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The heat of 1,200 degrees … the risk for dozens of health problems … unrefined labor … love, affection, passion … they all come together and from the fire an art is born.

The heat of 1,200 degrees … the risk for dozens of health problems … unrefined labor … love, affection, passion … they all come together and from the fire an art is born. It is an art that fascinates those who see it. It is not unprecedented. This work can only be done with love. As a result the product makes you forget all the inconvenience. Glass artist … This is a difficult and sometimes underestimated profession, glass artist Ismail Ozsolak, who works at Odunpazari Hot Glass Workshop. Ozsolak said his professional privacy is ‘love’.

Can you tell me about you

My name is Ismail Ozsolak. I entered the glass department of Anadolu University in 2006. I graduated in 2011. I started working in this workshop after graduation. I was involved with the installation process. I have been actively working with hot glass for about 11-12 years.

Was it your dream?

In fact, I wanted to be an art teacher. There was a printing arts and glass section where English could not be found. I signed up for this field. Then I like it. I chose this area. It’s a job I love, but it doesn’t really satisfy me financially.

Do those who see you say that you are a glass artist?

They congratulate, they applaud, they applaud. We are tackling a difficult task, we witness that it is appreciated by the audience. My wife does the same. If you do not do it diligently, it will not work. There are many aspects that scare people, many professions have the same thing, you have to love a little.

We are in the cruising phase

What is the status of glass industry in our country?
Eskişehir Glass Artist 28 03 2022

This field continues in our country not as an art, but as a craft. In the process of adapting to the European Union, such handicraft factories were closed down in the early 2000s, especially in the Pasavas of Turkey, which had locomotives in the field. Paşabahçe has closed all its factories, only the Denizli factory is open. We started with the first Glass Furnace Foundation in 2002, then Anadolu University in 2004. This is the first glass workshop in the municipality. It was established in 2011 as Odunpazarı municipality. For 20 years, there have been movements and movements in this field in Turkey. We can say that we are in the stage of childhood. We will have new schooling, advanced, and possibly world-famous artists.

We are not valuable

Is your profession quite popular in Turkey?

Definitely not worth it. Although the glass artists of the world get the attention of our country like a pop star or famous actor or film artist and they earn so much, unfortunately we can’t get close to one thousandth of them. There is such a disinterest in Turkey not only for this glass industry, but for all branches of industry.

They are amazing

What are you doing in Odunpazarı Municipality Hot Glass Workshop?

This is a hot glass workshop of Odunpazari municipality. Here, we are creating a free-form method, that is, an application that can only come out with the talent of the person who created it without using any mold. First we make a design or if there is a customer order we accept it and try to make it. Or, we do things of a size that tourists can see in a short time and put in their bags and carry. In this workshop we have done 7 festivals, we will do 7th festival. We are currently preparing for its organization. As a municipality, we are the only municipality and workshop that hosts a glass festival in Turkey. We are one of the first to conduct such workshops and exercises. We also did workshops. Everything has been put on hold due to the epidemic. Since this is a municipal workshop, we do not actually follow the profit margins. The products that tourists can buy are natural gas, glass and labor costs are calculated head on without profit. So here we have sales, we have workshops, we organize festivals and we do courses. A complete place to practice. As an atelier, we are located in a beautiful building. It is a period that coincides with the period of Yavuz Sultan Selim, which was built between 1515-1525. More than 40 local and foreign glass artists came here and they all left with admiration. There are also municipalities who come here and follow us and take references.

Is this area an expensive area?

This is really a very expensive area. We say that our heat value is 220 thousand. Industrial electricity is called commercial electricity. Again, natural gas, industrial natural gas জন্য for this you need to run at least 3 reactors. 1 melting, 2 reactors for softening and re-shaping reactors and performing reactors at work, i.e. annealing while performing 2 processes. Even second-hand bakeries start from 24-25 thousand euros. Their zero value is 700-800 thousand TL.

Do you have any plans for the next day?

Our new courses will start in OMEK Our festival in early October.

Eskişehir Glass Artist 02 28 03 2022

PASHABAHCE support required

What are your expectations for the future?

I really want Paşabahçe to enter this case too. Workshops were opened there, but some had to be closed because of the high cost. We practice here, but it’s like running a faucet with transport water. All our colors come from Germany. There is no domestic production. Paşabahçe is the best company that can do this in domestic production. Since Paşabahçe does not support the artistic field, we are having difficulty in this regard. If he concentrates on this, we, as Turkish glass artists, will come to a better place. In Turkey, Paşabahçe and Şişecam Group are the best sponsors. I hope our profession will come to a good point. I want better workshops to be opened in better places to make this field more understandable and familiar. I hope those who are involved in this business will achieve a better standard of living with better income.

Essential for love

What do you mean by those who want to choose this profession?

I have to love this profession a little. Heat … you’re working at temperatures above 1,200 degrees. Its professional distortion is too much. The chances of cataracts forming, which we call cataracts, are very high. They will expose it. I have been practicing since about 2006, but my eyes are close to number 2. I think I will draw a little further. Nerve contraction occurs in the wrist. There may be things like lumbar hernia, neck hernia. Even after working for many years, we are witnessing her infertility. It’s a field of such harsh conditions, but if an artist has a canvas brush or a sculptor has marble, we move that honey-like soft structure to the end of a long metal pipe, turning the frying pan into something. This is an area that depends a bit on the talent, skill and foresight of the person created here …

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