Intact wounds! Having a baby in Turkey.


In recent years in Turkey. Child abuse And Child labor The number is increasing day by day. Experts say that the government does not do anything to prevent child abuse. Cult dormitoryWho knows what will happen to the abandoned children. The state not only protects the child, but also paves the way for structures that could be harmed, “he said, adding that” since 1977, the state has been using child labor instead of protecting poor children. “

Seren Kaley is a member of the network of lawyers working for children (ÇAÇAV), a member of the board of directors of the Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, and spokesman for the association, Vulkan Kolakolu. We talked about rights violations between 2020 and 2021.

The Turkish Institute of Statistics (TÜİK) 2020 birth data, the Gendarmerie 2021 annual report and the “23 April 2021 child report” prepared by CHP Deputy Sejgin Tanrikulu again highlight the rise in child sexual abuse crimes, another level of child rights violations in Turkey.

According to Gendarmerie’s 2021 annual report, 1,775 children were abused in one year. According to the Turkish Institute of Statistics (TUIK) 2020 birth data, 117 children under the age of 15 were born. The number of babies born between the ages of 15-17 was 8,154.

‘TUIK data below reality’

Seren Kale, a member of the Network of Lawyers Working in the Field of Children (ÇAÇAV) and head of the Ankara Bar Association’s Women’s Rights Center, underlined that TURKSTAT’s data were far below the truth.

“The biggest example of this is the repeal of the Istanbul Convention,” he said, stressing that the state does not take child abuse seriously. The patriarchal male-dominated attitude governs the country. Girls often marry men 3 to 40 years older than them. The future, life and education of girls are being taken away from them. A health worker has been fired from a hospital in Istanbul after it was revealed that girls giving birth were consistently reported and not neglected. The health worker did not disclose the incident, which should be dismissed. Legal action should be taken against those who do not report. But it was not done. The state must have a sincere commitment to tackle discrimination against women and girls. There is no such realization. We see that there are periodic show movements. If this realization had been sincere within the government, it would not have moved away from the Istanbul Convention, “he said.

‘Who knows what’s going on with the kids in the section’s dormitory?’

The report, prepared by the Association for Coming Child Abuse and Neglect, states that “11,095 children were sexually abused in 2014, 12,069 in 2015, 16,006 in 2016 and 16,623 in 2016.” .

Vulcan Kolakolu, a board member and spokesman for the Association for Coming Child Abuse and Neglect, asked, “Are children’s rights protected in Turkey?” “No, it’s not safe. The state does not protect children. “With the epidemic, access to justice for citizens has become more difficult,” said Kolakolu. They can’t go out. The most important reason for incest was when the child left the family and went to school. However, they were in the family for about two years. The epidemic has also hit children the hardest, ”he said. Evaluating the last five years, Kolakolu noted that government agencies have done nothing to prevent sexual abuse of children and said, “We can see what children under state protection also face. Who knows what will happen to children in cult dormitories. The state only protects children.” If not, it also paves the way for damaging structures.

Çolakoğlu reminded that “any government official who finds out that a child has been abused has an obligation to inform the authorities”; “If he does not complain of abuse, action will be taken against him. Marriages of girls under the age of 18 occur at birth. Girls are given in the name of Imam’s marriage. Imams are government officials who today receive salaries from the Ministry of Religious Affairs. However, no notification was given. To date, no legal action has been taken against any imam. Nothing is being done to prevent abuse, something is being done to give gas to the society. ” Said.

TED: ‘676,000 children under compulsory education age out of system’

The TEDMEM, a think tank of the Turkish Education Association, announced in its 2021 Education Assessment Report that about 676,000 children under the age of compulsory education are out of the education system. It was mentioned that most of the dropouts are from 14-17 years old. Education-Sen chairman Nezla Bord said of the children dropping out of school, “One of the first reasons is that children in capitalist cells are living in unemployed or very low-income families. The number of siblings in these houses is also high. Parents do not pay enough attention to their children’s education. The only opportunity for these children to go to public school. Due to the class division, the schools that the children have to attend are very crowded and the class size is much higher where the urban poor live. Because of this, they can’t enjoy learning and can’t leave school. “

‘Number of child marriages on the rise’

Noting that the relationship between the children working with the school is quickly severed, the board said, “Poverty and misery have paved the way for child labor. Working children quickly lose contact with the school. We know that a significant portion of the 676,000 children are girls of compulsory education age. For these children, the focus of their lives is marriage, childbearing, household chores and caring responsibilities. The epidemic situation pushes girls further into domestic roles, aligning with gender roles. He said the number of child marriages has increased.

