Children discover scientists in them

CDiscovery World of Discovery has been running for 7 years in collaboration with the Creative Children’s Association and Henkel for children to love science and learn while having fun. As part of the project, about 35,000 children have been reached through free science workshops In school with the participation of children aged 8-10 years. Discovery World is now meeting children in different cities of our country with online training.
Thus, every school in our country can participate in free science workshops offered by Discovery World with its students and teachers. Turkish Henkel Corporate Communications Manager Oznur Roof explains the details of Discovery World …

3 For the Discovery World project Was it that you moved?
We launched the Discovery World initiative to bring Explorer out to children at an early age.
The concept and program of Discovery World was created in 2011 by Henkel, a professor of chemistry at Ruhr University Bochum, with the help of experts. Dr. Developed under the leadership of Katrin Sommer. Educational materials include cartoons, coloring pages, test materials, etc. There are many materials.
The program has educational and entertaining experiments that make them love science. We are the third country to implement the Discovery World project after Germany and Russia.

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3 What is the goal of the project?
The World of Discovery project has important goals: the first is to contribute to inclusive and quality education for all and to support lifelong learning by providing a “scientific perspective” for young children. Raise awareness of young people for a sustainable environment at an early age through training provided throughout the program.
Introduce children to information such as avoiding waste by using less, reusing and recycling the items they use and getting them in the habit of producing and using them properly in advance. Thus, raising a generation to fight climate change due to human activities.

3 In the science workshop How many children participated?
We have reached out to about 35,000 children through face-to-face and online training.
Now, our goal is to build a love of science for children across Turkey through our online science workshops and to include them in the journey of Discovery World.

3 What do you think is the secret to the success of the project? What?
The mystery of Discovery World lies in its training methods. Because, instead of explaining something to the children in the workshop, the applied science workshop allows them to explore through experimentation. Science and research begin with curiosity and questioning. Curiosity, having the courage to ask questions and having fun while learning are the foundations of Discovery World. At Discovery World, children aged 8-10 participate in face-to-face workshops. Children experiment in a variety of subjects, including bonding, washing, cleaning, and durability, in school science workshops.
In our Discovery World at Home video, children test what they can easily find at home, without the need for professional laboratory equipment and under the supervision of their parents. In our online workshop, students go to the screen with their teachers and watch the tests performed by our experts together and complete them together.

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We shot for 12 different experimental videos. Thus, we have made this project a guest on the digital platform through the “World of Discovery at Home” videos featuring enjoyable and educational experiments. All children will now be able to watch the free “Discovery World at Home” video on the YouTube platform.

3What is it like in an online workshop Testing?
Our workshops are open to application from all schools in our country. kd @ yaraticicocuklardernegi that all schools want to participate. It is enough to make an appointment at org.
Thus, all schools and students can benefit from the free Discovery World Science Workshop.
We are waiting for our children studying in every corner of our country, they will discover talents in them through our online science workshops.

Sample world discovery test

We make glue from starch

● 8 grams of corn starch
● 30 ml of water
A small saucepan
2 papers

■ Created: You can make your own glue using starch. For this, of course, you will need some starch and water. You can use your kitchen stove to heat the water.
First, mix the starch and water and pour this mixture into your container. You will mix a mixture of cornstarch and water and heat it over medium heat as soon as a gel-like substance comes out. You can now use this gel which you can stick your papers together.

Travel colors

3 3 different colors of food
● 5 glasses of water
● Paper towels

■ Created: Arrange 5 glasses of water side by side first. Then fill the first, third and fifth row glass with water. Paint the water you put in these 3 glasses of water one by one with food coloring. In a moment, we will see how we can mix colored water in these glasses without pouring them into each other.

Roll your paper towel twice in a thin strip along the length. Then fold in the middle and make it small once.
Place the folded paper towels in such a way that one end is in the colored water and the other end is in the empty glass on the side. After you set up your setup this way, you will notice that the colored water is absorbed by the paper towel and slowly reaches the empty glass.
Here’s how to put one together for use with your glasses.

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