Children in Afghanistan’s orphanage are starving due to food crisis

Orphanage in AfghanistanWhere children are struggling with the economic crisis after international aid has stopped, children are suffering from the food crisis.

The capital is Kabul Aladdin Girls OrphanageChildren living in Turkey have expressed their concerns to the AA correspondent.

Although the Alauddin Orphanage is officially known as the “Girls’ Orphanage”, boys can stay here until they are 12 years old.

Currently, a total of 100 children, including 45 girls and 55 boys, live in the orphanage.

There are 68 “public” and “private” orphanages in Afghanistan, but 26 of them have actually closed due to the major economic crisis. Closing some active orphanages is on the agenda if financial problems are not solved.

Lack of food, clothing and fuel is the main problem

Obstacles to international aid have led to many shortages in the supply of food, clothing, fuel, medical care and stationery to orphanages. After the Taliban, orphanages became unable to provide food such as meat, milk, fruits and vegetables.

The buildings do not have proper electricity and heating. Often the power goes out and the generator has no fuel. Even when the water is often off, there are serious problems with the drinking water supply.

As the toilet of the house is not cleaned, bad smell spreads all around. With cold weather, thick duvet is used, but due to power cuts and fuel problems, especially in the evenings the houses get cold.

While the administration is trying to keep the orphanage alive with small amounts of food, clothing and fuel, it has called for “assistance” from national and international organizations.

The lives of 5 sisters have changed in the last 2 years

Hasibe Nebizadeh (14) has been living in Alauddin Orphanage for the last year with her 4 sisters Taiibe (9), Tugba (8), Zuleha (6) and Yelda (3).

Their 12-year-old brother, Bektas, lives in an orphanage in Parwan province.

Their father, who was a soldier during the previous government, died in a helicopter crash in Belah province two years ago, and their mother, grandmother, grandmother and aunt died in a flood disaster in Parwan province last year.

Their uncle, the only relative who cares for the children, lives in Kapisa province. The children who had been with their uncle for a short time after losing their mother were kept in Alauddin Orphanage due to lack of financial resources.

Due to the loss of their mother, Taiyibe (9) and Zuleha (6) began to show emotional problems as a result of the trauma they felt. Due to financial difficulties, Taiyibe and Zuleha have not been able to see a doctor.

Hasibe explained that Taiibe and Zuleha had difficulty speaking, did not behave appropriately for their age, and were constantly crying.

His uncle met them once a month and said with a smile that he had taken care of his siblings at a young age and this situation upset him a lot.

Hasibe says his favorite food is pilaf with meat, and says he last ate it 2 months ago.

“Violence is still going on. I know the human condition is very bad. I hope we have a good day. Some days at the orphanage, I’m hungry. If the orphanage closes, I’ll be very sorry, at least we It’s comfortable here. ” He said.

Noting that he spends most of his time caring for his sisters, Hasibe used the following statements:

“My biggest wish is for my two sisters who are sick to get well. I want to be a doctor because if my siblings are not well, I will treat them. My biggest fear is that my brothers will not be well. I am very good with my father.” There are memories. We all studied together. He showed me the right way.

“We have no one to take care of us when we are kicked out of the orphanage.”

Shiraz Pupeljei, 11, says that after losing his father four years ago, his mother remarried and he was taken to an orphanage because he did not want her.

Emphasizing that he wants to be a pilot and serve his people in the future, Siraj said, “My mother has not come to see me for 4 years. She does not ask me, there is no news from her. He came to see me. He gave me pocket money, sometimes took me to his house, bought me clothes. ” Says

Shiraz said he likes to play sports and he ate his favorite pilaf with meat last month.

Shiraz said he could not get out of the orphanage very much, but he heard that there was hunger in the country. If so, we have no one to look after us. We will be left on the streets. Very few remember. As for my father, I only dreamed about it once. I can’t miss it because my mom left me. “

Sebita is waiting for her mother

Sebita Samedi, 11, who has been living in Alauddin Orphanage for the past 7 years, does not remember her father and does not know why he died.

Explaining that her mother lived with her grandmother, Sebata said that her mother could not take care of her due to financial difficulties.

Sebita said her mother rarely came to see her, she had seen her mother for a short time two months ago and her mother had not told her about her father’s death.

“I was brought to an orphanage because I had no place to stay and no one to look after me. I like to sew and cook. I like pizza the most. I ate it a few years ago. My favorite profession is journalism. I want to show that the reality of the country is as it is. I want to serve my people in this profession. My fear is that the orphanage will be closed and we will be evicted from here. “

“I miss my mother very much. I want her to be with me all the time and I want to spend time with her,” she said. Says

Arju wants girls to get education

On the other hand, 11-year-old Arju Azizi says he has lived in an orphanage for 6 years and loves to play sports, handicrafts and art.

Mentioning that he was kept in an orphanage after losing his parents, Arju said he had no information about his family.

“I don’t remember because my parents died when I was little, but I still dream almost every night,” said Arju. Says

“I want Afghanistan to be free from war and have peace. I want girls to go back to school. I want schools and universities to open,” she said. He said.

Explaining that he sometimes gets hungry due to lack of food in the orphanage, Arju said, “My favorite food is kebab, I last ate it a few months ago.” Used phrases.

The country’s economy suffered greatly after the Taliban

The Taliban’s entry into the capital, Kabul, on 15 August, and the complete withdrawal of NATO forces from the country had a profound effect on the country’s economy. Although many businesses were shut down during the process, international aid to Afghanistan was cut off after the Taliban and foreign stockpiles froze.

It is feared that hunger and poverty will increase in the country in winter.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Food Program, 22.7 million people, more than half of the country’s population, will face severe food shortages.

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