As long as my daughter reads – last minute news flash

Dilek Tuhal, who has been working as a pumper at a gas station in a very busy place in Gabez for two years, is a woman who has been working since the age of 11. Tuhal, 54, who does a lot of work, from carpet weaving to factory work, said, “I see that if my daughter is deprived of her financial freedom, then all my struggles will be successful.”

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Dilek Tuhal was born in Izmit in a family with 5 children. After elementary school at the age of 11, he did not go to school for economic reasons and began his career. Tuhal explains: “I have been working tirelessly since I was a child. We were 5 siblings, Dad didn’t work. When I was growing up with siblings, I needed to make money. I was the man of the house. I first started a silk carpet weaving business. Then I worked as a sales consultant in the store. Nothing has changed for me since marriage. Luckily, the financial obligation was on my shoulders again. I continued to support my family. After the birth of my daughter Busenu, since I had no place to leave her, I took her to clean the house. When my daughter was 4.5 years old, we couldn’t live with my wife and we divorced. Again, I continue to work in different jobs. Sometimes I was leaving Busenur with my family, sometimes I was looking for a babysitter. That’s the way to go about it. “

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It is very difficult to find a job in the 50’s

“I wanted to make sure my daughter was educated because going to school was a great luxury for us,” Tuhal said. “Finally, I worked in the same factory for 7 years. But when the situation starts to get worse, massive layoffs begin. I started looking for a new job again. When you don’t have a specific job, you have to constantly look for a new job. Tuhal, who said he was late in retiring because I had worked without insurance for years, faced the reality of how difficult it was for a woman in her 50s to get a job in the process.

Everyone knows my passion for cars

Thanks to a friend he knew from Gölcük, Tuhal, who sought a job with the gas station manager where he worked, met with the pumping profession: “They believed me here. We had a business meeting via teleconference. They already wanted to increase the number of female employees here. I just started working, I learned pumping. Our whole family knows my passion for cars. I have never had a car in my life, I could not have a financial situation. But I have a curiosity. I am the first person in my family to get that driving license. I enjoyed being surrounded by cars here. After the factory, it became a profession that was very good for me. You live outside, there is no stressful environment in the factory. We can chat with our colleagues. We have a great conversation with our customers. ”

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I started this work, my psychology fixed it

Explaining that it is very difficult to make a living and raise a child as a single divorced woman in Turkey, Tuhal said, “I am suffering from a serious mental illness due to financial difficulties and stress. I was worried about not being able to continue my child’s education. Climbing on top of something can force psychology after a while. However, I have been doing well since I started pumping. I force my friends working in the market to play live music. We take care of each other when we have problems. I can say that pumping gave me a family as a gift. “

Indications of this work

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We don’t meet many women at the gas station, especially in the pump business. I ask Tuhal what the techniques are in this profession, and he replies: “The joke is a smiling face. Need to work according to the pulse of the customer. If he has a positive attitude, I joke a little. I try to make the other person’s day better. I’ve been like an older sister here than a pumper. There are times when I get praise for my work, and they say, ‘Blessed sister, you understand this very well’. I must have learned slowly. “

They say women are very old

Dilek Tuhal emphasizes discrimination against older women, especially in the business world: “Every time I was looking for a job after 45 years, I had problems because of my age. I am applying for a job. I get the answer ‘we can’t take it if you are old, we can’t take it if you have weight’. So what do we eat and drink? It must have a solution. There were times when I was really helpless. Many women like me go through the same thing. We have not yet retired at this age because we are not insured. Even if I retire, I still have to work to educate my children. ”

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Female customer: ‘My God, you have increased your number’

Tuhal recalls her night shift: “Women don’t feel safe, especially at night. For example, when I work night shifts, female customers feel very comfortable seeing me. A buyer came and looked at me and prayed, “God, increase your number.” I have a lot of customers who like this station because they only have one female pumper. “We thought you left my sister, we were scared,” said those who did not see me on Sunday. This kind of comment makes me very happy. “

As long as my daughter reads

You didn’t fuel?

Of course, sometimes distressed customers come. Even if you are kind, there are people who are offended. There you also need to control your nerves. Who knows what to say and behaves like that. For example, a customer asked me 3-4 times in a row, ‘Have you added diesel or petrol?’ He asked. Even if I answer she doesn’t believe, she thinks I’m a woman, I’ll do it wrong. I gave him a receipt. ‘You didn’t throw diesel, did you?’ He said that when I teased him and said, ‘We don’t have gas, so you have to put diesel in your car’, he also smiled softly. He said, ‘OK, if you see fit, there will be diesel too.’ I joke about that insecurity. I am proving that I understand this business. It is also enjoyable to work when you have a good sense of humor and a sense of humor.

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My daughter is talking with pride

This job is never human. I don’t understand why there isn’t a female pamper yet or why we are so few in number. ‘Didi, you are standing, you are feeling cold, you are not tired in the car?’ They said. I worked in the factory for 16 hours without sitting in the shipping department. Working hours here are more humane. This is a profession that women can easily do. I’m the only female pamper at the station right now, but I want to increase our numbers. I asked my daughter, ‘What does your mother do?’ When asked, he proudly said, ‘My mother is a pamper.’ She finished high school. He is currently preparing for his police exam. When I see him standing on his own two feet economically, all my troubles will be gone, then my worries will go away. Even after that I will continue to work for pleasure.

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