Children repair roads destroyed by bombs in Afghanistan

Asphalt roads destroyed in an explosion caused by decades of conflict in Afghanistan are being repaired by children.

Boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 15 fill gravel and soil collected from the side of the road with shovels, about the same length of shovel, into holes made by mines and bombings.

Children, who have to spend their time on the playground and at school, work on the streets from morning till night in difficult situations to support their families.

Hundreds of child drivers are appealing for help on the main roads extending south from the capital Kabul to Ghazni, Jabul, Kandahar, Helmand, Nimroz, Farah and Herat provinces, which have facilitated their commute.

Some drivers help pay, others share their food.

Children usually live in villages near where they work. Some are orphans, others have disabled or unemployed parents.

Almost none of them went to school at any time in their lives, and some had to leave school for work.

The children sometimes return home without any income, sometimes earning up to 200 afghanis (about $ 2).

According to London-based Save the Children, there are approximately 1 million child laborers across Afghanistan.

“I feed the whole family”

One of the children is 15-year-old Mohammad Khan.

Explaining that his father, who was once a shepherd, became disabled by setting foot in a mine and is no longer working, Han said they have 5 siblings and their economic situation is bad.

He said he had been doing this for three months, adding that “passing vehicles pay for it. I can earn 150 to 200 afghanis a day. My father is sick, I have to work. I try to make a living. My family works here.” “I support the whole family. If I don’t work, my family will starve.” Says

He usually leaves without breakfast and eats the food given to him by the drivers. Han said that he started this business after the shopkeepers did not pay him where he used to work as an apprentice.

Revealing that he had never been to school, Han said:

“Even here, sometimes people make fun. Some people give money. My only dream is to go to school and study. I want to finish school and become an engineer or a doctor, but our current situation shows this dream. It will not come true. The second dream is my people and me. To serve the country. ” Used expressions.

“I’ve been to school twice.”

Naqibullah, one of the children trying to repair the road destroyed by the bomb, is only 9 years old. The shovel he holds is beyond his height. It can only lift a shovel if it is half full of soil.

Referring to their 9 siblings, Naqibullah said that his father, who was a heavy mechanic, was currently unemployed.

“They send me to work on the streets. I earn 20 to 50 afghanis a day. I went to school twice, but we had to leave because of our poor economic situation. I have to work to make a living. ” Used expressions.

Naqibullah “What do you usually eat at home?” To such a question, “I have been eating boiled potatoes for a few days, because there is nothing else to eat. Our economic situation is very bad.” Replied.

“It looks like my dream won’t come true.”

The 8-year-old Ezet and the 12-year-old Haneki brothers, like other children, leave in the morning and work until the evening.

Both said they had never seen a school and earned only 100 afghanis (about $ 1) yesterday.

They mentioned 6 siblings, Haneki said that her father, who was formerly a shepherd, is now unemployed.

Returning home every night with money to buy groceries, he said, “I only come to earn money. If I had money, I would not come. I will do something for my future. I want to study and become a doctor, if I have the opportunity to study. I want to have children, but I have no dreams. ” Says

His brother Izzat said, “Our economic situation is very bad. If it was good, why would we come here?” Used phrases.

Sakin, on the other hand, is only 7 years old and works with a sister and cousin. Each of them toils, shovels filled with soil, and repaired potholes.

Mentioning that his father is unemployed, Sakin explained that they have 6 siblings and he has been trying to make money on the street for about 3 months.

A driver named Mohammad, who was passing by, said he had tried his best to help the children in the area.

Mentioning that he made a living as a driver, Muhammad said that he was sorry to see these children.

“I have children their age too. I remember them when I see them. I don’t earn too much either, but I try to help them when I see them,” said Muhammad. Says

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