Everyone has a role to play in the fight against drugs

Dilek Demirezen, director of the Center for Combating Addiction at the University of Düzce and a lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences, says addiction is “not being able to stop yourself when you want to.”
In the “Meeting with Advocates in the Fight Against Addiction” program, organized in collaboration with the Düzce Governor’s Office and the Düzce University Addiction Fighting Center, Headman spoke on the issues to consider in the fight against addiction.
Noting that addiction should be known as a disease, Dr. See. Dilek Demirezen touched on the mistakes made in the fight against addiction. Dilek Demiregen underlines that it is a very wrong way to describe addiction as lack of will; He emphasized that it would be very difficult for young people, especially those with some problems, to control themselves.

“Bead kids are addicted too”
“Nothing will happen to me, nothing will happen at once, the addict is not well, he gets treatment, he uses it again,” Demirgen said, explaining that there is something wrong with fighting addiction, “addicts come from addicted people. Should be removed from society, addicts cannot be trusted, a person is addicted or not. He further emphasized that statements like “it is not possible” are very wrong and negatively affect the fight against addiction. Children of high income families can also become addicted. Emphasizing that, Demirezen said that he has noticed that these children, who have been described as “Bid Children”, are also addicted because of their environment and friendliness.

The effects of genes on addiction
Emphasizing that not every person will be addicted to substances, Dilek Demiregen says addiction; He defined it as “not being able to stop yourself when told to stop.” Our lecturer, who also touched on the causes of addiction, says that genetic factors are effective in addition to environmental problems and the influence of friends, if the child has a substance user in the family, that is, if he has an addiction. Disease, baby’s cells can recognize that substance naturally and show a tendency to use that substance.

“Dependents should not be excluded from society”
Demiregen, who does not want to consider addiction as mere substance addiction, noted that there are addictive types such as “technology addiction”, “human addiction”, “food addiction” and stressed the need for attention. Sharing the knowledge that patients should be treated without exclusion from society in the fight against addiction, Demiregen concludes that exclusion of addicts from society will push them into a deeper abyss.

“Everyone is responsible for the fight against addiction”
Governor Cevdet Atay, who thanked Dilek Demirezen for his successful work and presentation, said: “The fight against addiction worries us all. There are some families whose children are addicted to the fact that they hide the incident due to some concern. But it is a very wrong attitude in the fight against addiction. The center, which we have established in collaboration with our Governor’s Office and Green Crescent, provides free rehabilitation services to drug and alcohol addicts. We need the help of professionals here. Invite.

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