Ayla, who filed for divorce against her abused husband: I don’t want to die

Ayla b. T, 28, who filed for divorce from her husband Serhat T, 34, in the Babayesky district of Kirklerelli, left her home within 38 days after she was subjected to constant violence and said she had received death threats. Ayla told BT that her husband, who was in the process of getting a divorce, beat her father and broke her nose, “I can’t go out. I am beaten even if I throw it, my father is beaten. “I don’t want to die. There must be justice somehow. I want him to be found,” he said.

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Ayla BT, who lives in Babayeski, married Serhat TK on February 21, whom she has known for 2 years. The couple’s marital life was going well in the early days, Serhat T. After a while his wife started beating and violence continuously. The young woman, who was beaten by her husband, left home on the night of March 31 and went to her parents. Ayla BT, who has been married for 38 days, applied to the court in April and was granted a 90-day stay after her husband interrupted her and threatened her even after she returned to her father’s house. Ayla BT, who found out she was pregnant at the time, appealed to the court and filed for divorce.

Serhat T., who did not want to get a divorce, continued the violence by cutting off his wife’s path outside his father’s house. Serhat T. He entered the house and threatened to insult and kill her. Aila BT, who continues to face violence, went to the police to lodge a complaint and her husband was arrested. Although Serhat TK was released from the court where he was taken, judicial investigation against him is still ongoing.

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‘I took your life’

Serhat T. He threatened to kill his wife by texting her on his mobile phone. Serhat T wrote in his message, “You go to the police station or go to court with this message. If I think you are talking to someone else, or I know you are talking, I will take your life, you know. This too.”

Referring to her husband, whom she had filed for divorce, beating her and her father and constantly threatening her with death, Ayla BT said, “I met her in November 2019. She was in an open prison. Brother stabbed – father-in-law to protect his sister – although he told me I believed him. We got married on February 11, 2021. On the evening of March 31, he showed violence, beatings and insults. I returned to my mother’s house. “He didn’t come. Stop. He insulted everyone. He didn’t leave a public place. I complained, but our court has not been seen yet. It will be seen in November,” he said.

‘My father broke his nose too’

Explaining that her father had beaten her father and broken his nose while working as a maid in a tea shop in the district, Ayla BT said, “She also broke my father’s nose. Then she says to me, ‘Whether you go or not. Speaking of which, I will take your life, then I will take my own life. ‘ He says, ‘I will kill you, you will not live’.

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‘I can’t get out of fear’

Explaining that her husband was constantly following her and she could not go out because she had received death threats, Ayla BT said, “Right now, I am still being threatened. I can’t go out so that the court can do something for women. Right as soon as possible. She says, “If I see that she is with someone else, if I feel I will take your life, I will take your life too.” She keeps texting, comes to my house and says. He said, ‘Wherever you go, nothing will happen to me.’

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‘I gave birth early because I saw violence during pregnancy’

“We have a daughter and she told everyone that she was not hers,” said Ayla BT, referring to her premature birth due to her husband’s violence while she was pregnant with her daughter. Not from me. ‘ But right after, he said, ‘I will see my daughter.

‘I don’t want to die, let justice be found’

Explaining that her husband was constantly threatening her with death and asking the authorities to help her not to die, Ayla BT said, “He hit me in the market, it broke my eyebrows. I can’t take one. I’m still nervous, I always look behind me. Naturally, I’m depressed. Okay, let’s get divorced, let’s see your child when we’re happy. Life goes on for me and for him. I’ve quit my job because of him. It bothered me. I had conflicts at work. It bothered me no matter what job I got. The police always came to the door. I have suspension, and that’s it. ” Go to court and go to jail. I don’t want to die. I want justice in any way, “he said.

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‘Does anyone have to die?’

Her son-in-law was beaten by Kemlettin B. “He came to my office and beat me. My nose was broken. He came to our house and abused my wife and me. He threatened us, threatened us. He said he would kill us. Should anyone die?” Will he be taken prisoner after that? “

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