Is it Putin’s secret love that he has not acknowledged? Secret First Lady? All about Alina Kabayeva …

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We hear the name of Vladimir Putin, who is at the top of the world agenda with his war against Ukraine, as we have never heard before, and we read the details of his life that we have probably never thought of until now.

Putin is accompanied by another man whose name we have often heard; Alina Kabayeva. Former gymnast and Olympic champion Kabayeva was one of the most admired women in Russia for her beauty and talent.

There are allegations that 38-year-old Kabayeva and Vladimir Putin have been together for many years and even got married. It is rumored that Kabayev has four children with Putin.

However, the relationship between the two was never accepted by the Kremlin, and whenever it came up, it was rejected. Of course, denying the allegations is not enough to remove the issue from the agenda.

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They are hiding in Switzerland after claiming 65,000 signatures!

After Putin’s war against Ukraine, Russia responded to allegations that Kabayeva and her children were hiding in a mountain house in Switzerland. After the news The Swiss, who wanted to deport Kabayeva to Russia, launched a petition. About 65,000 people supported the petition, which was launched earlier this month.

Also, an appeal is being made to the Swiss government for Kabayev’s deportation.

Opponents of Putin believe Kabayeva is hiding near Lugano, a quiet lakeside town known for its famous Chocolate Museum. On the other hand, there is no evidence that Kabayeva is hiding in Switzerland. Various reports have suggested that he lived in an underground bunker in the Altai Mountains of Siberia.

The only known official relationship ended in 2014

It is difficult to confirm information about Putin’s personal life. Putin’s only officially known relationship was with his wife, Lyudmila Shekrebneva.

After graduating from the law department of Leningrad State University in 1975, Putin began working on the KGB State Security Committee. He met Lyudmila Alexandrovna Ocheretnaya, a flight attendant in the early 1980s, and married in 1983.

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“It simply came to our notice then. I realized that if I didn’t get married two or three more years, I would never get married again. But at the same time, I was too used to living alone. Ludmila broke my habit. “

Is it Putin's secret love that he has not confessed or his secret First Lady?  Everything about Alina Kabayeva ...

Putin and his ex-wife, Lyudmila Sakrebaneva

Putin and his wife, Lyudmila, decided to separate after 30 years together. The couple divorced in 2014. A few years after her breakup with Putin, Ludmila married businessman Artur Ocheretny.

Putin, who said, “I have a private life that I do not allow to interfere,” has chosen to remain silent about his love life since his divorce from his wife. However, love stories often come out about him.

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Putin’s silence was not enough to quell rumors that Kabayeva was Russia’s “secret first lady.”

His relationship with Alina is very old

Lecturer at Aston University and author of Wealthy Russians: From Oligarchs to the Bourgeoisie. Elizabeth Shimpfossal said she heard rumors that “Vladimir and Alina are living together in the Kremlin.”

Although the relationship between the two has never been acknowledged, there are many indications that their love is long-term, and that Putin’s interest in Kabayev dates back to at least 2008 and earlier.

He never talked about family

Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 1983, Kabayev’s father was a professional footballer and his mother played basketball for the national team. But Kabayeva is said to have kept her roots intact after her success.

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A source close to him in the 1990s said: “Kabayeva never talked about her family or her past. I asked the question but he didn’t pay much attention to it.Said

Kabayeva, who is said to have started rhythmic gymnastics at the age of five, was taken by her family to Moscow, where Alina was taken under the wings of former Soviet-era instructor Irina Weiner.

Dr. “Kabayeva met with Putin through sports rather than politics,” Shimphosol said. “He introduced them to coach Irina Weiner, who married Oligar Alisher Usmanov.”

Kabayeva, who started competing for Russia at the age of 13, With 2 Olympic, 14 World Championship and 25 European Championship medals, he is recognized as one of the most successful gymnasts in the history of rhythmic gymnastics. On the other hand His doping ban in 2001 robbed him of the world title he won that year.

