Gazi’s son … he has visited four provinces … met three ministers … he told Kanakkle

World Peace Envoy Turgut Kamaj, the son of Hussein Kamaj, who died at the age of 110, the world’s oldest elder, presented and attended ceremonies in Chanakkale, Kastamonu, Istanbul and Chanakkale and about the various ceremonies that ended. In a presentation to 16,000 students a month, Kamaz met with Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu, National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, and Industries and Technology Minister Mustafa Varanak.

Karadeniz Aregili, the world’s oldest person, died in 1994 at the age of 110, the son of world peace envoy academician-researcher Turgut Kamaz, the soldier Hussein Kamaz under Atatুrk’s command, returned to the county after 32 days to visit the country.

Evaluating the events, presentations and interviews he had with our correspondent, Kamaz noted that he had presented to a total of 16,000 students, including secondary and high school students in Kayseri, Castamonu and Istanbul.

Explaining that the events were organized by the governorships and schools and the Ministry of Youth and Sports planned the event in Castamonu, Kamaz said he had met three ministers during the March 18 event that he had attended in Chanakkale.

Meeting with three ministers

He attends similar events every year and will participate in May and June, Turgut Kamaz said, adding that he passed on the memory of Atatুrk and his father’s war to future generations and provided the following information about his presentation and activities;

“My program, which I started in Caesarea in the third week of February by invitation, recently ended in Kanakkale. I first went to Caesarea and stayed 13 days. I presented at 4 places in Caesarea. Then I moved to Castamonu. Castamonu. “I presented them at their organization’s event. He was happy. He also posted the picture he saw on social media for the first time. We met three ministers at the event. Home Minister Suleiman Soylu said let’s do the event together next year. National Defense Minister Hulusi Akbar I said I don’t want a car or anything. Give me a place to stay. Enough. I do it with love. I will go to the program, if I can, in May, after Eid-ul-Fitr, and from there I will go to Karabuk-Safranbolu.

‘I will participate in 95 km walk’

I will go to Kastmanu in June. I will take part in the walk by presenting there. Atatর্rk has a saying, ‘My eyes are on Sakaria, my ears are on Inebolu.’ Participation was limited due to the epidemic. They say there will be a thousand people this year. Distance 95 km.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports organized the event. Thanks again to the Ministry of Sports. In the past, these walks were not held. These activities took place on the street that Atatুrk walked on. Similar programs are being carried out in other regions. I agree with many. People are coming from different cities and towns. The young man who does not know his past does not know his future or knows it incompletely. We need to encourage our youth. It is not enough to read about Chanakkala in the book, you have to tell Chanakkala to Chanakkala. We need to bring our youth there by organizing such events. I have done similar activities here. We took a break during the epidemic. I hope to start again this year. I am bringing with them students who have graduated in painting, composition and poetry competitions in Canakkale with their teachers. Every year we go with different students.

“War won together”

In Kayseri, Castamonu, Istanbul and Kanakkala programs, I gave student lectures about Atatর্কrk and my father. I talked about war and what my father told me. Also, I talked to them about the importance of unity and said that no matter what you do, do it with love, if you do it without love you will not succeed. I used to ask my father about the Balkan wars, why did we lose? He says we lost the Balkan wars because there was no unity, but because there was unity around Atatর্rk, we won in Chanakkal, Dumlupinar and Sakaria. My father Mustafa Kemal brought the documents to Atatর্rk. Until his last breath, he would tell us how he greeted Atatুrk and how he spoke with the same feeling. As his son I am one of those who love him. For this reason, I am traveling from city to city to inform the new generation about my father, the war and Atatুrk. I’ll keep talking as long as I can. “

“Today, as long as we maintain unity in this country, no world can do anything for us,” Kamaj said. This is how we won the Kanakkale and the War of Independence. My father drew attention to this point of view, “he said.

‘We are blessed and free because they are fighting half-heartedly’

At Chanakkal, our ancestors, some days there was no sugar-free grape compote in the morning, no food at lunch, some soup from the wheat field in the evening, some days were full and some days there was half bread and some days no bread. Because there was a lack of flour now we are full because our grandfathers knew he was hungry … We gave 253 thousand martyrs. We are independent because our grandfathers took the risk of being martyred. I want everyone to go to Chanakkale. Let them go to Seddulbahir, in the bloody stream, to the fiftieth regiment. Let them go to Konak Bay, where Atatুrk was wounded. Let them shout and say this land is ours, no one can share it. Bring their children too. We have defeated their so-called invincible forces at Chanakkale. “

Don’t recover!

Note that the mask is free in the open air, but it should be worn indoors, in inadequate ventilation and in crowded environments, Kamaz reminds that vaccinations should be done; “Even though the corona virus epidemic has decreased in recent days, we have to follow the rules without complacency. Let’s wear masks and get vaccinated. I have given five vaccines,” he said.

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