Afyankarhisar University of Health Sciences will have 40 contract staff

According to the advertisement published on the web site of the Press Advertising Agency, the advertising portal; Afyonkarahisar Health Sciences University will hire 40 contract staff.

From the Rector of Afyankarhisar University of Health Sciences:

657 / 4B Contract Individual Purchase Declaration

For appointment as a contract worker in accordance with paragraph (b) of the 4th paragraph of Civil Servants Act No. 657, the expenses of which shall be met from the special budget of the Department of Health Applications and Research Centers. Our University, in accordance with paragraph (b) of Appendix 2 of the “Contract Staff Recruitment Policy” under the following headings. 2020

General terms and explanations

1- Becoming a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,

2- Not to be deprived of the rights of the people,

3- Although the time limit mentioned in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code has passed; Not guilty of crimes against state security, crimes against constitutional order and its effectiveness, crimes against national defense, crimes against state secrecy and espionage, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, fraud, forgery, breach of trust, fraud. Asset value laundering arising from bankruptcy, bid fraud, performance fraud, crime or smuggling.

4- For male candidates, they are not to be given military service, exemption or related.

5- Not anticipating the provisions of Section 53 of Act No. 657, not having mental illness which may prevent him from discharging his duties continuously.

6- To give KPSS exam in 2020,

7- Not receiving pension or old age pension from any social security institution.

8- A service contract will be made for the candidates and the contracts will be terminated within 1 (one) month for those candidates who are determined (identified) for not fulfilling the conditions mentioned in the contract.

9- Status of applicants; Pursuant to Section 4 / B of the Civil Service Act No. 657, “If their organizations terminate their contract due to breach of service contract, or if they unilaterally terminate the contract within the contract period, exceptions determined by the decision of the Cabinet, 1 (a) Contract employees cannot be hired unless years have passed. ” Follow the rules

10- The special conditions mentioned above and the general conditions mentioned in paragraph 48 of Act No. 657 have been sought for the applicants.

11- 2020 KPSS (B) Group KPSS P3 score will be taken as a basis for graduates.

For Associate Degree Graduates, the 2020 KPSS (B) Group KPSS P93 score will be taken as a basis.

For secondary education graduates, the 2020 KPSS (B) Group KPSS P94 score will be taken as a basis.

12- The provisions of “Examination Regulations for First-Time Appointments to Public Posts” apply to applications.

13- Not being able to work night shifts and night shifts in the planned work opportunities as shifts due to uninterrupted service system 24/7.

Note: The requests of those who made false statements will not be evaluated, and if any action is taken against them, these steps will be revoked. Besides, necessary legal action will be taken in case of crime.

Place and procedure of application

1) Candidates who will apply for the posts in the online advertisement must upload the required documents in the system and complete the application process for the application from the website (Application guidelines are available on our website.)

2) Candidates need to log in with the username and password they created at the time of application and follow up on whether their application has been defined.

3) Candidates can apply for only one of the announced posts and cannot apply for more than one post. (Candidates applying for more than one post will be considered invalid in both the applications.)

4) Candidates need to create a barcode document including their KPSS score type, year and score through YSYM web service and this document should be uploaded in online registration system in PDF format. The type of KPSS score and the designated year for the position of choice and the graduation certificate / diploma of the candidates will be examined, and the application process will not be evaluated if they are not suitable for the position applied for. Required documents (Diploma / Graduation Certificate, KPSS (B) Group Examination Result Documents, Photograph, Identity Card, etc.) will be uploaded in the relevant field.

5) Any application whose application does not show “Your application has been accepted” will not be evaluated.

6) The application can be processed within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of publication of the announcement in the Official Gazette.

7) Applications made in person, by mail or by e-mail, except online application will not be accepted.

8) Those who have given false documents or made statements or lost documents during the online application process and those who have not submitted the required documents, their application will be considered invalid, their contract will be canceled even though they have been done and legal action will be taken against them.

9) Candidates apply for the declaration of our organization within the scope of the law relating to the protection of personal data No. 6698 (KVKK); They are thought to have consented to the recording, processing and sharing of their personal information.

C-Application evaluation and results

1) There will be no written and / or oral examination at the end of the application. Based on the 2020 KPSS (B) Group Score rankings, whether they are entitled to the contract will first be disclosed by concealing their personal information in the Personal Data Protection Act 6698, and then in the announcements on our website menu https: //ekampus.afsu. You can learn by logging in to the web portal at the address using your own user code and password. Since the notification given to the (personal) person on the relevant web address portal will be of the nature of the notification, no separate notification will be given to the party concerned.

2) KPSS scores will be evaluated according to the ranking.

3) If it is determined that the candidates eligible to be appointed as the main candidates do not apply, give concessions or do not fulfill the conditions, then the replacement candidates will be called and they will be appointed in order. KPSS score order.

4) Candidates eligible to be recruited as an alternative must meet the conditions of the main candidates.

5) At the end of the application, legal action will be taken against the candidates who provide false documents or statements and if they have been appointed, their appointment will be canceled. If our administration pays them a price, this price will be compensated together with the legal interest.

6) Candidates for the contract position must apply in person to the Administrative Personnel Unit of the Afsü Personnel Department within 15 (fifteen) days of the announcement of results. Those who do not submit their documents within the stipulated time will be deemed to have waived their rights. After providing the documents, the placement process will be completed. Candidates are required to start their duties within the period specified in section 62 of Act No. 657, by notifying the candidates that they have been retained as contract staff.

7) For provisions not included in the Declaration, the provisions of the common law apply.

Documents uploaded to the system at the time of application

1- Contract Employees Application Form (Form is automatically uploaded in the system after online application.)

2- A copy of the KPSS result document taken from the relevant 2020 KPSS (B) exam depending on their educational status (including the “barcoded” control code from YSYM system) Candidate result documents will be checked with OSYM record. Those who make false declarations will have their application rejected. It will be uploaded to the system as a PDF.

Original or certified copy of 3-Graduation Certificate (It will be uploaded to the system as a PDF. E-government printout will also be accepted.)

4-1 photograph (will be uploaded to the system in jpeg format)

Original and photocopy of 5-Identity Card (to be uploaded on my site as PDF)

6-Military status document for male candidates (This will be uploaded to the system as a PDF. E-government printout will also be accepted.)

7-Forensic Record Record (This will be uploaded to my site as a PDF. E-government print will also be accepted.)

8- If any, SSI service statement which he has done before (It will be uploaded as PDF in my system. E-government printout will also be accepted.)

9-Relevant documents for which the certificate has been requested (to be uploaded to the system as a PDF)

10-Health Institution Authorized Document showing the Height-Weight Index for Safety and Security Officer Declaration (Male-Female) (This will be uploaded to the system as a PDF.)


Rector of the University of Health Sciences, Afyankarhisa

Department of Personnel

Block at Jafar Health Complex

Dortiol Mah. 2078 street number: 3


For information contact on phone: 0 (272) – 2463335 / Ext 40305/40315/40320

Email Address: [email protected]

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