Occasionally, when I would return to my room after an assembly group meeting, I would see a missed call from my mother and call my mother again, thinking to myself, I would hear harsh words again. With the same motherly affection and fear, she would not tire of repeating the words she had been saying since my university years: “Son, be careful. Don’t say that, they’ll make a movie for you. ”

The mothers of these countries know that ‘movie’ very well. What mother doesn’t want to protect her child from that “film”? On one of our last prison visits, my mother was able to say the same thing again: “Son, you don’t feel comfortable here either. I told you fifty times, don’t say that. “I said,” What, mother? Will they put me in jail? ” We smiled a little, bitterly. Mothers are like that. But children know very well that they are very proud and honored for every good deed of their children, although they are often afraid to let them feel it. Mostly Saturday Mother, Mother of Peace.

Mothers never want to drag their children into those “movies” with their own hands, the instinct for protection is irresistible. Mothers do it naturally. Therefore, we are not in the mood to be angry with them, we are just grateful. But there would be a lot of bad places in the world if we listened to mothers about this throughout history. Mothers do what they do, and children do what they have to do.

If you are going to surrender to fear

I’ve been out of jail for almost six years, looking like Mom has won. The presence of so many people in the country who listen to my mother brings tears to my eyes (!) How did you all become such a good child?

What excuse can there be for listening to the mother when she recklessly uses the state apparatus seized by a handful of dishonest politicians for oppression and cruelty and weeps for the mother of the people?

I speak in the worlds of politics, culture, art, media and academia. Are you afraid of being fired, unemployed, targeted, beaten, imprisoned or expelled from a neighbor?

Isn’t it your historic duty to protect society, the individual from such attacks, to build, publish and organize for it? Aren’t you aware that the handful of people who talk because you have succumbed to your fears are more targeted? Moreover, do you not see that there is no immediate benefit to fear and that society is collapsing as you act in this way? You see, this is your area of ​​expertise; To see. But you are still silent, writing the correct (?) Theory of your own depression, or feeling sweet depression.

The saddest part

Do you know the saddest part? When all these days of oppression are over and good days come, you will be, first and foremost, the most visible and the most proud. I will definitely remind you of these, or there will be someone who will remind you. Don’t forget that your silence played a big role in the destruction and debris being so heavy.

Our mothers have another word for us, they say “don’t do it, be careful, my son”. But we also have a saying for our mothers: “We will be held accountable for those who made our mother cry, we will establish another life, mother.” We will not surrender to our suffering and our fears. They tried to burn millions alive, but we were reborn from our ashes, mother.


I wrote Bergen in the title, you ask “Where is Bergen?” But Bergen is such a person. He does not fear, does not retreat, does not surrender to his pain, and rises again from the ashes. The Bergen movie has been viewed by over four million people. This means that those who resist and those who survive are respected and his movies are loved.

I could not see the movie. To the screenwriters (Sema Kayagusuz, Ildiz Bayajit), Director (Canar Alpar, Mehmet Binoy), Players (Farah Janep Abdullah, Erdal Besicioglu, Tilbe Saran), I think it was a good movie when I see the whole team and comments. Compared to the dark crew of “movies” brought to us, this group is shining brighter. But there is still a lot of resistance in the film. You will see when we sit in the director’s chair one day.

However, I always listen to you, I do not get involved in the ceremony, I become the event itself, mother. Relax.

Selahattin Demirtaş Edirne Prison

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