False people, there is no such thing as love!

21. Hale Commander Mahmut Tunsar has a very beautiful daughter: Gizem Tunsar.

Archimedes thought that what he could do with a lever, Mahmud Tunsar could do with a white handkerchief: Give me a handkerchief and I will remove the earth!

Give me a handkerchief too.

I have known Mahmud since the day the ‘tape’ of the song ‘I put soap in the basin, let’s see what happens to you’.

If I remember correctly, I played this song while doing a program on Voice of Turkey, where I worked with stamps for a while. In those years, the Voice of Turkey was a relatively loose radio. I don’t know if it’s still there.

Our people have written their feelings and thoughts in folk songs for hundreds of years! (This phrase sounds like a TRT folk music show presentation, but please don’t laugh.)

Now, of course, I will not open the topic of “soap, wash basin, what will happen to you”.

Primarily, this issue is about the feelings and thoughts of our people, but Mr. Kamal is going to formulate a “question law that cannot be asked” soon, you see, it will be “included”, I say let’s not get into this. These things.

Considering that Mahmoud Tunsar came from Urfa, I would say “this is a folk song of Urfa”, it would not be right to prolong the conversation.

I brought the matter up with Gizem Tuners, let me go back to the beginning without further ado.

Gizem Hanım, who lost 40 kg in one month, is a wonderful young singer with strong willpower.

He also got up on stage with his father, but now he can stand on his own two feet.

I know how he went from 90kg to 50kg, but this fasting method didn’t seem very healthy to me, so I won’t share it. If you say you will lose weight, do not listen to what is written in the columns of these national newspapers, but listen to the dietitian and the doctor you know.

Big talk for the little ones

Gizem Hanım recently made a statement and left the field.

Look at her father, so take your daughter! One moves the world with a handkerchief, the other with a statement!

He said, “The meaningless man is a useless man.”

The big words of little girls always put a smile on my face.

A hesitant smile between a bitter and a sweet smile!

One of the duties of a tabloid press is to spark such things so that people can have fun.

In fact, the event escalated, with Gizem Tuncer appearing on TV8 on page 2 of Müge and Gülşen and making statements.

In fact, he said he answered the question “Would you fall in love with someone who doesn’t make money” and “Of course he can’t be with someone who earns less than him and will take care of him?” People. “

Intellectual pursuit is essential in journalism In fact, someone approached model Ece Gürsel and asked, “Are you looking for love or money in a relationship?” And received the following answer:

“Of course he means, be strong. If I am a strong man, he cannot be crushed under me. Let him be handsome and fit for me.”

You may remember that Çagla Şikel raised such an issue before.

At the time, I wrote an article and I quoted a young woman at a wedding broadcast on Chinese television as saying, “I want to cry at BMW rather than laugh at the bicycle.”

I remind you that Özge Ulusoy also said during this discussion, “So, should models go out and date the poor?”

First of all, please let me say this: I admire young women our age who know what they want and who can honestly explain without thinking “what the hell”.

They are not introverts, they do not try to see themselves as someone else.

What they have in mind is in their tongues: Bum bum bum!

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

(The crickets of “Cha Asuk” still ring in my ears at Juhal Topal’s show.)

In these programs, for example, the question of “what pension does he have” was important in choosing a spouse.

The women who participated in the programs were able to pop up questions like “love at first sight”, such as “do you have a car, do you have an apartment, can you do it on me, how many bracelets do you want me to buy.” “

Some of my friends blame the woman or man who came to the event in this way, but I want to see it as honesty.

I further remind you that this proverb “suitable for two naked baths” was uttered by our common ancestors in these countries and it is not immediately forgotten as “what a shame” and survives to this day.

The truth is in evolution

And that is the consequence of an evolutionary process.

Of course, the president of religion may be angry with me, but the basic truth of life lies in the process of evolution.

Our body is like an organic chemistry factory that works very well.

And over the thousands of years it has evolved perfectly so that it can survive and reproduce.

You see, the ancestors of our Neanderthals and Homo sapiens lived in the same place at the same time, but now we exist, they do not exist.

There are some of us who show Neanderthal tendencies, of course, but I blame it for some “volatility” that leads to that result, even though it was not intended to hinder the evolutionary process. This is not a scientific decision, of course, this is my discovery.

This is why I am not surprised that these little girls take life more realistically without putting aside the root causes of thousands of years of evolution.

They have a tendency to be with men which they think is strong.

They work with this instinct when choosing their partner.

And men do whatever it takes to get through the day.

The “spirit of time” puts material energy ahead of other attributes.

So I’m not surprised that girls nowadays look to money for “survival.”

It is the work of human nature!

A song of the victim group: False people, there is no such thing as love!

I think the song should be considered as one of the most important songs in Turkish rock music.

No, I’m not claiming it because I’m a rock music expert.

Readers always remember I took the stage from time to time, I saw a lot of bands who know this song like crazy but don’t want to play this song saying ‘we don’t know’.

That’s why I think its place in the history of our rock music should be so high now that it’s so enviable.

If you watch the clip of the song you will agree with me.

At the end of the clip, we hear the following words from Cüneyt Arkın’s voice (not his own voice, of course, his voiceover, I think Toran Caracaulo) with his unique emphasis:

“The sweetest of dreams is love.”

Hülya Koçyiğit replies in her faint voice (not her own voice, of course, it’s her voiceover, I think Jean Mahfi Airal):

“I’m begging you, don’t talk about love with me anymore!”

We discover ourselves

But we keep talking about it because we are programmed to reproduce and survive.

This is why we chase each other, male or female, our goal is to reproduce and survive, but during this race we find such joy that we cannot stop repeating it.

Similarly, this feeling is also a journey towards ourselves.

We discover ourselves, and the tendency to discover what lies ahead of us flows into it.

Two people who respond to each other’s feelings shift the roots of their own existence to the other, and begin to think and feel together.

Small details feed each other, even if you are in two separate bodies, our souls become one.

That is why we call love “the state of bliss.”

Of course, this is not a state of ecstasy like getting drunk.

The desire to disappear from one’s own existence and disappear into another existence. Of course, this situation will not develop from today to tomorrow. It progresses by feeding small details.

In the beginning just her hair or the color of her eyes or the expression on her face or her smile, her “home in it”, her “leisure” etc. You discover new “details” as you move towards the person of your choice.

Sitting, talking, holding a glass, brushing her hair, drying her face in the bathroom.

Because it is an endless journey of discovery.

You hope that he will discover such details in you, and you will be happy when you see it happen.

This is why many people enjoy the dating episode of the relationship the most.

So friend, there is such a thing as love, not lies.

As Cüneyt Arkın rightly said, the sweetest dream is love.

Hülya Koçyiğit and right. When an unexpected blow comes from there, we talk like this: I beg you, don’t talk to me about love anymore!

But whether we talk about it or not, whether it is China, India or Turkey, the truth is always the same.

Girls are looking for other things, boys are looking for other things.

Although their ideas are different, sheep cannot walk with wolves, wolves cannot leave sheep.

This article by Mehmet Y. Yılmaz is taken from the Oxygen newspaper.

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