Commentary on the weekly horoscope from the astrologer Kübra Denizci

Action astrologer Kubra Denizsey has announced his weekly horoscope comments.

Weekly Horoscope Review

Coach: Your network is getting stronger. You can get financial opportunities for your social circle. This week you will have to deal with a wide range of events. You may encounter the arrogant attitude of people who want to bring themselves to the forefront in groups. It is up to you to maintain balance. If you have a case pending, this week could be positive.

Taurus: The next day, you may want to move a little and be alone. You want to get away from the intrusive attitude of the people around you in your life. A time that promises long-term success in your business life, you can talk to your managers and express your expectations, especially about future plans and promotions. You can start a postgraduate degree or vocational skills training to promote your business life.

Gemini: This week you can have a pleasant trip. But pay attention to the budget, a lot of expenses are waiting for you. You may have to prepare for an organization like celebration, wedding, engagement. Maybe you can make this trip for a close friend. You may have to run with inheritance, a lawsuit, family member debt, etc. An active week awaits you.

Cancer: Investment advice from a friend or family member will keep your mind busy this week. If you have suffered a loss in the past few weeks, it can be covered for this week. You can make bold and quick decisions on issues related to your business life. Being noticed and approved by your environment will boost your confidence.

Aslan: It will be a happy week in terms of bilateral relations. You can plan for the future with your partner. There can also be important conversations to take serious steps for the relationship. It could be a wedding proposal, a vow, an engagement date or a family reunion. This week promises good success for those who are continuing their education. Those who are waiting for the appointment may get the news which will make them happy.

Virgo: You may have an emotional attachment to someone in your work environment. Or you may want to share the joys of your life with your coworkers. The next day, you will think a lot about finances. Loans may be required for new investment plans. You can get loan opportunities. If you are considering a joint venture, it is useful to make a good deal. Then there may be a conflict of interest.

Tula Rashi: Your egoistic attitude towards bilateral relations can get feedback from your partner. A process where joint decisions have to be made, your wishes may not be the same. Especially if you are in the stage of marriage, you need to be very careful with communication. Lonely people, on the other hand, will have a one-week relationship. With a trip, love can knock on your door.

Scorpio: Lots of news about your business life, heavy phone traffic waiting for you. There may be progress on any of the blocked issues, you can get the news as expected. On the one hand, when the work pressure continues, on the other hand, there may be a novelty about the layout of your home. Decorating, relocating, buying and selling a home, etc. can come to the fore. News of a child can be shared with your family members.

Sagittarius: This will be a week where you will want to make time for yourself and your interests. You can start a training this week. Learning something new will be good for you. The education you receive may be related to a hobby or a sport of your interest. This week you can meet different people. If you are waiting for a response to your application, a response may come this week. You can buy a car.

Capricorn: Financial activity continues. During this time, you are financially very fertile and likely to face new opportunities. If you want to start a new business this week can be a fresh start and an important meeting. If you run a family business, your parents may want to give you authority. Your responsibilities will increase.

Aquarius: The bucket domination in the sky continues, but very fast moving days are waiting for you during this time. You may be mentally and physically exhausted. But at the same time, it is good for you to be interested in the things you love and to see the important developments in your life. This week will be a good week to start sports and diet.

Pisces: After a busy day, it will be time to get some rest this week. You may want to review your recent experience. You may be enlightened about something that you have been thinking about for a while. If you have doubts in your life, you can openly express your feelings and wait for an explanation.

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