Academics from SANKO University met with candidate students

Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physiology. Instructor Member Burçin Altınbaş said, “As SANKO University, we provide practical training to our students at SANKO University Hospital, with 26 years of experience as well as a critical mission in the field of healthcare in the region. And well-equipped laboratory infrastructure.”

Dr. Noting that state-of-the-art hospitals and laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology are essential for the Trainee Health University, its member Altınbaş said: They face the patient through the practical training of adult, pediatric and pediatric patients. Our goal is to provide our doctors with fully equipped training, ”he said.

Dr. Home tutor member Tuba Ustaoghlu

Dr. from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Coaching member Tuba Ustaolu said the department received an accreditation certificate as a result of intensive and meticulous testing.

Reminding that recognition is a kind of quality approval that certifies that all activities related to education and training are in accordance with the standards required by the specific assessment, Dr. Coaching member Ustaoğlu continued his speech as follows:

“By receiving this document, the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics has demonstrated its compliance with the standards set by the National Basic Education Program and higher education institutions for its physical condition, educational activities and academic staff and all kinds of activities. With students. Each of our undergraduate students who continue their undergraduate studies with us and have graduated from a recognized department gains experience of national and international benefits and privileges.

In the first two years of the education program, most of the education is in elementary sciences and health sciences, while in the third year, more vocational education and in the last year, fully applied training for experienced dietitians.

The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics conducts educational activities under four departments. Instructor Ustaoğlu, a member of this department; He said that the Department of Nutrition Science, the Department of Dietetics, the Department of Joint Nutrition and the Department of Community Nutrition.

Dr. Sonar Karadas, a tutor member,

Making a presentation on Vocational School of Health Services, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology and Rehabilitation. Coaching member Soner Karadaş also

He emphasized that the students were taught by a large academic staff at Sanco University Hospital, the largest hospital in Turkey with one bed capacity under one roof.

“Operating room services, anesthesia, primary and emergency medical and medical imaging techniques, are taught in the light of the most up-to-date information and our students are trained in the most equipped way,” he said. Train member Sonar Karadas made the following statement:

“Owning one of the region’s top hospitals in both health and education, with its experienced and dynamic teaching staff, is one of our biggest advantages. For this reason, our university is seen as the most appropriate and first choice for those who choose these departments. “

Meet the tutor. Mostafa Kavak

Faculty of Health Sciences, Lecturer in the Department of Nursing. See. Mostafa Kavak noted that the goal of the Department of Nursing is to train nurses who can perform their roles and responsibilities in a manner consistent with ethical principles, who can provide holistic care through teamwork, patients and their families, and who can sustain life – long education. .

See trainer. Kavak shared information about the features that distinguish the Department of Nursing from the University of Sanco, the advantages of having a Nursing Basic Skills Laboratory, the field of work of nurses and job opportunities abroad.

ARŞ. See. Pinar Quiulu

Research Assistant from the Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. See. Pinar shared his perspectives on education in the Cuulu department, which is recognized by higher education institutions, course content, extensive laboratory opportunities where applications can be made, fields where clinical applications can be made, employment opportunities for graduates and strong academic staff.

Res. Gör Kuyulu touches on the differences at SANKO University and underlines that receiving practical training at SANKO University Hospital is a great advantage.

Sema Tavansil, manager of the publicity office, thanked Sanco University for the intense interest shown by students and families and reminded them of the reasons.

Esma Nur Demirkan, a 4th grader in the Faculty of Health Sciences, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Sanco University, and Gizem Baba, a 4th grader in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, gave a presentation on their education.

The career days ended with the presentation of gifts by the students with the participation of Islahiye District National Education Branch Manager Mustafa Ozdemir and Shahin Yeter and Nurdagi District National Education Director Musa Yildirim and Branch Manager Hasan Gulsoy.

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