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Is it Putin's secret love that he has not confessed or his secret First Lady?  Everything about Alina Kabayeva ...

In this September 23, 2006 photo, Alina Kabayeva performs during the 22nd European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Moscow.

‘Clean, pleasant and friendly’

A source who knew her in her early 20’s said she was living in a “humble and rather Soviet” apartment near the Moscow Central Racecourse at the time, describing Kabayeva as “sweet, homely, pleasant and friendly”.

He had a Georgian girlfriend

At the time, Kabayev had a boyfriend. Her boyfriend, originally from Georgia and working as a police officer in Moscow, was promoted overnight and quickly climbed the career ladder. “He talked to me about it and he was very proud,” said Kabayeva, a close friend at the time.

Stating that she remembers Kabayeva as a young woman who “looks younger than her age, is quite stupid and excited”, she also gives the following information:

“One day, a cloth bag arrived at Cabayever’s apartment. I can’t find out who sent it. She shows me the clothes, the bag, ‘Do you like it?’ He asked. “

Kabayev’s relationship with a Georgian police officer ended shortly after his career began. The source, who says Kabayeva later said he met someone he said “I love so much”, quoted the famous gymnast as saying: “Sometimes you are so happy that you fear this happiness …”

Consistent with his success as a gymnast, Kabayeva’s confidence has definitely grown. She became so popular in the country that a Russian pop group recorded a song about her called ‘Alina’.

‘Everyone wants to be like Alina Kabayeba’

Kabayeva was not at all humble in her talent. “Being a star in gymnastics is not just about talent, it’s about personality,” he said in a statement. Look at me … I don’t want to be rude, but everyone wants to be like Alina Kabayeva “, revealing how proud she was of herself.

Described as “Russia’s most flexible woman”, Alina Kabayeva retired from gymnastics in 2004 and made a brief return to the sport in 2007. Later, Kabayeva, who was interested in politics, was elected to the State Duma, representing the pro-Putin United Russia party.

‘She’s pregnant!’

His life changed dramatically in 2008 when he was seen again at an awards ceremony attended by Putin.

“We had a big formal dinner,” said a close circle of Kabayeva. Then I looked up and saw this girl wearing a white dress. I remember saying, ‘Oh my God, this is Alina,’ “he said. Talking about how surprised Kabayeva was, the source said that a guest at the party told her,” Well, she’s pregnant, “and she had an affair with Putin.

Is it Putin's secret love that he has not confessed or his secret First Lady?  Everything about Alina Kabayeva ...

At the official invitation in 2008, Kabayeva posed for the camera in her white robe.

Annual income 7.7 million euros

A career in modeling and TV programming, Kabayeva left politics in 2014 and became chairman of the pro-Kremlin national media group.

In November 2021, The Insider reported that he was paid an annual salary of 785 million rubles (£ 7.7 million) based on the leaked tax records of 2018.

Kabayev has a fleet of limousines in his hand and is guarded by top security during his trip to Moscow.

Secretly married in a monastery in Switzerland, birthday

Alina Kabayeva has been seen wearing a wedding ring before. Pictures of the former gymnast with the wedding ring reinforce allegations that he and Putin were married at the Ivarsky Monastery in Valde Hills.

According to rumors, Kabayeva and Putin had a son, a daughter and then twin children, named after Dima, one of the Russian leader’s close friends. In 2015, the Swiss newspaper BK reported that Putin flew to Switzerland to stay with his girlfriend, who gave birth in a private clinic near Lugano in Sant’Anna.

A spokesman for Putin said “the news that Vladimir Putin has children is false.”

In 2018, twins were born. Kabayeva, who has been missing ever since, appeared on a state television channel last August to criticize the Tokyo court for depriving Russian star Dina Averina of a gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics.

The secret life of Alina Kabayeva, a star gymnast who became Putin’s “Eva Brown”, compiled from a report in The Telegraph.

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