Adolescence can lead to nutritional problems due to wrong diet

Adolescence is a period where people’s physical characteristics change rapidly and body perception is very important … During this period, adolescents may be more affected by weight problems and may resort to extreme and extreme habits to lose weight. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. dit Burak Hanser points out these wrong practices.

The most common wrong habit is to stay hungry and avoid food. “The sooner I get hungry, the faster I lose weight,” says Hanser. Noting that a fasting diet can lower a person’s daily needs, lead to fatigue, various vitamin-mineral deficiencies, and focusing problems, Diet said. Hanser said: “A proper diet should meet a person’s daily needs, provide a balanced diet and not cause painful hunger. It is best to start the day with breakfast and eat at least 1, especially 2 main meals.

Carbohydrate consumption should be limited

Reminding that reducing carbohydrates to zero is also a wrong approach to weight loss, Dietti said. Hanser added: “Carbohydrates are our body’s source of practical energy. It is the only nutrient that can be used by the brain as energy. Carbohydrates should be more than 50 percent of the energy consumed per day. It should be noted that carbohydrates have a complex structure and should be taken from high fiber foods. Like whole grain bread instead of white bread, bulgur instead of rice. It would not be right to completely eliminate carbohydrates from the diet, but to limit them to certain proportions. “

One-way food takes people away from a balanced diet

The popular or one-sided diet, which is often seen on social media and the internet, also attracts the attention of young people. Explain that these diets are very popular with the idea that they will get quick results, says Diet. Burak Hanser noted below that these diets, which are made and whose rules are clearly defined, are not prepared according to the individual’s individual characteristics, habits and daily routine, i.e. they are not specific to the individual. Dit Hanser says that a one-sided diet, which comes with names like pumpkin detox, potato diet, orange diet, keeps teenagers away from adequate and balanced nutrition. dit Hanser reminds that those who are in the stage of growth and development should eat adequate amounts of all food groups in a balanced way.

Eating disorders are caused by not eating dinner

The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. Eating late is a great way to supplement your diet with fat. The omission of dinner completely paves the way for nighttime eating attacks and weakens fatigue, sleep disturbances and metabolism due to prolonged hunger, revealing that calorie counting alone is not the right method, says Dyt. Hanser goes on to say: “Everyday. Determining calorie requirements and consuming that amount of food, regardless of the nutrient content, does not adhere to a balanced diet, although it does provide adequate nutrition. As much as calories are consumed, this caloric component plays an important role in the nutrition of adolescence. In short, compulsory, restrictive and imposed diets during adolescence prevent the attainment of proper eating habits. As with any age, nutrition should be planned according to a person’s age, weight, gender, habits and daily routine. Nutrition plays an important role during adolescence where individuals can make this period healthy and mentally strong. Nutrition principles should be followed and bad habits should be abandoned. “

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