CNG buses reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Kokli

On the last day of the 2022 Cartep Summit, a special session was held to discuss anthropocentric urbanization and environmental policy, which was held for the 4th time this year by the Kokeli Metropolitan Municipality with the theme “Sustainable City and Transformation of the City”. Assoc. Dr. The session, chaired by Ugur Sadiolu, sought solutions to environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. It was reported that from 2015 to 2017, the trend of greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 24.5% in the transportation of CNG buses used by the Metropolitan Municipality.

“Phytoremediation is a sacred alternative to soil improvement”
University of Health Sciences. Trainer Betül Akçeşme presented a statement entitled Nature-Based Solutions to Environmental Pollution: Phytoremediation as a Green Landscape Design in the Industrial Area of ​​Turkey. With the development of industry and industry, Dr. drew attention to the rapid pollution in urban areas. Coach Member Betül Akçeşme; “Heavy metals accumulated in soil, air and water as a result of industrial activities and various natural processes pose a serious threat to human health and the ecosystem due to their toxic structure. Phytoremediation is an environmentally friendly, natural, and cost-effective method that cleans plants of soil, air, and water contaminated by heavy metals using the plant’s ability to accumulate toxins. Plants can absorb compounds into the soil at low concentrations through their root system. Plants create a rhizosphere ecosystem to store heavy metals and adjust their bioavailability, thereby restoring contaminated soil and stabilizing soil fertility. “While phytoremediation techniques do not completely eliminate harmful substances, they are a promising alternative to traditional soil treatment techniques, which are expensive and sustainable.”

“CNG buses reduce greenhouse gas emissions”
Assoc. Dr. Orhan gave the example of Kokeli province in his statement on determining greenhouse gas emissions from the city of Sevimogulu. Note that human-induced activity in cities emits significant amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, Assoc. Dr. Sevimoglu; “We know that the rapid increase in gas emissions is accompanied by global warming and climate change. We calculated the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions from Kokeli Province in 2015, 2016 and 2017 from power generation and consumption, heating, transportation and waste management. According to the three-year average of greenhouse gas emissions in the province of Kocaeli, 50.8% of it was due to heat. Although the use of natural gas to meet the heating needs of homes has increased over the years, the reduction in the use of coal has led to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the use of CNG-powered buses has been increased to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on public transport. In general, from 2015 to 2017, the greenhouse gas emissions trend in Kokeli Province decreased by 24.5%.

Department of Geology from Ankara University. Eng. Dr. Ayşegül Emine Çetin discusses heat and energy neutral cities under our feet. Mentioning that climate change has increased in recent years. Hard; “We use natural gas for energy and as a country we depend on foreign sources for this. We are a country where the use of fossil fuels is high. We should be able to do both hot and cold. All countries have begun to take action against climate change. Important steps have also been taken in our country. The natural ground temperature at very shallow depths below the cities we live in provides a clean and reliable energy alternative to meet the demand for heating and cooling. This clean energy is found at shallow depths of about 10-300 meters below our feet, where changes in atmospheric temperature after a certain depth from the earth’s surface are not affected. These systems, which use the earth’s natural heat energy, are mainly applied in two groups as “Ground Source Heat Pumps” and “Underground Heat Energy Storage” and are systems that can be installed anywhere without the need for liquids and fillings. Cooling demand as well as heating. It can be used in many cases such as residential heating-cooling, district heating-cooling, greenhouse and snow removal from roads.

“Green economy is a guarantee for the future”
Ataturk University Professor. Dr. Kerem Karabulut, in his statement on the Sustainable Development: Green Economy Model, draws attention to the growing environmental problems with the Industrial Revolution. Professor Dr. Black cloud; “The mind of the earth is polluted. If the soil is polluted, humanity will end. Sustainable development is a policy that will ensure the continuity of the human race. It favors an action plan based on 3 basic dimensions. In particular, environmental issues due to climate change and carbon emissions are at the forefront of the sustainable development goals of developing countries. As a solution to this negativity, which is increasing every year, concepts like green growth, green economy, low carbon economy, sustainable production and utilization are introduced among the opportunities for sustainable development. The concept of green growth, which is one of the sustainable development proposals, aims to ensure sustainable economic development without harming the living things in nature while sustaining economic growth or meeting human needs.

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