Expert advice for children addicted to the Internet

With the advancement of technology, we are becoming more and more connected to the virtual world, says psychologist Irem Naz Karmizi. Many videos claiming to be made can harm children if they are viewed uncontrollably
Insisting that our children should not be exposed to any technical device, especially until the age of 4, Psk. Irem Naz Cream has given an important warning.

Our virtual world has expanded

PS “Phones, tablets and computers, which we have begun to use more frequently, especially in the face of the effects of the epidemic, create a fertile ground for our socialization,” said Irem Naz Karim. PS “Technology has made it easier for us to receive news, make video calls, conduct our business remotely, connect with schools online or conduct our banking transactions online when our communication with each other is limited for a long time due to social isolation. So our engagement with virtual media has increased. This made it difficult for us to cope with the situation.

“It’s wrong to call because he’s not behaving well.”

It is important to set limits so that children do not become addicted to technology, Psk. İrem Naz Kırmızı shared the following information:

“When we can’t take young children to the park or to school, we call them. Saying he doesn’t eat or behave himself, we open the video on his tablet and phone and let him play games. But we avoid setting boundaries. We heard that you are learning English and Russian words before you speak Turkish. We observe infants and children who do not sleep or eat without tablets, but keep quiet when you call them. Children who are too young to learn to control themselves can watch any video in the virtual world. Although some videos are made for children, many of them can be harmful in terms of content. It also creates problems for language development and socialization. “

“Epidemic hinders language development in children”

We emphasize language development along with socialization with our peers, Psk. “We have seen that many children are lagging behind in language development because they were away from their peers for almost 2 years during the epidemic. She says children cannot express themselves when they enter the same environment as their peers, they are hesitant, incomprehensible or angry crying and angry unless they can express themselves.

PS Crimea has the following tips for families to deal with technology:

“Do not expose your child to any technical device, especially up to 4 years of age.

Children learn by imitation. If you don’t give your child a phone and he is busy with the phone, tablet or television, they will want to do it just like you and when he doesn’t want it he will go crazy. First, you need to set boundaries for yourself.
It is never good for your child to behave like ‘Let him eat, let him sleep early, don’t cry, behave well, don’t cause problems, be late, learn from it’. In this way, you not only relieve yourself, but you harm your child.
Put them in the same environment with their peers to develop the language.
Be careful not to include technology in quality time.
Control your kids even if they have special systems installed, do not allow them to view content viewed by adults.
Set a deadline for everything, don’t present anything unlimited to kids.
Don’t limit children without making a choice. E.g. Taking a phone from a phone addicted child is not the solution. Go ahead and create space for socialization and demarcation.
Keep away from anime, manga, sex, war, death games, cartoons, series, magazines, books.
Have one-on-one meetings with the school counselor and classroom teacher.
Invite your kids to play or activities.
Try to listen and understand without judging them.
Avoid heavy restrictions to make your ideas work.
Ask if your child has been bullied or cyber bullied.
If you think you are out of control or your children are out of control, seek the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist immediately. ”

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