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Hello Mrs. Yesim; I am a married father of 2 children and my wife is currently 5 months pregnant with her third child. I met my wife on the phone, when the woman I loved was engaged to someone else, I went to ask someone I met on the phone, talked for 1 or 2 months, didn’t even see her face, and got engaged and married. At first, everything was very good, I think I even fell in love with her, we were good because I was a fast person in the environment because of my profession Going and learning new things. On the other hand, he was an open bud that did not leave his house, only went to work in his father’s shop, did not see the environment, did not know how to behave. At first, I liked that she learned everything from me… it made me more attached to her, then we got married. We’ve been married for 8 years, but in the 3rd year of our marriage, my feelings suddenly changed. Not knowing the environment, not being well-groomed, that innocent natural state, not wearing make-up, not even knowing how to wear clothes, separates me from life and I start to look like her. Don’t dress carefully, don’t take care … Believe me, I haven’t sprayed perfume for 8 years because if I do, the issue is “What happened? You sprayed perfume … I think you found yourself in someone else.” So there was nothing that I did to cause it. I did not like it. The one I liked knew I was married, he didn’t mind, then I got caught. Exactly 3 times with the same person… every time we shouted and dealt with it and we never separated. I married the one I liked and contacted me years later and said that everything was more available, she was also married, there was no problem in the relationship and we started a relationship. We were together a few times and I started to connect with her more and more, and then all of a sudden I said I have to get away from you and I blocked her but I can’t stop thinking about her. His love, smells, thoughts, songs like my other half, but somehow I kept myself away because I was afraid my house would break down, but I couldn’t find my wife attractive either. I’m sorry, but we can have sex once a week. She can’t get me excited. Please help, I don’t want to cheat on my wife. I want to be connected to my home, home and wife, but I fall in love with those who see it because I can’t satisfy my sexual appetite.

Yesim Tijen’s answer:

Hello my dear reader. Love is a beautiful feeling that not everyone finds, not everyone can taste, which excites and makes happy. When there is no love, a part of you is missing, you feel unhappy, in enduring situations. When you look, when you touch, you can’t see it with love, you can’t touch it with love and sometimes people can make wrong decisions even if they have differences of mind and heart. People can go back to some wrong decisions, it is impossible to go back to some decisions. Impossibility is related to one’s conscience and values. Otherwise, there are many men and women who have turned away from their decisions. This is your impossibility. A situation surrounded by your conscience, values ​​and responsibilities. As a father of three, you have five responsibilities together যা what you do should never be taken lightly. You should be very, very careful with your spouse, whom you tell to live in a clean world, away from the evils of life. It’s a little against time, but God willing you will be the father of three children. If you can afford it, you have a nice, crowded family and what a great responsibility. The future of three children is what kind of family you are when you are the head of the family, how much you own your family, how much you communicate with them, how much you listen and understand And how happy you make your wife happy … their happy childhood is related to your intimacy with their mother. If you make your wife happy, she will come to her children with joy and strength as a happy woman. The father is the foundation of a family. “Even if a person is out of balance, the person he touches is out of balance. In the same way, when a person is similar, everyone he touches will be similar ”- a Native American proverb.

I found a beautiful word that tells you a lot about your article. Always remember a brief summary of what I want to say in my entire article, so that you do not take the wrong step in your life, but let’s continue our conversation with you. You made your choice and got married. Your wife is a woman who does not wear make-up and does not look at herself. Even though you are an artist, you have adapted to it, you have said that I have not worn perfume, I have not taken care of myself. Big mistake. You should have taken care of yourself. You set an example for your wife and guide her. You have adapted to it. The woman is now pregnant with her third child. At 8 years old, the woman with three children has no place to breathe, to get herself back. It’s not easy at all, she goes to her father’s shop again with two pregnant children. Some women wake up late in life, my dear son, they have to reach some awareness to wake up and from the moment they wake up women become warriors as if they have always fought.

Your wife is a woman who has not become aware and has not explored her mind enough, why didn’t you wake her up against the reality of this life? You should have shown her the reality of men and women living in and out, and you should have shown her your environment so that she could understand some things. Maybe if you told her that you love her innocence, the woman didn’t feel the need to change, thinking that you liked her condition and of course, she learned that you cheated with them. These situations affect everyone differently, some take care of themselves, some keep themselves completely away and feel insecure. As if that’s not enough, you don’t find your partner sexy, you go out with him once a week. Have you ever asked yourself about this situation? “Why is my wife like that? Am I not attractive enough? “You don’t find your wife attractive, maybe you don’t find your spouse attractive. I want you. The woman wants foreplay, she wants a orgasm, maybe you didn’t give them to your partner? Remember? There is a saying, “Whatever you give will come with you”, my dear son.

After all this writing and digging, I want to emphasize the importance of being the head of the family for the last time, my child. The souls and personalities of these three children are all a matter of peace that you and your wife fail to give them. Be aware of this, as a father and wife, both be a wife, a friend and a teacher of your wife and educate your wife. Your wife is a mother and she has other situations that will educate her children. Your relationship with another woman, you can’t get her out of your mind, etc. But the train ran away, my dear son. You go on the train with your three children and your wife, but you can swing at each other, first, the kids; You are not your child until they grow up and reappear.

Love my dear readers.

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