knew he was married, but he exacerbated the problems because of a relationship, and because of threats and serious insults against the accused, the sentence was not reduced to a reasonable one. Unjust provocation, but the punishment has been reduced to a minimum.

Trial again

Following the Supreme Court’s decision, Lutfu Safa Barberroglu was retried in the Mughal 1st High Criminal Court. The court board sentenced Lutfu Safa Barberglu, who had previously been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Sedef, to life in prison and then to 24 years in prison with reduced provocation. He has reduced his previous 15-year prison sentence to seven years by reducing incitement to attempted murder of Okan DK.

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This time, the family of Sedef Barberroglu objected

Following the objection of Sedef’s family lawyer Kamal Ertugrul, whose sentence was short, the case file goes back to the Supreme Court. The 1st Panel Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals overturned the decision on the same grounds, deeming the 24-year imprisonment given to Lutfu Safa Barberglu extra this time.

“The Supreme Court has destroyed us for the second time,” said Sedef’s mother, Gulander Kahn. “A case that has not been completed year after year. The mother has lost her child. My granddaughter Meli is an orphan. I want the sympathy of those who made the decision. What would they do if they were in our place. I want justice,” he said.

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