Dad, how do we pay your dues?

Deniz Yesilbus, a father of four living in the village of Salkom in Muratkairi Mahalesi, in the Kat district of Erzurum, has accepted the sacrifice, the three girls who go to school, who are moved by what they see. Especially in the winter season, as the flow of Tuzla Çay passing in front of the village of Salkom increases, vehicles enter and leave the village.

Mallard, on the other hand, rolled up his pants and plunged into the rough water with his daughters Ella (11), Yagmur (9) and Janep (7), who went to school, crossed the Çay and boarded the school bus. The father, who did not give up in the spring-winter weather, crossed the rough water and walked 3 km to take his children to the service. In summer, currents, whose flow rate decreases, give the family a sigh of relief. In rural areas where there is no entry or exit for vehicles in summer, at least the low flow of water makes fathers and daughters happy.

“We’ve been living under stress for years.”Father Deniz Yasalbas said the village had no bridges to cross the river year after year, “We have no bridges, no transportation in the village. We have a hard time getting our students to school. We took the water on our backs and went to the main road with the children. Spring and winter we can’t go through here. We have lost 2 lives on this page before, ”he said.

“We are in a situation of drought rejection”

Jesilbus said the drought had reduced the flow rate, so they were happy with the drought and said, “There has been a drought in Erzurum this year. Usually, we don’t rejoice in the drought, but we do. Because the only way to get out of the water. When it decreases, we can pass comfortably. We want the help of our government. “We want a bridge to be built here,” he said.

She risks her life every day so her daughters can read: Dad, how are we going to pay for you - Photo: 2

“The video explains what we felt.”

“Someone took a video of me while I was walking through the water,” said father Deniz Yesilbus, referring to the images reflected in the camera on his mobile phone. That video explains what we went through. We are in the middle. We are now in a time when water is at its lowest. Because there was not much rain this year. For 3-4 months in the spring we are going through a very, very difficult time. In winter, our roads will never be open again. Many times the water exceeds our height. One day, as we were taking our baby on the street, his legs almost froze, ”he said.

“Dad how do we pay your dues”

Jessebus says her kids say, ‘Daddy, how are we going to pay you?’ I want them to be our state, our nation and our good children. I hope their future is bright, they don’t need anyone. This is our effort so that these are beneficial for the country. They ask me how can we repay your father? That’s enough for me. “

He risked his life every day so that his daughters could read: Dad, how can we repay you - Photo: 3

“We have a way to torture.”

Ella Jesilbus, one of the children, noted that she was frightened and cried when she saw her father’s condition as she walked through the water, and said, “We have a current in front of our village. The water is almost my father’s height. We have trouble crossing the water. We had a video. It was seen that the water almost took my father away. We were very scared when my father was dragged away. We cried a lot. “In summer, we walk because there is no access to any vehicle. We can’t come to our village because there is no bridge.”

“Let our father carry us on his back.”

“We don’t have a bridge,” said 9-year-old Yagmur Yesilbas. We want to build a bridge. We are very scared to go through there. Our father picked him up on his back. We cannot go alone. We are calling our President. Let’s build a bridge for us, “he said.

She risks her life every day so her daughters can read: Dad, how are we going to pay for you - Photo: 4

“I lost my father because of this water.”

Bülent Yeşilbaş, a resident of the village, said his father had a heart attack seven years ago and lost 112 emergency medical teams because he could not cross the water and said, “We are suffering from our fathers and grandfathers. In 2009, when my wife was about to give birth, we called the health team. They could not cross the water. My wife has given birth across the water. In 2014, my dad had a heart attack. The medical team came again, they could not cross the water. My father is dead. I want the help of our President. We don’t want to suffer anymore, “he said.

Source: UAV

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