Health violence cannot be prevented by law alone

Wall Turkish Medical Association (TTB) Violence in Health Commission member Dr. “The main thing is to humanize the health system,” said Alikan Bahadur. The AK Party’s proposal, “Turkish Penal Code Amendment Laws and Some Laws”, which include provisions on violence against women and the private rights of health workers, discussed health, family, labor and social issues in parliament. Committee. The proposal discussed in the Judiciary Committee this week will be brought to the General Assembly of Parliament and if passed, it will become law. Dr. made the proposal of the law with the regulations related to the personal rights of health workers. Alikan Bahadur evaluated it.

‘Money is rising from citizen’s pocket, quality of service is declining’

Noting that the combination of social, cultural, economic and political events leads to violence, Bahadur points out that the party has enslaved patients, customers and health workers by running hospitals in the name of health change. The last 20 years. According to the Mesopotamia Agency, Bahadur said, “As our working conditions deteriorate, many private and covert companies in public health services add profits to their profits. Plenty of indirect and direct money comes out of patients’ pockets. The quality of our work is declining. “Our working conditions are getting worse with this,” he said.

Recalling that as a TTB, they have shared their advice on violence prevention with the Ministry of Health, Related Laws and Regulations and parliamentary parties since 2007, Bahadur said, adding, “The President has announced that five regulations will be drafted. March 14. One of them is controlling health violence. As TTB, we have long been fighting health and violence. The regulations are related to the regulations that we, as TTBs, have been recommending for years. We think a certain level has been achieved, but it is not enough, “he said.

‘We want to increase resolve for health violence’

Regarding the articles in the promulgated regulation, Bahadur said: “First, it is a regulation that when a sentence is found, it will be suspended, prevented and intentionally injured and healthcare workers arrested. As TTB, we have long It has been stated that it should be included in the penal code. With the new regulations, articles will be included in the criminal procedure. Will be increased by / 6. This change is appropriate for us. As TTB, we want to increase the prevention of health violence with legal provisions. ”

‘Healthcare workers cannot be held accountable’

Emphasizing that health violence cannot be prevented by law alone, Bahadur said the health transformation program should end and improve working conditions. “We have to examine one patient every 5-10 minutes,” Bahadur said. As the quality of healthcare is declining, patients have to come to the hospital regularly. The health institution has about 600 million applications a year. When we compare it with other countries, the burden on physicians and health workers is at an all-time high. Since October, we have been working to improve our working conditions, increase our monthly income, our basic wages, which are reflected in retirement, and to end violence in health. We are carrying out strike action, we are holding a white forum, a white march and the effects of these actions are being seen. ”

Emphasizing their contribution to controlling their struggles, Bahadur reminded them that they viewed the rule positively, but that it was not the solution to the problem. Bahadur listed his demands as follows: “Preventive sanctions may be extended, various sanctions may be imposed, in the case of crimes that do not injure, a service-related arrangement may be made outside the health facility.” It is very important to support the health workers during the attack. We want the lawyers of the Bar Association, who are in charge of the CMK, to be involved in this process. We want to help injured healthcare workers and we have initiatives in this regard. Whatever we do, the law alone will not be enough to reduce violence. The key is to eliminate the environment of violence, and to reduce the damage caused by changes in health, to reduce health violence. Our profession has been devalued in the last 20 years and it needs to be stopped. It will only succeed if the problems experienced are looked at and addressed as a whole. ”

‘Health system must be humane’

Noting that hospitals should be protected by legal regulations, Bahadur said: “According to a survey we conducted with 6,000 physicians, 84 per cent of them were exposed to verbal or physical violence in their professional lives and half to 74 per cent were victims of group violence. Is appealing to the necessary authorities. There is a huge pressure on us and we need to make arrangements to overcome this pressure. The key is to humanize the health system. ”

“We must find solutions to the problems and fight together to end the violence in health,” Bahadur said, urging people to work together on the issues facing them. Only in this way can we prevent and resolve health violence. “(News Center)

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