‘Blindfolded’ child marriage is not seen as a problem and an issue to deal with, especially in the current era of political power, the board said, It is clear that thousands of girls who have children at a young age will be crushed under this great obligation! The number of girls giving birth may be more than 8,154 because information is withheld due to late registration etc. This incident is clearly considered as child abuse and neglect. Can be done, “he said.

The number of child laborers has risen to 160 million

According to a report by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and UNICEF, the number of child laborers worldwide has increased by 8.4 million in the last four years to 160 million. The report warns that as a result of the epidemic, 9 million children worldwide are at risk of being pushed into child labor by the end of 2022. The Occupational Health and Safety Council (ISIG) has announced that at least 787 child laborers have died in occupational killings since the AKP came to power in 2002. According to the 2019th Child Labor Survey of the Turkish Institute of Statistics (TUIK), the number of children aged 5-17 working in economic activity is 720 thousand.

“Child labor is a global problem,” said a spokesman for the Fishech Institute Working Children’s Foundation. Dr. Taner Akpınar noted that TUIK data does not reflect the truth and that the number of child laborers in Turkey is more than 1 million.

If it does not put in Turkstat data, ApprenticeChild labor in LAR

Noting that children are not protected by the state, Akpiner said: “Statistics published by Turkstat show that there are 720,000 child laborers. The actual number of child laborers is more than 720,000 because refugee children are not included in the TUIK data. This is about trainees. It is shown as vocational training, not child labor. Those who receive this vocational training are not included in the TUIK data. Trainees are child laborers. Each of them works at least 10 hours a day. Trainees are cheap labor. The apprenticeship law legalizes cheap labor. When these groups are added, there are more than 1 million child laborers. The government is on their side to meet the small business demands of less than 10 employees. The cheap labor in the enterprises is provided by child labor. A labor law was enacted. All businesses were subject to this law. Small traders were very uncomfortable in this situation. Gives pressure. The government also passed an apprenticeship law in 1972. The state offers child labor for small businesses. The law was enacted in 1977 due to controversy. The target was poor children. It has been around since 1977. The state has been using child labor since 1977 instead of protecting poor children. The present government has maintained the same rule. A statement issued by the Ministry of Labor on Prevention of Child Labor said that “there is an ideal vocational training and apprenticeship system for poor children”. The government’s choice here is not children, but small business. ”

Syrian children35.8 percent people cannot go to school

The 2021-2022 Regional Refugee and Resettlement Plan (3RP) report, developed in partnership with the United Nations and the Turkish government, reveals that 35.8 percent of school-age Syrian children cannot attend school under temporary protection.

Attorney Gizem Oiku Bakaya, a member of the Izmir Bar Association Immigration and Asylum Commission, noted that there are serious problems with the implementation of children’s rights in Turkey. Noting that Turkey has no protection for children, he said: “Refugee children are part of the future that we will live together. In this sense, he suggested that serious efforts should be made for protection “, and said the following:” We can say that all the problems related to children in Turkey are mostly for refugee children. Children’s rights are neglected in Turkey. It is not possible to talk about good pictures for refugee children through Turkey. We know that refugee children move away from education and become child laborers. Since they have uncertain working parents, they need to take care of their family at an early age. ”

Noting that it is not easy for refugee children who have reached education to continue their education, Bakaya pointed out the dangers of refugee children at risk of being trafficked. To someone else; “If there is control, those children will not be able to beg on the streets. Recording is very difficult to access in Turkey. They are blocked for various reasons. If you are registered, you have the right to stay in Turkey. You can access the rights and services. With the credentials you have received, you can benefit from the services provided to you. Without your ID, you face deportation in your country. “Children and their parents are also at risk.”

Mentioning that refugee children are among the children drawn into crime, Baskaya said; He asked the following questions: “We can give many examples of security gaps. According to reports, a refugee boy had 200 files. Why didn’t the state save this child in the first crime? Why did the government expect this boy to commit 200 crimes?

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