Infectious Diseases and Immunology Research brings awards

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The Qadir Hass Award Ceremony, aimed at introducing valuable scientists of our country who have achieved significant national and international achievements and contributed to the development of the society, was held on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 this year. On the 15th death anniversary of Qadir Haas, the founder of Qadir Haas University and a prominent philanthropist of our country, the 17th Qadir Haas Awards found their owners as part of a commemoration ceremony held at the university’s central campus in Sibali.

This year, the “Outstanding Achievement” and “Promising Scientist” awards are given to our scientists who have made significant contributions to research in the field of infectious diseases and immunology, a multidisciplinary science thanks to its very rapid development. Technology and new strategies.

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Superior Achievement Award

At the 17th Qadir Has Award “Outstanding Achievement Award” Professor Dr. Dr. Moses Arditi was rewarded. Over the past two years, Professor Arditi has examined the functionality of cells, particularly Cardiovascular Disease, Atherosclerosis and Kawasaki Disease, and the Covid-19 virus, which are involved in infections and immune systems, pathogen and host interactions, and natural and adaptive immune infections, Thanks to his significant discoveries in a wide range of areas, ranging from the effects of the virus on immunity, the diseases it causes and its treatment, and his numerous scientific studies published in leading academic biology and medical journals, he is considered worthy of this award.

Promising Scientist Award

At the 17th Qadir Has Award “Promising Scientist Award” our two eminent scientists Dr. Billur Akkaya and Dr. Munir was Akkaya. Dr. Billur Akkaya was deemed worthy of this award for his experimental research at the cellular and molecular level on how T cells play an important role in the response of the immune system to infections, autoimmune diseases and cancer and are accepted as an effective goal in treatment. In these diseases, the regulator is neutralized by T cells. Dr. Munir Akkaya, on the other hand, won the award for his experimental research at the cellular, molecular and metabolic levels on how the immune response is reprogrammed by various microbial factors during infectious diseases and how this process affects communication between natural and acquired immunity. Material

Infectious Diseases and Immunology Research brings awards

Professor Dr. Arditi continues his research on a large scale. Billur Akkaya researched the working principle of T cells.
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“The achievements of science and health workers have made possible the achievements of education during the epidemic.”

Professor Dr. Moshe Arditi, Dr. Billur Akkaya and Dr. The award was presented to Munir Akkaya by Qadir Haas University Board of Trustees Chairman Ken Haas, Qadir Haas Foundation President Nuri Haas and Qadir Haas University Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. Sondan Durukanoglu Fayez gave the speech.

Can Hass, chairman of the board of trustees, said the awards, which support the efforts of our scientists who contribute to the future of humanity, nature and life, preserve the name of Turkish education volunteer Kadir; He said the works of our award-winning scientists have also contributed to knot-knit research, science, art and culture at Qadir Has University, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It is possible for us to fight the epidemic, which has affected the whole world in the last two years, thanks to scientists, said Can, adding that the work of immunologists has become important in this fight.

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Nuri Haas, President of the Qadir Haas Foundation, said in his speech that Qadir Haas University is a great leader in the development of higher education and science, which is as important as strong economy, democracy, human rights, women’s rights, freedom of expression. Secularism, culture and art for Turkey.

We would like to thank the distinguished professors of Qadir Hass University who have achieved academic success by working with determination even in the face of epidemics, the young academics, all administrators and faculty members who have been rewarded with the opportunity of the Science Scientist Young Scientist Research Program. Students need to be an important stakeholder in the research ecosystem created at the university. Nouri congratulated all the scientists who were awarded this year in the presence of all the scientists who work to ensure that our lives can go on without any problems in the face of the threat of epidemics.

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Qadir Haas University Rector Professor. Dr. Sondan Durukanoglu Foyez began his speech with a quote from a speech he gave four years ago when he took office: Qadir Has University will place research on its main axis and create models of this education in the meantime, ”he said.

17. Qadir has an award evaluation committee

  • Dr. Murat Aqua, University of Hastep
  • Dr. Nihat Berkar, Qadir Has University
  • Dr. Sondan Durukanoglu Phase, Qadir Has University
  • Dr. Önder Ergönül, Koç University
  • Dr. Gokhan Hotamisligil, Harvard University
  • Dr. Guerrero Saruhan Direskenelli, University of Istanbul

(The list is sorted alphabetically by last name.)

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