He suffocated Ada in the room! The killer’s expression forced him to say ‘Leave the hull’

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The incident took place on March 24 at Bahçelievler Mahallesi Soy Sitesi. Sinan Simsek drank late into the night at the venue in Guliali district, where he met his girlfriend Ada Evely to celebrate his birthday. Upon returning home, the two men, who had been drinking, discussed deception and violence. After the argument subsided for a while, Ada Evely, who had forgotten her purse and mobile phone in the car, downloaded the KADS app to her boyfriend’s mobile phone, which she had the chance to steal.

Report with KADES

As the discussion at home escalated into a fight, Ada reported to the police with Evely KDS. Police and medical team have been sent to the address with notice. The parties, who could not open the door that they tried to break with the ram, got up from the porch and reached the apartment downstairs. Evelyn, who was found paralyzed in the team room and understood to be trying to suffocate him with a rope, died at the hospital. Sinan Simshek, who was caught trying to escape, was arrested.

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The room is locked

It is learned that the parties caught Sinan Simesek, who was trying to escape by opening the door of the house upstairs, but did not try to open the steel door with Ram when he was coming up from the verandah. Open It was determined that a room in Simek’s house, which was caught on the stairs, was also closed. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to the police. Police, who opened the door despite Simsek’s resistance, found Ada Evely lying motionless on the ground. When found, it was determined that Evelyn, whose heart was pounding and whose throat was throbbing, was strangled to death by her lover’s badge rope.

On the other hand, it is known that violent incidents took place between the two from time to time, and so the decision to suspend Sinan Simesek was revoked last year at the request of Evelyn.

‘I broke up with my wife for EDA’

Describing the day of the incident in his statement, Simshek said, “I divorced my wife for Eder. She left me after the divorce. He started hanging out with others. He continued to do so despite my warnings. It made me very excited. The day before the ceremony, I went to Edar’s parents. We had tea. That night was my birthday. We went to the beach, drank wine. Ada wanted to go to the casino. We drove to the casino in my own car around 23.00 at night. Ada told me provocative things. Then we went home. When we got home, we started drinking. Ada continued her insults during the speech. He hit me and started screaming. I hit Ada twice. My goal was to silence him. He used bad words against me. We argued until morning. I was very drunk. I noticed that his eyes were swollen when I hit him with my fist, “he said.

‘I draw from the end of the rope’

Explaining that Ada Evely tried to suffocate Ada with a rope, she did not know where she got it after insulting Ada Evely when she was going to open the door to the police who came to the door, Simsek said, “When Ada opened the door. I opened the window in the morning and started shouting, I pulled him out of the window and took him inside. Ada, meanwhile, fell to the ground and hit her on the head. Then he said to me, ‘Sinan is knocking on the door.’ The police can be seen looking through the door. He said to me, ‘I’ll let you in.’ I said, go to jail, will you stay with others? Ada says if I say ‘yes’ I take her to the bedroom. He said to me, ‘I will ruin your life. I hit it 1-2 times. Fell to the side of the bed. She started screaming. I was about to open the door for the police. Since I was drunk, I would wrap the rope around my neck wherever it came in my hand. I pulled from the end of the rope. I told Ada to shut up. It was not my intention to suffocate. After a while his voice stopped. Sometimes he would become unconscious. I thought you passed out. The police kept knocking on the door. I smoked, drank water, washed my hands in the sink. Then the police come. I learned from paramedics that Ada is dead. It turned out that I had no intention of killing. ”

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