What should be considered when performing aesthetic surgery?

Although the number of aesthetic operations performed in recent years has gradually increased, performing procedures in inappropriate conditions can cost the lives of citizens. Working in the dermatology department of Istanbul Training and Research Hospital, Assoc. Dr. Aye Esra Koku Aksu and dermatologist Dr. Duigo Erdil also provided information to the clinic about the operation being carried out against the equipped area. It was said that many procedures like skin and hair assessment, hair, detention and facial mesotherapy, PRP (Platelet rich plasma), Botox, filling application were done for the citizens above 18 years of age in this area. Although experts have warned citizens not to go into medically incapacitated occupations, they have recommended that they operate in areas that have been inspected by the Ministry of Health and that have demonstrated expertise in equipment and physicians.

“Please don’t leave our skin in the hands of people who are not doctors”

Assoc. Dr. Ayşe Esra Koku Aksu says, “We apply cosmetics to our clinic with increasing frequency lately, but unfortunately, we face complications when it is performed by outside non-physicians in inappropriate situations. They come to outpatient clinics, we perform applications like PRP, filling, mesotherapy, where we apply them; Effective application in the treatment of hair loss, scars and wrinkles with good results. When we do a job, we really have to be an expert in it, we have to be able to deal with its complications, if not we should not do it at all. There is a growing expectation from us in cosmetic applications. We further note that there is a need for growth, disease, aging and sacrifice. The most common treatment for wrinkles, hair loss and blemishes, please do not leave our skin in the hands of non-physicians. Let’s take our skin to a specialist, when we are going to do such procedures, let’s like the clinics, let’s not like the places that are not under the stairs, unsuitable and sterile condition.

“There are applications because of the negative side effects and the complexity of the procedure.

Dermatologist with information about the procedure. “Botox, filling applications, PRP, mesotherapy are applied in the cosmetic department of our hospital,” said Erdoিলan. Especially because of the negative side effects or complications of this type of cosmetic procedure our clinic has applications. It is actually more difficult to manage the application and provide treatment to these patients. Our advice to our patients and clients is that these procedures should be performed by a specialist dermatologist or plastic surgeon. We recommend that they choose a specialist and choose a center where these procedures will be performed in a suitable clinical setting, with a focus on infertility. “

“Increased demand for cosmetics and dermatological products”

Explaining that he sometimes sees in the media the big problems experienced by people after the aesthetic approach, Dr. Erdil said: “We are saddened to hear that our patients are actually using these procedures to get better than their current condition, but we recommend that they be used in a more reliable environment, in a more reliable situation, with a health epidemic after the first mention, cosmetic procedures. , Demand for dermatological products and skin care has increased.

“I chose this place because I was scared down the stairs.”

Selda Kayali, one of the citizens who treated Botox at the clinic, said: “I applied for the Botox procedure here today because I was feeling uncomfortable with wrinkles around my eyes. Now I was scared of the under-the-counter method, so I chose this place, relying on the specialist doctors under the roof of the ministry. “

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